100 Reasons Why I Love You (To Tell the Man You Love)

By on August 21, 2014

LOVE. This four letter word has more power than almost any other word in the dictionary. It is the source of happiness, strife, joy, anger, excitement, and stress, all mixed up into one incredible feeling. And even though there’s nothing better than hearing “I love you” from the person you care about most, it’s still nice to switch it up from time to time. Here’s a perfect list of 100 ways to tell the man in your life you love him. Nothing extravagant- just the basic words that will make even the strongest and toughest man’s heart melt.


1. I love you because you’re you.

Because this tells him you love everything about him- no questions asked.

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2. I love how you make me feel when I’m with you. 

Feel free to add the words safe, happy, overjoyed, beautiful, or any other words you deem fit to make this reason even better. Or leave as is!

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3. I love how loyal you are to me.

This will make him feel happy that he’s loyal to you and only you and is doing the right thing in your relationship.

4. I love how even when you’re not right next to me, I still feel you with me.

Aww, that’s just too darn cute. He will love to hear this come out of your mouth!


5. I love the way you make me smile. (Without even doing a thing).

This will make him smile and will also give him a HUGE confidence boost- which everyone needs- especially a man in a relationship who might be weary about whether he’s doing a good job or not.


6. I love the way you look at me.

You know, those eyes that see right through you? That’s what we’re talking about here. Let him know!


7. I love that you respect me. 

At the end of the day, women and men alike just want to be loved and RESPECTED. Let them know that they are doing a great job of doing so.

8. I love that you accept me and love me for who I am.

Alongside being loved and respected, we want to be accepted to. This is a wonderful reason to love someone!

9. I love the way you love me.

Does he have that special something that only HE can do? The special way only HE can love? Then you should definitely let him know he’s doing a great job.

10. I love how adorable you are in every way.

Another wonderful compliment he’ll surely enjoy.


11. I love your touch.

We all know that wonderful touch of a man. Does he have an extra special touch? Of course he does- let him know.

12. I love all the little things you do for me. I appreciate all of them, big to small.

You should always let someone know you appreciate what they do for you, that’s what makes them keep doing it. So we highly suggest using this particular phrase!

13. I love that you appreciate everything I do for you and don’t take it for granted.

Just like you appreciate him, he appreciates you. And that’s just plain awesome.

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14. I love your eyes. They are so (handsome, mysterious, sexy, etcetera).

You can use whatever compliment you want here. The point is, don’t just stop at his eyes. Let him know what it is ABOUT his eyes that drives you wild.

15. I love cuddling with you.

Nothing better than being arm in arm with the person you love the most.

16. I love how our bodies connect so perfectly, like a puzzle. Whether you’re holding me in your arms, we’re laying down, etcetera.

Does this one really need an explanation?

17. I love you because you make me feel so happy and comfortable when I’m with you.

Definitely something he will want to here. You’ll make him feel content, happy, and secure in what he’s doing.


18. I love you because you have an amazing sense of humor that always makes me laugh.

Don’t be surprised if he follows this comment with one of those silly jokes or comments you were talking about.


19. I love that we like the same music.

This doesn’t count if you don’t have similar music tastes, but you can replace music with something else like movies, video games, food, sports- pretty much anything.

20. I love your smile.

This will certainly be followed by a big cheeser from your man.


21. I love that we will grow old together.

If the two of you are married and have a really strong relationship, feel free to say this. Then you can talk about some of the fun and cool things the two of you are going to do together in the future!

22. I love that you are my best friend in the whole world and I can tell you anything and be myself around you at all times.

This will make him feel nice and warm on the inside. A big winner in our book!

23. I love how we can spend the whole night together doing nothing but talking and hanging out and it’s still an amazing time.

This one lets him know that he can entertain you easily and you’re not bored with him, which is something he needs to hear.

24. I love how well we communicate together, both verbally and non-verbally.

Communication is one of the most important things in a relationship, so this is an important phrase he will enjoy hearing.

25. I love that you listen to the words I say and always have a response.

Because if he isn’t responding, he more than likely isn’t even paying attention. It’s not just about listening, but answering what you have to say as well. Communication is key and this is ultra important.

26. I love how you’re so open with me and tell me exactly how you feel.

I hate to sound like a broken record, but communication and being open is absolutely important in a relationship. Tell him you actually appreciate his open honesty- no matter what it is he says- and he will continue to do so.


