12 Qualities of a Good Man

By on August 27, 2014

Love is certainly a complicated thing. And while it’s easy to be sucked in by a handsome smile, perfect teeth, and a set of strong arms to match, if you’re looking for “The One” or just a solid, long term relationship, you need to dive below the surface. Find out the kind of man he is- not just what he looks like. We’ve pulled together the 12 best qualities of a good man that you SHOULD be looking for.


1. He’s Faithful


This may seem obvious (no one wants to be in a relationship with a cheater, right?). But sometimes we get so caught up in a dazzling smile and pretty words that we completely ignore the fact that he’s got a bad history. If the man you’re into is a known cheater or tends to be overly flirty with every girl he sees, he might not be the faithful man for your committed relationship you dream about. It’s best to pass on this eye candy flirt-a-holic and find someone a little more stable.

2. He’s Open and Honest


Honesty is one of the most important parts of a relationship, and so is being open about anything and everything. You want a man who is willing to be honest about when he’s feeling down or when he’s at fault, and you also want a man who can be open about discussing potential problems in the relationship. With communication being the foundation of a committed, strong relationship, this is absolutely important. That’s not to say some guys aren’t shy and require a little extra work- but if he is completely against being open and honest with you, he’s not a keeper.

3. He’s Hard Working

business man

Finding a hard working man is crucial. Just think about it: in the future, when the two of you are happily married and living together, do you want to be struggling with bills because your man refuses to work? Or would you rather have the guy who goes above and beyond to get that promotion or bonus, even the man who will put everything he’s got just for a few extra cents. That says a ton about his character and the type of man he is. If he goes beyond for his work, no matter if he’s a construction worker or a lawyer, just imagine what he would do for the woman he loves.

4. He Has Goals


Goals equal hard work which equals never being bored which equals to a happy, positive, hard working guy. Your man needs to have goals for the simple fact that he has something he is working towards. He could be starting out little- let’s say just trying to find a decent job to pay his bills- or it could be large, like wanting to be the owner of a new business. The point is, he should have positive goals- hopefully something a little more than beating the last level on his favorite video game.

5. He Has a Good Personality


This goes without saying, right? You don’t want to be in a relationship with someone who is boring, unintelligent, or can’t laugh at even the funniest jokes. So what makes up a good personality? For each of us, we might be looking for something different. But the basics are these:

  • He has a good sense of humor and can laugh when the moment is appropriate.
  • He can hold a conversation with you.
  • He is nice and friendly to those around him.
  • He compliments you in a respectful and polite way (not raunchy or disrespectful).
  • He can be professional in the workplace, but silly when it’s just the two of you.

6. He’s Trusting


There is absolutely nothing worse than being with a guy who doesn’t trust you- even though he has NO reason not to. He’s the type of guy who calls you 15 times every time you leave the house. He’s the guy that accuses you of cheating when you arrive 5 minutes later than you said you would. He is the man you need to avoid at all costs, as he clearly lacks confidence and is somewhat controlling.

7. He Treats You Right

good treat

Ladies, I don’t care how handsome he might be, how charming he might be, or how many gifts he buys you to keep you around. If he doesn’t treat you right, you need to steer clear and ditch him ASAP. Your man should be proud and happy to be with you. He should be respectful and treat you like a princess. He should shower you with love and make you feel like the special woman that you are. Period. (Just make sure you’re doing the same thing in return to him- you’re not a spoiled rotten princess. You are a lovable, sweet princess he actually WANTS to spoil.)

8. He Has Strong Morals

strong morals

A man with strong morals is confident in himself and stands up for what he believes in. You want a man like this because he will stay true to himself and the lady of his choice.

9. Has Confidence


I am pretty sure I mention this in just about every blog I write. Why? Because it is seriously so incredibly important. I really can’t even explain to you how important confidence is. Confidence means you are secure in yourself- not full of yourself- and that gets you far in life. Confidence means you’re secure in your relationship and you’re not afraid to speak up when there’s a problem or when you want to be open about how much you adore them. Confidence gets you good quality friends and a good job. Confidence means you won’t need to second guess yourself or your lover. And last but not least, confidence makes you more attractive even though you have flaws just like everyone else. Now, doesn’t that sound like the kind of quality you want in a man? Absolutely.

10. He’s Mature


Ok, now I’m not saying he should be SO mature that he doesn’t know how to be fun and silly at times. That’s NOT what I’m saying. What I AM saying is that he should be mature enough to handle a relationship and know how to act in the relationship. He should be mature enough to ask you out on dates and be respectful the entire times, yet still have the immaturity to go roller blading on your next date. He should be mature enough to hold a job and think about his future, not when he’s going to get drunk with the guys next.

11. He Takes the Initiative

First Meeting with Girl on Dinner

I think we, as women, can all agree there is nothing sexier than our man coming to our door with a rose in hand, telling us to put on our fanciest dress because he’s made dinner reservations at one of the fanciest spots in town. You want a man who isn’t afraid to take the initiative. The secure, romantic guy who is secure in himself and wants to surprise you with romantic gestures.

12. Believes in Family


At the end of the day, the majority of us are seeking marriage and a family. If the guy you’re after does not want to ever get married or have children (unless that’s what you want, too), it’s best to keep moving. Find the man who believes in family, loves his family, and wants to have a family and take care of them in the future.


What do you look for in a man?


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