100 Good Would You Rather Questions

By on January 28, 2015

When you are stuck on starting a conversation, Would You Rather questions can help. These fun questions are designed to get the conversation going in an interesting direction. They may lead to further discussion or a friendly dispute over a personal choice. The greatest value in these questions lies in the answer. How someone arrives at a choice matters more than what the choice is. To get started on learning different Would You Rather questions, read our 100 favorites.

1. Would you rather spend two weeks stuck in a psychiatric hospital or two weeks stuck in an airport?

Although psychiatric hospitals have improved over the years, few people want to check into them.


2. Would you rather eat ghost peppers or have to perform CPR on a stranger?

Ghost peppers are supposed to be the worst peppers in the world. In comparison, CPR seems like a fairly safe choice. The stranger aspect is what makes this question into a toss-up.

3. Would your rather be in your 20s forever physically and financially or allow yourself to age?

This basically comes down to your opinion of money. Everyone wants to stay physically fit forever, but would you be willing to keep your finances at their pre-college, top ramen levels?

4. Would you rather have a year without paying taxes or an extra month of paid vacation?

No one likes taxes, but an extra vacation is always nice. Honestly, you could probably afford a month of unpaid vacation if you did not pay taxes for an entire year.

5. Would you rather be a successful artist who sells uninspired commercial art or a starving, but brilliant, artist?

This question shows what they value. Are you the type of person who would sell out for money?

6. Would you rather get paid double during the next year or only have to work for half of the year while getting paid your normal rate?

Again, this is another question that shows how much someone values money and free time.

7. Would you rather sit in a white room for eight hours a day for $100,000 or work at an interesting job for $50,000?

You should assume that the white room is completely devoid of anything to do. For eight hours, you would just sit and stare at a blank wall. Could you do it?

8. Would you rather eat maggot cheese or a dead frog?

There is a type of Italian cheese that is made with maggots. When you take a bite of the cheese, you are actually eating the maggots. The fact that the frog is dead should not really be a problem—eating a live frog would be even worse.

9. Would you rather be a movie star or a script writer?

The answer to this shows how much you value intelligence and fame. Script writers are never famous, but they are an integral part of the creation of a movie.


10. Would you rather be forced to wear a swimsuit in the Arctic or a snowsuit in the Mohave Desert?

Really, you would have to know how long you would be forced to wear this attire. Being almost naked in frigid temperatures would probably end up killing you first.

11. Would you rather drink a gallon of mayonnaise or eat a pound of butter?

Neither of these options sound particularly enticing. You may have to set a time limit for this challenge. Eating a gallon of mayonnaise over a week would be much easier than eating it in a few hours. Over a week, you could always mix it into all of the foods that you eat.

12. If you had to give up one thing for the rest of your life, would it be brushing your hair or brushing your teeth?

Eating fruit actually does a fairly good job of cleaning your teeth. If you are a stickler for tooth brushing, you could always rock dreadlocks for the rest of your life.

13. Would you rather spend 20 years in prison and be exonerated as innocent or be put away for four years (despite your innocence) and be considered guilty forever?

How many years of your life are worth the harm to your reputation? Hopefully, those close to you would still perceive you as innocent.

14. Would you rather lose your vision or your hearing?

In the past, losing your hearing would have seemed like a better deal. Currently, there is a new movement among the blind for learning echolocation. According to MRI scans of the brain, the minds of blind people light up like they are seeing when they use echolocation.

15. Would you rather have your house always be too hot or too cold?

This assumes that you have sweaters and blankets available. Personally, I would prefer to just bundle up.

16. Would you rather be stuck with webbed feet or have an extra toe?

Webbed feet could be a positive if you are a swimmer. Having an extra toe would make it much harder to buy shoes.

17. Would you rather be known as a one-hit wonder for a novel or a song?

The connotation for producing just one song is entirely different than the ideas we have about someone who creates just one book. While a one-hit singer is derided for their lack of success, there are a number of novelists who only produce one book.

18. Would you rather eat a bar of soap or drink a bottle of vinegar?

From a personal experience, I can tell you that the vinegar will not stay down. If you drink vinegar, you will throw it up again. I am not sure how well a bar of soap would go down.


19. Would you rather travel along the ocean floor or take a trip to outer space?

The ocean is supposed to be the last unexplored frontier, but humans cannot go down to the deepest levels for long. Space aficionados can actually catch a ride on a Virgin Galactic sometime in the future.