27. I love that you’re the last voice I hear and the last person I think about before I fall asleep.

Well, that’s just adorable in every way!

28. I love how you make my life perfect.

I think anyone would love to hear that they not only make someone’s life better, but actually perfect. What an amazing compliment that would be!

29. I love how you complete me.

You’d have to be pretty important to complete another human being. We think this just might be one of the most simplest, yet powerful comments you could tell your lover.


30. I love the way you caress my face, so soft and gentle and romantic.

There’s just something about a man brushing his fingers against your face that drives women wild. Tell him how much you love it, and he will keep doing it. (And you’ll get chills down your spine every time- guaranteed).


31. I love the way you kiss me.

Much like the above statement, this guarantees you’ll get plenty more of those much-loved smooches. Not to mention he will get a serious ego boost knowing how much you love his kisses!

32. I love the way you kiss my neck. Your lips are so soft.

Ah, those neck kisses. Can’t get enough of them! But sometimes men don’t do it often enough. If you’re a sucker for those neck sucks, tell him so he can do it more often without feeling awkward or weird.

33.  I love that you will always be there for me no matter what and I can always count on you.

There’s no better feeling than knowing you have someone there- no matter what. When you’re having a great day, they’re there to celebrate. When you’re having a bad day, they’re there to hold your head on their shoulder. If you have a man who’s there for you through everything, you should definitely tell him you love it.

34. I love how ambitious you are.

There’s something about an ambitious man that drives women wild. (And no, not because they might end up with a high paying job). Let him know you admire his ambition and he’ll strive for even higher success (in whatever he’s doing!).


35. I love your personality.

A simple compliment that always produces a big smile.

36. I love how thoughtful you are.

Even the roughest, toughest bad boys have a thoughtful side. You might be the only one who sees it, but you can certainly tell him how much you love it.

37. I love the way you laugh. It brings a smile to my face and a warmth to my heart.

True love will do that to you, because there’s nothing quite like seeing the person your in love with smiling!


38. I love your warmth.

A man’s body heat. You can’t beat it!

39. I love that you love to spend as much time with me as possible.

Because that makes you feel wanted. It makes you feel needed. And that is certainly an important part of every relationship. Let him know he doesn’t bother you- you love having him around.

40. I love that you always know (and have) what I need.

He might not be able to fly, but he’s definitely your superhero, right? We love this comment because it will make him feel like he has a superpower no other man has.


41. I love that you can always make me laugh, even with the silliest comments and jokes.

If you can make a women laugh, you have won her heart.

42. I love that we know each other so well, we can finish each other’s sentences.

You have to have a certain type of bond to do something as fun and crazy as that. Do you and your man have this type of relationship going on?

43. I love the way I can’t imagine going one day without you.

This comment will make him feel extra special.

44. I love the way you treat my friends.

A women’s friends are very, very important to her. If you’re treating them badly, you’ll most likely get the boot. But if he’s treating them right- and she knows it- she will be one very happy lady!

45. I love the way your voice is so deep and manly.

What man wouldn’t love to hear a compliment like that?

46. I love how your voice sounds when you whisper in my ear. Sends chills down my spine.

Don’t be surprised if he sneaks up on you more often after saying this!


47. I love how our relationship is so perfect it seems like a romance novel.

This lets him know how much you absolutely adore the relationship. That’s a win in his book!

48. I love how you protect me and defend me. You’re so strong and powerful.

I can’t tell you how much men love to be complimented on their strength. So do it. Seriously.

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49. I love your intelligence and how you can keep a conversation going.

There’s nothing worse than talking to someone who can’t hold up a conversation, right? So this is a very good compliment to him!

50. I love how passionate you are about life.

This will keep that passion going strong- if not stronger.

51. I love how you never cease to amaze me and take my breath away.

With this comment, you give him a serious confidence boost that will only make your relationship stronger.

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52. I love how I still get butterflies every time I see you.

A cute comment that will definitely make him smile.

53. I love how you inspire me to do more, and to do better with my life.

That’s what your partner is supposed to do, right? This is a great comment he’ll love to know.

54. I love how adorable you look when you are asleep.

You just can’t help it. Those little lips perched out and that silly little face. It’s adorable!

55. I love spending time with you.

Who wouldn’t like to hear something like that?

