100 Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work

By on April 25, 2014
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11. Follow the Three Day Diet


A three day diet? Count me in! That said, the reason you can only follow this diet for three days at a time is because it allows you shockingly few calories in that time, something which contributes to the diet’s flowers losing weight so fast. The good news however is that you’re allowed to follow the diet for three days, eat normally for a period, and then follow the diet again. While on the diet, you’ll eat lean meat, grapefruit, tuna, eggs, toast and vegetables and only approved seasonings which are salt, pepper and ketchup. The diet may sound bland however you can drop 10 pounds in just three days using the Three Day Diet, so I’d say it’s worth it! In a month you can lose up to 40 pounds. This is a great diet to help kick start your weight loss plans.


12. Follow the Atkins Diet


No doubt we’ve all heard to the miracle Atkins diet, especially since you can lose up to fifteen pounds in two weeks when following it. Sounds tempting, right? The diet is a very low-carb, high-protein weight loss program which comes in phases, each lasting a pre-determined length of time depending on you, your current body, and your weigh loss goals. To find our more why not speak to an Atkins expert and see what they’d recommend for you before signing up?


13. Love Water


I told you before how bad soda was for you and advised you switch to water instead but now it’s time I told you why. Basically, when it comes to any type of weight loss water is absolutely key. Make it your new best friend and have a bottle of it with you day and night. Drinking six to eight glasses of water each day will keep you feeling fuller and well hydrated meaning you’re less likely to binge on too many calorific goodies. Water is also great for flushing any bad toxins out of your skin too meaning not only will it aid you when it comes to losing some of that unwanted weight but it will also keep you looking radiant too!


14. Look For Colourful Foods


When it comes to your diet, there are countless healthy choices out there, you need only open your eyes to see them. The key to choosing food is to fill your plate with colour, and a variety at that. Chances are, the more colour that’s splashed across your plate the better the meal is for you. Basically, I’m taking about adding a colourful side of fruit of veg to your meals and snacking on these things too. But remember, mix it up. Don’t just indulge on leafy greens, make sure you eat other colours too. The same goes if you’re snacking. The worst things you can eat are things like pastries, white bread, baked beans, etc. Basically, things with that horrible, processed, washed out orange colour. The next time you’re eating, remember, colourful equals slim.


15. Follow the Cabbage Soup Diet


If you’ve heard of the cabbage soup diet then you may have heard it’s a fad diet. Well, that’s possibly true but there’s no denying the diet works. In fact, you can lose up to ten pounds in one week by following it! Plus, you don’t have to do any exercise to achieve that. Plus the diet is so simple too, everyday you eat cabbage soup for your lunch and then tea and on specific days you can eat these added extras:

Day One – You can eat all fruits, apart from bananas.

Day Two – You can consume any and as many raw or cooked vegetables.

Day Three – All fruit and vegetables are on the menu, with the exclusion of potatoes and bananas.

Day Four – You can eat up to eight bananas.

Day Five – Beef and tomatoes are your added extras for today.

Day Six – You can consume beef and veg, with the exception of potatoes.

Day Seven – Today you can have rice, fruit juices and vegetables.


16. Follow the Scarsdale Medical Diet


For some of us counting calories when dieting is a downright chore and is one of the reasons that our efforts in weight loss fail. If that sounds like you then perhaps you might consider trying out the Scarsdale Medical Diet. Believe it or nor, this diet is a great way to lose weight without having to count calories, weigh foods or measure portions! The downside however is that you shouldn’t follow the diet for more than two weeks in a row – something which isn’t so bad when you can potentially lose seven to fifteen pounds in that time!

When on the diet you’ll eat lean protein and low carbohydrate foods. Vegetables, fruits, salads and lean meat will all be a big part of your meal plans. If you’re interested, you can find the diet plan in it’s entirety online (another bonus seeing as it means you don’t have to shell out loads of cash to reach your goal weight!).


17. Drink Up Before You Chow Down


So I’ve already covered how vital water is to your diet and also your health in general but now I have an even better water related tip: drink a glass of cool water before you eat and you’ll find yourself eating considerably less, thus cutting your calorie intake. This is because we tend to eat more when we’re thirsty and the water also fills us up so we feel like we want to eat less. This simple tip can lead you to much speedier results, plus it’s great for promoting a healthy body too. This tip genuinely works because it’s one I’ve been using for years. Even after I’ve reached my goal weight I still follow it simply because it’s healthy too.


18. Control Your Portions


Believe it or not (I didn’t at first!), most of us are eating double the portions we should be at mealtimes on a daily basis. This is why we should always take a moment to read the side of the packet when preparing a meal and find out just how much of that particular food you should be eating. Trust me, you’ll probably be surprised by how much you’re constantly overeating and how quickly your extra pounds start to fall off once you address that. Also, when you’re eating out, remember that most restaurants serve you with two to three times bigger portions than recommended. Don’t be afraid to ask for a doggy bag, you’ll likely be slimmer for it.


19. Read the Labels


Don’t worry, I’m not repeating myself, this tip isn’t about portion sizes. It’s about what your food is made of. It’s always worth taking a moment to read if your food has any unnatural chemicals, hidden additives or fattening sugars or fats in it. Seriously, you’ll likely be shocked by exactly what you’ve unknowingly been putting into your body all this time, potentially causing you to gain weight in the first place. You should do this even with any diet foods too as even they are sometimes not be as cleaner and healthy as they first appear to be. Being aware of exactly what is in your food is a fantastic way to help you keep track of your health in general as well as helping you towards your weight loss goals.


20. Swim Yourself Slim


One of the best exercises to help you lose fat, tone up, and improve your health and flexibility is swimming. It’s a fantastic cardio exercises that’s got a low impact on your body, making it pain free for your joints if they’re slightly achy. Plus, the water provides great resistance which helps you to tone up and slim down without pushing your body too hard. I try to swim at least three times per week and my body is now looking better than ever. Swim regularly and you’ll be looking lean and toned in no time at all! Oh, and did I mention there’s the added bonus of getting to hop in the jacuzzi after?

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