20. Would you rather be forced to always say what you are thinking or never be allowed to speak again?

Think of every terrible, awful thought that you have had. Now, imagine having to say all of them. Becoming mute seems like a better choice.

21. Would you rather lose all of your hair or all of your teeth?

Personally, I would rather wear a wig. Losing teeth has always been a fear of mine. For the men out there, losing hair may be their worst fear. Logically, men who are genetically predisposed to hair loss should probably just get it over with early and keep their teeth.

22. Would you rather be awarded the Nobel Prize and the recognition or receive the million dollars that normally comes with it?

Recognition and fame are always great, but we need money to live. If you are comfortably well-off, you may want to just accept the Noble Prize.


23. Would you rather fairies or witches exist?

Two magical creatures and one tough choice: Which one should exist? There are really no right answers for this questions.

24. Would you rather be a character in a Tolkein novel or a Harry Potter novel?

Assume that the world of Tolkein or Rowling is entirely real. Which world would you rather be a part of?

25. Would you rather be able to fly or have the gift of invisibility?

Every time that you have ever been stuck in traffic can be solved in an instant. If you can fly, you can bypass traffic and take the shortest route to any destination. Being invisible would also have its benefits. With the gift of invisibility, you could be the world’s best art thief or have an instant solution for any bad hair day.

26. Would you rather live your life as a beautiful individual of the opposite gender or as an ugly version of your own gender?

Being in the wrong body can be awful, but losing your looks is equally terrible. There are truly no perfect answers to this. If it were for a short period of time, switching genders could be an interesting way to see how the other side lives. For a lifetime, it might be too much.

27. Would you rather spend two months of your life stuck on a train or a week stuck on a bus?

Trains have beds and dining cars, but two months is a terribly long time.

28. Which Hogwarts house would you rather be in?

For non-Harry Potter fans, the houses of Hogwarts are sorted according to Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. Gryffindors are known for their bravery and courage, while Ravenclaws are recognized for their intelligence. Slytherins are ambitious and often evil. Out of the four houses, Hufflepuffs are the nicest.

29. Would you rather wrestle a python or an alligator?

Your chances with either creature are pretty slim. The best bet would be to feed either creature extremely well before you start wrestling.

30. Would you rather have a private jet or own your own island?

A jet offers a heightened level of luxury and convenience, but a personal island would be the perfect place for a hermit lifestyle.

31. Would you rather be able to exist healthily without food or without sleep?

Over several years, you would save so much money by not having to eat. You would also gain a lot of free time if you did not need to sleep. Let’s be honest, though. Who really wants to give up eating or sleeping?

32. Would you rather be the hero who fights dragons or who saves the damsel in distress?

Fighting dragons is a task for glory hounds while saving damsels is for the more empathetic person.

33. Would you rather be remembered forever with hatred or be loved during your life and forgotten?

Everyone wants to create a legacy that lasts after their death. If you could only have a negative legacy, would you still want it?

34. Would you rather be buried alive or tortured to death?

Torture would cause a significant amount of pain, but the death would probably be faster. Although getting buried alive lacks pain, the waiting and slow suffocation would be terrifying.

35. If you only aged in one part of your body, would you rather aging in your face or from the neck down?

You can cover up your body, but you cannot cover up your face. Although it may appeal to narcissists, keeping your face young might be a poor choice. Having a young body forever allows you to stay physically active and avoid some chronic illnesses.

36. Would you rather find a cure for cancer or a new fuel source?

Both inventions would change the entire world. Curing cancer would stop one of the top causes of death, but a new fuel source would be better for the long-term future of humanity. Both options would ensure that you get more money than you could ever spend in a lifetime.

37. Would you rather be able to read minds or send your thoughts to someone else?

Both would be useful. As long as you could turn it off, reading minds seems like a more interesting skill. The only issue with reading minds is that you may not like what you read.


38. Would you rather be a part of an arranged marriage or spend your life as a single person?

One Indian lady compared an marriage to a pot full of water. In American culture, the pot starts out boiling before it is put on the fire and boils over. With an arranged marriage, the water starts off cool and gradually heats up. It may be different than modern culture, but an arranged marriage does not mean that it is a bad relationship.