56. I love how you go out of your way to thank me for things I’ve done.

There’s no better feeling than being appreciated. Let him know that you’re thankful that he’s thankful and that he actually shows it!

57. I love how confident you are. It’s so attractive.

Nothing more attractive than confidence right? This will also boost his confidence- double win.


58. I love that you can always make me feel better no matter what’s going on.

He is your rock and can ALWAYS make you feel better. Trust me, he will love to know how special he is and how he makes you feel.

59. I love how open you are to trying new things.

This could be silly thinks like a weird chip flavor, something crazy like sky diving, or even something naughty in the bedroom. Whatever it is, you certainly appreciate his openness!


60. I love how you’re able to talk things through and work things out.

So important for the simple fact that, if you can’t talk anything through without getting heated, then the relationship will most likely die off.


61. I love that you take time out of your life to show me how much you love me.

This lets him know that you love all of the things he does for you- and bonus- he will keep doing MORE things to show how much he loves you!

62. I love your hot body.

Men love to hear about how hot their bodies are. Give him the confidence boost he needs, wants, desires, AND deserves.

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63. I love that you are not afraid to show me affection in public.

It is a huge slap in the face when the person you love won’t be affectionate in public. It’s like they don’t want to be seen with you. So let him know that you love he’s not afraid to be open in public and it makes you feel special.

64. I love that you can cook amazing food.

This particular comment is reserved for the men who can cook. However, you can replace ‘cook amazing food’ with something else that he does, like change tires or fix appliances?

65. I love the way you take care of us.

Men love to be the provider for their woman and family, so he will love to hear this.

66. I love all of the cute names you have for me.

Whether it’s cookie poo, baby dumpling doodle buns, or simply ‘honey’, tell him how much you love those cute names and he won’t stop saying them- no matter how silly they may be!


67. I love all of the cute things you surprise me with.

You know what this will equal to? More cute surprises!

68. I love the fact you will never give up on me.

A man who will do whatever it takes for the relationship and never give up. Ah, they’re a dime a dozen but they are so unbelievable. Let him know how much you appreciate it with this comment.

69. I love the way we cuddle together.

Nothing quite like cuddling your man (winking face).


70. I love how I’ve met my life partner and my soul mate.

There’s a big difference between a lover and a soul mate. This comment is so incredibly deep, it just HAS to be said at one point or another.

71. I love you because you are perfect in my eyes.

Nobody is perfect, but to be perfect in someone’s eyes is a wonderful feeling. Tell him this and I guarantee you’ll make his day (or maybe even week, month, year).

72. I love how we can always know what each other is thinking without saying a single word.

That’s what I call a strong relationship!

73. I love that I can trust you.

Besides communication, trust is incredibly important in a relationship. And we all wonder whether or not our partner really does trust us. Telling him you love that you can trust him will make him feel more secure in the relationship and will keep his eyes/hands off other women.

74. I love that you (try to) love the things I am interested in.

If you love ballet and he hates ballet, yet he will still go to the ballet performance just for you- he’s a keeper. Hands down. You both should be willing to at least try to love what your partner is interested in. That’s what makes a healthy relationship, a strong bond, and so much more.

75. I love that you would do anything to make me smile.

Your man SHOULD be trying to make you smile no matter what. But if you actually KNOW that he would, that’s a big plus. Let him know that you’ve taken notice and you LOVE that he’d do it. Then when the time comes he really WILL do anything to make you smile!

76. I love laying right next to you the whole night feeling safe and secure.

I can’t tell you enough: men LOVE to be strong. They LOVE to be the protector of their lady. And when the day turns to night and light turns to dark, women tend to get a bit more scared. But if he makes you feel safe even when it’s pitch black outside, that’s a very good sign. Tell him how cozy and comfortable you are even during the scary nights!

77. I love your ingenuity.

Men love to be strong and clever (and there’s probably a lot of other things too, but these are the biggest). Letting him know how much you love and adore his ingenuity will certainly spark his clever mind and give him a good ego boost.

78. I love how personable you are.

Women typically love a man that can work the crowd. If this is your man, let him know he’s doing a great job at being friendly and personable.

79. I love your big strong arms.

Men love to hear compliments- especially when it comes to their arms. I don’t know, they just have some weird obsession with their arms. Tell your man this compliment and I guarantee you’ll notice an increase in confidence in the days following!


