11 Cute Ways to Wear a Bandana

By on April 14, 2015

In the past bandanas have often been thought of as a masculine accessory, something a macho would wear. However, these interesting accessories have entered female wardrobes and now there are many ways you can wear a bandana that complement many feminine looks. While it can be used simply to keep your hair out of your face, or when cleaning, you can also use it to add some style or some color to an outfit.
Here are some themed ideas of how to wear a bandana.

  1. Rockabilly.


First and foremost, Rockabilly is a style that started in the 1950’s. While the men rocked pompadours, leather jackets and it might inspire you to remember Elvis; the girls however tended to dress incredibly feminine. Big skirts, tight tops and heels, pull your hair up into a messy bun and secure with a bandana in a color of your choice. Or consider a vintage halter dress instead of a skirt.

  1. Denim pin-up.


You might also try pairing a bandana with another type of rockabilly outfit; you may remember many of the old 1950’s style posters, with women showing strength in jeans and a tight flannel-style top with buttons, while having the sleeves rolled up. You could still put a bandana in your hair; however you could also consider trying to wrap a bandana around your arm with this outfit. High-waist jeans or shorts will complete the look, tough but feminine.

  1. Halloween.


You can put a bandana over your mouth and nose and dress as a bank robber, or a ninja. Both of these work with a black or dark colored bandana. Throw on some all-black clothes with a hooded sweat-shirt and you have the perfect ninja costume.
Or, dress up like a cow-girl. Put it around your neck and wear jeans, a pink Wranglers snap shirt and a cowboy hat. Throw on some cowboy boots, and instead of putting it around your neck, you could tie it around your hat if you wanted to change it up.

  1. Curls.



Put your hair in a bun and fold the bandana down into a strip. You can tie it around your head and pair it with a variety of outfits. While it’s functional to help keep your hair out of your face, it’s also cute.
Use the bandana to make a pony tail. Pull your hair back and instead of using a scrunchie; tie your bandana around it. You could double knot it, or just tie it loosely and let the sides hang down against your hair.

  1. Long hair.

Amy Winehouse


For long straight hair, you may also wear it down and just wrap it around your head to keep your hair in place. This was very popular in the 1960’s and 70’s. Hippy-style shirts and skirts/pants are far-out groovy outfit when you add a bandana to your hair.

  1. Short hair.


Roll it up and then tie it around the top of your head. This creates a fashion statement that shows you were going for a casual look, and works well with short hair.

  1. Rock it.


Wear it with a rock outfit. It will keep your look tough though feminine. Choose darker colors for your bandana if you are a rock girl. This simple accessory will help you keep your hair in place while still looking like you are ready to rock.

  1. Cinderella style.


We’ve all seen the movie Cinderella, and when she’s working, she always has a scarf/bandana over her hair in a folded V shape. When you put this over your hair and tie it under your chin or the back of your neck under your hair, this creates a classy, timeless reminder of a hardworking girl. Pair it with a sundress or skirt, and you have a perfect outfit for going to the beach or for a casual day at work.
Instead of covering the whole top of your head, you can also tie it backwards so the bulk of the fabric covers the back of your neck and hair instead of the top of your head.
You can also fold it into a rectangle and use it on your forehead, or to hold your hair in place rather than the traditional V-fold. The Cinderella look is classic, so make sure you pair it with summer clothes. Dresses that need a little color are ideal for this.

  1. Necktie.


We’ve all seen the dogs with the bandanas around their necks. It’s not just a style that works for cute puppies. Try pairing it with a pencil skirt, a white blouse and tie it around your neck to add some color. Instantly transform your everyday outfit to one with some flair.
You can also try it with jeans and a tank top, if you’d rather go for a more masculine look. Make sure the jeans are form fitting, and the tank top is flattering to add enough “girly figure” vibe to the ensemble.
Roll the bandana up, and tie it similar to a short scarf. This works well with Jean jackets and Denim. Make sure you have on a feminine top to balance out the masculinity of Denim though, unless you are going for a total tomboy look.

  1. As a belt.



Tie your bandana around the waist to use it instead of a belt. This will give your whole outfit a rebellious though casual look. Perfect outfit for a day outdoors.

  1. Other parts of the body.


You can tie a bandana around your upper arm, your wrist, your ankle, or by your knee. All of these say something different, especially paired with different outfits.
For a sporty-look, that says you work out a lot, try tying the bandana above your knee, and pair it with tight jogging shorts, and a work-out shirt or sports bra. This look also works with tying it around your upper arm.
Tie your bandana in a low knot towards the ends and use it like a scarf to accompany a hippie skirt and tank top. Throw in a pair of sparkly sandals and you are ready to hit the mall. Casual, yet stylish, this look also would work for picnics and family events. You can also use it around your neck with business attire to add some color while at lunch and have a more relaxed feel.
Fold the bandana into a rectangle. Use this around your forehead. Pair it with some over-sized sunglasses and beach wear and you have a spunky look that says you are ready for anything.

All these cute ways to wear a bandana will help you add some spice into your wardrobe without any hassle.

(all images are sourced via pinterest)

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