39. Would you rather babysit a crying infant for a day or have an unwanted house guest for a week?

If you have ear plugs with you, a crying baby would not be a problem. It would be a far easier inconvenience than a terrible house guest.

40. Would you rather marry your soul mate or be the richest person in the world?

After a certain point, more money will not buy happiness. If you have not reached that point yet, it may seem more desirable to gain riches than find your soul mate.

41. Would you rather be locked in an amusement park or a library?

This answer will depend entirely on how you feel today and what you value. Readers tend to choose the library while adrenaline junkies like spending time in an amusement park.

42. Would you rather sing like an opera star or cook like a five-star gourmet chef?

Both talents could be used on a daily basis. This answer is really a toss-up.

43. Would you rather be unable to use smartphones or be unable to go outside when it is raining?

You could exist within an almost vampiric world or lose access to a key piece of technology. This question ultimately comes down to the duration of the restriction. Where you live could be a factor as well. Being stuck inside on rainy days is much harder in drizzly Seattle than sun-soaked Arizona.

44. Would you rather be given the Midas touch or make minimum wage for the rest of your life?

If you are unfamiliar with the tale of Midas, it involves a king who wished to turn anything he touched into gold. Once he received his wish, he was temporarily happy. Before long, he realized that he could not touch his loved ones or feed himself. Would you be willing to deal with such a fate if it meant you could have more money?

45. Would you rather change a smelly diaper or be unable to eat for a day?

For some reason, certain people seem to be exceptionally sensitive to smelly diapers. If you are one of these people, then you will probably want to choose not to eat for a day.

46. Would you rather have your debt forgiven or have guaranteed good health for a decade?

If you do not have any debt, you can easily choose to have good health. Since crushing debt loads are stressful, many people would probably choose to get rid of the debt.

47. Would you rather owe the mob a favor or owe $100,000 in debt to a bank?

Hopefully, you will never have to deal with the mob. If you do owe them a favor, it probably will not be the first thing that you have to do.


48. Would you rather spend the rest of your life traveling and eating bread or at home with gourmet meals?

I love food and traveling. Choosing between these two options seems impossible. What do you think?

49. Would you rather be stuck writing 5,000 words every day or only speaking in rhyming phrases?

Assume that the rhyming phrases are automatically formed—you do not have to make them up. The 5,000 words could be on any topic, but they must be written every day.

50. Would you rather have to immigrate illegally across the United States-Mexican border or spar with a champion boxer?

Both options carry a significant level of physical risk, but only one of them could get you arrested. A legal, dangerous boxing match versus an illegal, possibly deadly migration: tough call.

51. Would you rather die after a year of being sick or instantly without getting to say good-bye?

A long-term illness gives you a chance to say good-bye to the people that you love. Unfortunately, it also contains more pain than just dying in your sleep.

52. Would you rather have an Ivy League school named after you or receive a Nobel Prize?

Both of these choices arrive with public recognition. The Noble Prize is also accompanied with $1.2 million in prize money.

53. Would you rather be forced to buy everything online or only be able to communicate via charades for a week?

You can actually get groceries delivered via the Internet—at least if you live in a larger city. It might not be easy, but you could do it. Charades are also a strong possibility. If you already know sign language, it could be an extremely easy week.

54. Would you rather suffer from a debilitating mental or physical illness for the next ten years?

Pain and physical suffering could be worse than dealing with a mental illness. Really, it just depends on the types of physical and mental illness.

55. Would you rather be forced to shower in ice water or scalding water?

Or you could choose option three and not shower at all.

56. Would you rather be a genius surrounding by morons or a moron surrounded by geniuses?

Would you rather deal with ignorance or know that you are the only ignorant person?

57. Would you rather be ignorant and blissful or smart and never happy?

Living in ignorance can be a good thing. It makes life easier, although slightly dull. There are actually scientific studies that show intelligent people are more likely to suffer from a mental disorder or lack of content.

58. Imagine you have a spouse that spends the day and night looking like an ugly crone or a gorgeous person. Would you rather them look beautiful during the day around other people or at night when your spouse is only with you?

This answer will decide if you care about how other people perceive your spouse or how you perceive them.


59. Would you rather spend a week confined to a house alone or with someone that you hate?

Being alone is actually fairly easy. It might be lonely at first, but a hermit-like lifestyle is not a terrible thing. If you absolutely cannot stand being alone, you may choose the second option.

