15 Biggest Turn Offs for Men

By on September 10, 2014
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Just like women, men have turnoffs to. And if you’re interested in a guy there a few things you need to absolutely avoid to make sure you’re turning him on and not turning him off. iled a list of the top 15 biggest turn offs for men- an absolute must read if you’re trying to snag that special someone.

1. Too Much Makeup

too much makeup

This is a common mistake made by at least half of the female population. For some reason women tend to think they need to pile on make up in order to look attractive, but men would much rather see our natural beauty than some fake dolled up manikin. It’s okay to wear some accenting makeup like lipstick or mascara, but try to keep it as minimal and natural looking as possible. Who wants to walk around looking like a clown, anyways?

2. Being Needy


There’s nothing more annoying than a needy woman. It shows a serious lack of conscience and independence, and those are two very important attributes a man seeks in a woman. Not to mention how freakishly annoying it is to be with someone who texts or calls nonstop to see what you’re doing and what you’re up to. Don’t be this needy, desperate lady. Play it cool and show h you have plenty of confidence in yourself (AND him).

3. Being Naggy


We all know those women who are constantly nagging their significant others: why didn’t you take the trash out? You’re wearing THAT shirt? How come you’re ten minutes late? Just like being overly needy is a big no-no, so is being a nagging brat. Men don’t like a woman who constantly nags them about anything and everything. It’s just plain unpleasant. I mean think about- would YOU want to be in a relationship with someone who is always nagging about everything you do or say? Of course not!

4. Acting Like a Little Girl

like a little girl2

Men don’t want to date someone who could be their little sister. They want a woman. That means you should probably refrain from talking about your collection of stuffed animals or pouting when you don’t get your way. Be a woman. A grown, smart, sophisticated woman- that’s what he wants.

5. Overly Emotional

like a little girl

Okay, so women are naturally more emotional than men. But there’s a big difference between a normal amount of emotions and someone who’s over-the-top about it. If you cry at the drop of a pencil or get angry at the slightest thing, you may have a problem- especially if you get too emotional to talk through your problems and concerns.

6. Playing Hard to Get (All the Time)

play hard to get

Yes, men love a good game of cat and mouse. They love to chase the woman they’re interested in. But if you’re playing hard to get every second of every day, he might decide to give up. Find the perfect balance- play hard to get at times, but always “throw him a bone” every once in awhile to keep him interested and coming back for more.

7. Flakiness

I think we can all agree that’s there nothing worse than a flaky individual. You make plans, you’re all ready to go, and they end up canceling. Again. For the 15th time in a row. Of course sometimes things come up, but if you are constantly canceling on him, he may take it as a sign that you’re not interested or he may even think you’re just a rude girl that’s a waste of his time. Either way, he’s bound to stop trying eventually.

8. Giving Ultimatums


Some females think you have to give ultimatums in certain situations. But it that’s your go-to answer for dealing with things, you may lack certain relationship skills necessary for a strong and healthy relationship. So don’t give him ultimatums. All they do is put too much pressure on him which will end up with him running in the other direction. Whether it’s “you have 3 months to propose to me or I’m through with you” or “if you don’t stop hanging out with your guy friends I’m not going to do that special something in bed”, we suggest you stop and find other ways to get your man to listen to you.

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