80. I love how I still see fireworks every time we kiss.

Have you ever heard couples talking about how the flames have dimmed in their relationship? Well, not for you! If you still see fireworks when you kiss him, you should tell him. This lets him know that “he’s still got it” and you’re still seriously attracted to him and love his kisses.

81. I love how amazing you are in bed.

There’s no way to go around this: men love to hear how good they are in bed. It’s a fact of life. So really, there’s no way you can go wrong saying something like this. Any time of day works fine too.

82. I love how complete I feel when we make love.

Women tend to be more emotional when it comes to sexual relations. This lets him know that he completes you- both sexually and emotionally- when the two of you make love.

83. I love how gentle you are in bed.

If you prefer a gentler man and he suits the bill perfectly, then this is a wonderful reason to love him. He’ll be itching to get you in between the sheets after hearing this awesome reason for loving him!

84. I love how giving you are in all situations.

He could simply be a giving person by nature- giving presents, money, etcetera- you could even be talking about giving *in the bedroom*. Whatever it is, let him know that you don’t think he is a push over and you actually admire how giving he is.

85. I love the fact that you gave me the gift of children.

Do the two of you have kids? Well, you definitely needed him to put the pieces to the puzzle. Thank him for giving you the gift of children. Then move on to reason number 86 (if the shoe fits, of course).


86. I love that you’re a wonderful father.

If the two of you have kids, you should always tell him what a wonderful father he is. This is not only a great boost of fatherly confidence for him, but he will continue to be involved with your kids without blinking an eye. He’ll love it even more knowing that you notice.

87. I love that you spark my creativity and imagination.

If your man can do this, he must be one amazing man. You should definitely let him know that he’s not just special because the way he looks or acts, but that he actually intrigues you and sparks creativity and imagination in your life. WOW.


88. I love that you push me to my limits to be a better person.

When you’re with someone, they should always push you to be a better person. If he does this, you two are good as gold.

89. I love that you always listen to what I have to say.

EVERYONE wants to be heard. EVERYONE wants to be with someone who actually listens to them, and doesn’t just brush off what they have to say. This is so important to every relationship, whether it’s friendship or romantic. Tell him how much you love this fact about him!


90. I love that you treat me like a princess.

It’s every woman’s dream to be treated like a princess. Does your man make this dream come true?


91. I love the way you dress and your style.

Who doesn’t like to hear that they’ve got a great sense of style? A definite confidence boost for that special guy in your life. (Don’t forget to tell him which clothes are your favorite so he’ll wear them often!)

92. I love that we can be silly with each other.

There’s nothing quite like being fun and goofy with your partner. Let him know that no, he’s not being immature or annoying. You actually like being super silly with him- it keeps your relationship youthful and alive!

93. I love that we can be open and honest with each other.

As we said earlier, communication is absolutely important. And if the two of you are being absolutely open and honest with each other, you can bet the two of you have an awesome and strong relationship. Keep up the good work!

94. I love taking hot showers with you.

This is a bit of an X rated comment, but those are mens favorites after all. You might find him running to turn on a hot steamy shower for the two of you after mentioning this comment to him. (Insert winking face here).


95. I love how we make up after a big fight.

What do you guys do after a big fight? Do you go out to a fancy dinner? Does he brings you flowers? Maybe you two have the best sex of your life? Whatever it is, let him know that he is doing it right.

96. I love how secure I feel when I am with you.

Men love to hear that they are strong, and if you feel secure with him, he’ll feel like the strongest man alive that could take down The Hulk.

97. I love you because you always know what to say.

Don’t you love when someone can just say something small and suddenly everything’s better? Does your man have this superpower? Let him know.


98. I love you because you treat my family right.

For most women, family is very important. If you’re good to their family, they will usually stick around in the long run. And if she acknowledges that you’re a great man that treats her family right, that’s pretty much a shoe in.

99. I love you because you’re everything I’ve ever dreamed of.

Who wouldn’t want to hear this? It’s something everyone would enjoy hearing- especially the lucky man in your life.

100. I love you for more reasons than I could ever explain.

Sometimes not even 100 different reasons is enough. Let him know that even if you tried you couldn’t explain all of the different ways you absolutely adore him.

What are some of the reasons you tell your man you love him?


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