60. Would you rather be dumped by your partner or dump your partner?

Dumping someone makes you feel bad and causes you to wonder if what you are doing is the right thing. Being dumped

61. Would you rather have your flight delayed for 15 hours or have your luggage lost?

Finding lost luggage is a nightmare, but sleeping in an airport is just as bad. The answer to this question indicates how someone values their time and material possessions.

62. Would you rather only be able to wear pajamas or a suit?

If you work in a busy office, wearing pajamas may feel out of place. Although a suit may be overdressed for most events, pajamas are a drastic way to under-dress.

63. Would you rather be able to play every musical instrument that you touch or speak every language that you hear?

The answer to this shows whether someone values music or communication more. Either way, both skills would be amazing to have.

64. Would you rather have the ability to travel to the future or the past? (Assuming that you could return to the present)

This is an extremely enticing proposition. By traveling to the future, you could see exactly how the world turns out and the changes that occur for humanity. Traveling to the past would let you witness historic events and people. Either option would be extremely interesting to do.

65. Would you rather possess super strength or super speed?

Lifting a car or a horse would be amazing, but being able to run across the country in a few moments would be equally amazing.


66. Would you rather be stuck in one city forever with millions of dollars or be poor and travel?

Again, this is another question that lets people show the value that they place on travel and money.

67. Would you rather have many close friends and be homeless or have no friends and possess a home?

The answer to this is entirely up to you. It is just a fun question to use to keep the conversation going.

68. Would you rather lose one of your arms or one of your legs?

With all of the advances in prosthetic limbs, you could still do most of your normal activities after losing any limb.

69. If you had to spend the rest of your life either shouting loudly or whispering, which would you choose?

This would be a terrible curse to have. Your friends would either hate listening to your murmuring or your shouting.

70. Would you rather undergo cancer and chemotherapy before recovering completely or have severe asthma for the rest of your life?

The first option assumes that you will recover to perfect health after your cancer scare. With the second option, you will have asthma for the remainder of your life. It will not kill you, but you will have to deal with it.


71. Would you rather live the rest of your life as a Buddhist monk or followed continuously by paparazzi?

Being a celebrity could not be easy. The constant attention, paparazzi and fans would be an enormous pressure. Likewise, being a monk would be difficult. From vows of silence to poverty, the life of a Buddhist monk is never easy.

73. Would you rather be given a lifetime supply of delicious food or books?

Although food is the more practical option, unlimited books would be a dream for a reading lover. Ultimately, the answer to this shows how practical you are and how much you enjoy reading.

74. Would you rather be stranded on an island with your soul mate or your favorite celebrity?

This question demonstrates the value that you place on celebrities and love. Answering this question is probably easier if you have not found your soul mate yet. Once you meet that special person, it may be harder to consign yourself to a deserted island without your favorite celebrity.

75. Would you rather make a lot of money at a boring career or very little money at your dream job?

This is a more standard version of the “working in a white room” question.

76. There are two scenarios. In one, you meet your soul mate and they are the wrong gender. In the other, you never meet your soul mate. Would you rather live your life with someone you will never be sexually attracted to or with someone that you will never love?

Even if your soul mate is the wrong gender, you could still be with them. You may not want to be sexually together, but you could enjoy their company. If that seems too weird for you, then you could choose to be with someone that you will never love completely.


77. Would you rather be a Hollywood actress or a famous musician?

When it comes to your life ambitions, are you more interested in singing or acting? Or do you see yourself as the mad scientist type?

78. Would you rather be given your doctorate in literature or write a best-selling novel?

The best part about getting a doctorate degree is that people actually have to call you doctor. A best-selling novel would carry a similar level of prestige and would also arrive with extra money.

79. Would you rather be able to breath underwater or fly through the air?

The automatic response is to say flying, but imagine the first option again. You could actually breath like a fish. With that ability, you could be a mermaid. Choosing between these options seems impossible.

80. Would you rather be stuck eating pizza every day forever or raw food?

Too much pizza could definitely become a bad thing. Eating just raw fruits,vegetables and nuts forever would take getting used to, but at least you would have more variety.

81. Would you rather spend six months in a Thai prison or one year in an American psychiatric hospital?

A prison sounds like a terrible choice, but consider this: a prison will let you leave. Once you are committed to a psychiatric hospital, they can choose to keep you there indefinitely.

