12 Cancer Love Compatibility

By on March 24, 2015

Cancer is the zodiac’s most enigmatic star sign. Ruled by the Moon, Cancerians have the most contradictory traits. Caring and compassionate with friends and lovers, but rather jealous and moody underneath, it’s not easy for them to find the perfect match. Nonetheless this doesn’t mean Cancerians can’t love. In fact, they can be extremely committed and devoted to the person near them. On the outside they appear insensitive, and only their soul mate can uncover their soft and sensitive nature. Here are the 12 compatibility prospects of a Cancer with the rest of the zodiac signs.

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  1. Cancer and Cancer

Let’s begin with the Cancer-Cancer relationship. Can these two have a meaningful love affair? Surprisingly, they’re great together and that’s because they can understand each other. A Cancerian can guess what his/her Cancerian partner feels. This is ideal because we finally have a couple that can solve their issues without engaging into a fight. On the downside, you should expect a relationship based on intense feelings and mood swings. Just don’t kill each other and always think about how much you love one another!

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  1. Cancer and Aries

A Cancerian is the complete opposite to an Arian. At a first glimpse, we can state that Cancer is emotional and sensitive while Aries is more realistic and down-to-earth. Arians don’t like to show emotion because they see it as a weakness. Nonetheless, there are ways to make this relationship work. First of all, an Aries can persuade a Cancerian to stop being so emotional, thus stimulating and strengthening his/her personality. You need time to really get to know each other, and with enough patience you can get there.

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  1. Cancer and Taurus

The romantic connection between a Cancerian and a Taurean can be fantastic. These two share a special bond; they can understand each other on the deepest, most insightful level. Extremely emotional and nurturing, the two star signs can easily build a happy family. Rather than go out to have fun, Cancerians and Taureans would rather stay home and spend time with their significant other. In spite of all the positive aspects with this relationship, there’s one downside – Cancerians keep things inside (and sooner or later they might explode), while Taureans like to express their thoughts (good and bad) out loud and on the spot.

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  1. Cancer and Gemini

Cancerians and Gemini collaborate beautifully together. They’re the perfect match! These two star signs love to play together, laugh together and spend as much time as possible together. Both are family-oriented individuals and they’re capable of deep, immeasurable feelings. The problem with this relationship is that it could get too emotional. This could lead to a lot of resentment from both sides if things don’t go as planned. Gemini have a tendency to become defensive, while Cancerians detach themselves from uncomfortable scenarios. Can you handle rejection?

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  1. Cancer and Leo

These two star signs are like night and day. However, in spite of the opposing aspect, Cancerians and Leoneans could make things work. For example, they complement each other in extremely satisfying ways. Leo is the commander, and its role is a central one. Cancer on the other hand, reflects the solar light of the Leo. A Cancerian who falls in love with a Leonean will be protected and well taken care of. He nurtures the Leo, who by the way, loves to be pampered. They both have to compromise if they want their love relationship to turn into a real bond.

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  1. Cancer and Virgo

The crab and the virgin are extremely sensitive creatures. They resonate on the deepest level with each other, and they know exactly what the other wants and needs. A romantic affair between these two is magical and it could lead to unconditional love. Virgos have the power to perceive the caring vulnerabilities of the Cancerian, even when he/she tries to hide under their protective shells. What’s amazing about this connection is that they both can work with each other’s mood swings and personalities. Cancerians are willing to access the need of a Virgo to be excessive, while Virgos have enough patience to let the Cancer dream and have their head in the clouds.

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  1. Cancer and Libra

Cancerians and Libras complement each other although they’re not romantically compatible. They’re emotional, charming and attentive with one another, but they have different personalities. Libras love to socialize with the people around them; they like to go out and have a good time. Cancerians on the other hand, would rather stay home and relax watching a good movie. While Libra is extroverted, Cancer is introverted. That being said, a love affair is challenging although not impossible. It’s all up to a Libra to help their partner open up to the world.

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  1. Cancer and Scorpio

These two are tied to each other by intense chemistry. An electric bond attracts a Cancer to a Scorpio, which means a love connection is ideal. Sometimes the sexual tension and the drawn to one another are inexplicable. Both star signs are water signs. They adore making both love and money – this says it all. Cancerians and Libras have trust in each other; they cherish and defend their lifestyle, and they wouldn’t let anyone and anything mess with the harmony that surrounds them.

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  1. Cancer and Sagittarius

We’ve heard it more than once – opposites attract. In this case, we have a relationship that could end in disaster. There’s a lot of misunderstand between a Cancerian and Sagittarian. Sagittarians thrive for adventure, knowledge and new horizons. They have the highest ideals, and sometimes these are the most difficult to achieve. Cancerians on the other hand, are travelers; they’re optimistic although they’re too down-to-earth and they rarely loosen up. They’re also too moody for a Sagittarian. On the bright side, provided that they learn to connect with each other, these two could have a beautiful love affair.

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  1. Cancer and Capricorn

Cancerians are instinctive creatures. They move ahead in life without over thinking things. Capricorns on the other hand, are rational beings and they would never do something that doesn’t make any sense. Even though these two are opposites, there’s enough room for building a thriving relationship. Capricorns like discipline, and they’re control freaks too. Cancerians are more vulnerable, and sometimes even a bit irrational. Can a romantic relationship work? Absolutely – as long as they can control their inner feelings and be respectful with each other.

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  1. Cancer and Aquarius

It can be difficult for a Cancerian to relate to an Aquarian. That’s because Cancer is emotional and likes to think with the heart; Aquarius is a lot more intellectual and rational. He’s a mind thinker. Of course this doesn’t mean a romance is impossible, although these two will have to go through some tough challenges to make things work.

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  1. Cancer and Pisces

Cancerians and Pisceans have a spiritual bond, a connection that goes beyond physical attractions. They click and they can build the most fruitful love affair. What’s great about Cancer and Pisces is that they’re both emotional and sensitive. They’re also creative and have mutual interests. If you want magic then start dating a Piscean. You won’t regret it!

Are you a sensitive Cancerian looking for someone special to spend your life with? Then you should check out the 12 compatibilities prospects above. Are you ready to find your match made in heaven?

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