82. Would you rather be known for your intelligence or your good looks?

This is a direct way to see what someone values.

83. You can either have the mind of a 30-year-old forever or the body of a 30-year-old. Would you rather mentally or physically never aging?

If you have a family history of dementia, you may want to have a young mind forever. Being unable to communicate or think would be more terrifying than aging like a normal person.

84. Would you rather give a 30 minute speech in public or go without your car for two days?

If you live close to work, then going without a car would be easy. Public speaking is actually one of the most common phobias, even though a 30-minute speech would be easy enough to do.

85. Would you rather be gorgeous or with someone who is exceptionally gorgeous?

Before you decide the answer to this, you should understand that your partner will think you are attractive no matter what. This really depends on how you want to be perceived by the world and what you expect in a partner. If you care more about how you look than how they look, you may choose to be the gorgeous one in the relationship.

86. Would you rather be unable to ever have children or be forced to give your child up for adoption after a year?

Giving up a child after you have spent a year with it would be extremely difficult. The only consolation would be knowing that the child is out there somewhere. On the other side of the equation, you could choose to adopt if you are unable to have children. They would not be genetically related to you, but they would be your children.

87. Would you rather beg for $200 from pedestrians or borrow $800 from your friends?

Begging carries a level of public humiliation. Depending on friends and mooching from your loved ones carries an entirely different type of humiliation. Hopefully, you will never have to actually choose between these two scenarios.


88. Would you rather eat Taco Bell for two weeks or be stuck in a nursing home for two weeks?

Taco Bell is delicious, but you probably do not want to have it every day. In comparison, nursing home food is not particularly delicious. You would get a variety of items to eat and a comfortable place to live. It would be an odd experience, but worth it if you hate Taco Bell.

89. Would you rather go on a water fast for a month or take a vow of silence for a month?

Staying silent or not eating are actually much easier tasks than most people think. Although you can do either of these things, it is not particularly enjoyable.

90. Would you rather be a celebrity or have the president always take your phone calls?

Even if the president takes your phone calls, it does not mean he will actually follow your advice. Having the ear of the president could be an extremely useful quality.

91. Would you rather have the details of your financial life or your love life be made public?

If you were a celebrity, the entirety of your life could end up being public.

92. Would you rather have a car radio stuck on one station or no car radio?

The answer to this really just depends on the station. If you hate a specific genre of music, you will not want your station stuck on that.

93. Would you rather spend a year as a cop or a teacher in an inner-city neighborhood?

Dealing with troubled teens can be just as difficult at times as dealing with a criminal. Your answer will depend on the level of physical risk that you are ready to take and your personal career interests.

94. Would you rather have a root canal or your jaw wired shut?

Both of these options would be painful, but one of them would stop you from speaking. Your answer could depend on how long your jaw would be wired shut.

95. Would you rather spend a year living in Paris or sailing around the world?

No matter which option you choose, you will end up with an exciting life abroad. By living in Paris for a year, you would get to understand the inner workings of the city and its people. Traveling the world would let you see a number of countries quickly. Your experience would lack depth, but there would be a greater variety.

96. Would you choose to accept the gift of mind reading if you could not shut it off?

It is perfectly normal to complain about a friend or a spouse. Having to hear these thoughts all the time would be frustrating.

97. Would you rather be a participant in a medical trial that could injure you, but lead to revolutionary breakthroughs, or the scientist who is running the trial that could harm the participants?

The stress of injuring the participants could be too much for some people. Knowing that you could kill or injure someone could be a greater burden than having to deal with that illness yourself.

98. Would you rather have many acquaintances or two close friends?

The quality of your friendships matters just as much as the quantity. This question reveals how you deal socially with other people.

99. Would you rather eat one gallon of ice cream in ten minutes or run five miles?

Both options are rough on your body, but one requires actual work. Are you willing to risk gaining weight to save yourself a five mile run?

100. Would you rather have a family of ten children or never be able to have children at all?

Even if you have the money and time, raising ten children can be a trial.

Use these questions to gain a better understanding of your friends and loved ones. Whether you are struggling to make conversation or just bored, these Would You Rather questions are a great way to begin talking with someone. If you have any other ideas for great questions, leave them in a comment below this post!

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