100 Cool Last Names for Girls

By on January 28, 2015

It’s true that you can’t choose your given last name, as that’s generally passed down from you mom or dad, but if you’re not a fan of your surname, you could opt to legally change it, as long as you’re of age. Take a look at this list of 100 cool last names for girls and see if there’s one you’d prefer to have as your surname. This list could also be useful if you’re looking for a last name to give a character in a story you’re writing. Either way, check out this list and see what you think!

Cool Last Names for Girls

  1. Abernathy – Sounds fun and mysterious, just like you!
  2. Abner – Short, sweet and to the point
  3. Aldaine – An unusual last name that will set you apart
  4. Amor – Because you’re loved by all you meet
  5. Amherst – This last name sound regal
  6. Armstrong – Louis, Neil, Stretch… you’re in good company with this surname.
  7. Angeles – For the wannabe starlet
  8. Annesley – Sounds soft, cool and feminine… An excellent last name
  9. Archer – Cool, collected and strong, the way and archer has to be
  10. Ash – Who needs more than one syllable for a last name? It just wastes time!
  11. Bancroft – This surname will make you sound posh and well to do
  12. Bandini – Like a bandit… this surname is exceptionally cool!
  13. Banner – Just like Bruce. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry!
  14. Barringer – This surname would sound awesome if your first name also begins with the letter B
  15. Blackwood – Has a cool, yet dark and spooky sound to it
  16. Blood – The perfect surname for anyone who wants to sound just a little bit creepy
  17. Bloom – A cute and girly last name
  18. Boulder – Not just a place, also a big stone, and a cool last name!
  19. Cadwell – This kind of surname will make you sound like you went to boarding school with Prince Harry
  20. Cage – Cage by name, but you can never be caught!
  21. Carmichael – An upper crust kind of last name
  22. Chase – A short, cool last name that packs a punch
  23. Cobain – It’s always cool to share a last name with a rock star
  24. Cohen – A common Jewish last name, but has a cool sound to it
  25. Colburn – You’re on fire, but you won’t burn up
  26. Colt – Because you’re fast, wild and beautiful
  27. Crabtree – A classy and sophisticated last name
  28. Crassus – An old Roman last name with a long history
  29. Creed – Creed doesn’t matter, but a cool name does!
  30. Crew – A short, fun last name
  31. Cullen – Come on, you know you want to be a Cullen really. Who wouldn’t?
  32. Dalton – A cool and classic last name
  33. Danger – Danger isn’t your middle name, but it is your last name!
  34. Davenport – The kind of name that makes you sound like you summer in The Hamptons
  35. Dillinger – After John Dillinger, the famous gangster and bank robber
  36. Duke – For one with noble heritage
  37. East – You’re heading east and nobody can stop you
  38. Fall – This cool last name would sound especially cool if your first name began with F, too
  39. Fawn – You’re sweet and innocent, yet powerful inside
  40. Freeze – The ideal last name for an ice queen
  41. Gamble – Because you like to take risks and know when to put everything on the line
  42. Granger – You’re smart, pretty, and secretly a wizard!
  43. Gryffon – An awesome mythical creature
  44. Gunn – Because you’re cool, sexy and a little bit dangerous
  45. Halifax – A cool British surname and place name
  46. Havoc – This girl always leaves a trail of havoc behind her
  47. Hilton – You may not be the heiress to a fortune, but you can act like one
  48. Holly – You’re beautiful, at one with nature, but can be sharp if people aren’t careful
  49. Hope – A sweet, feminine last name
  50. Hunter – You’re strong and can take care of yourself
  51. Ice – A literally cool last name. Geddit?!
  52. Iris – A stunning flower
  53. Iver – A great name for one with Scottish roots
  54. Ivy – You seem sweet and harmless, but could do some damage
  55. Jarvis – The coolest of the Britpop crew
  56. Joy – Because you spread it wherever you go
  57. Kelly – A fun and flirty last name
  58. Kennicot – An unusual last name that will keep people guessing
  59. King – Well, you do deserve to be treated like royalty
  60. Knight – Because you’re a fighter
  61. Lily – A pretty, delicate last name
  62. Love – A sweet last name for a girl
  63. Mayhem – The ideal surname for someone who causes trouble
  64. Merry – A cool last name for someone who is happy all the time
  65. Noble – If you like to be treated like a princess
  66. North – It might be cold up North, but it makes a cool last name, as well!
  67. Paris – One of the coolest and most sophisticated cities on earth
  68. Pendleton – A quaint, yet cool kind of last name
  69. Pevensie – Like the children from the Narnia stories
  70. Phoenix – Because you rise from the flames and can never be kept down
  71. Poe – A cool literary last name for anyone who appreciates the darker side of life
  72. Potter – Who doesn’t want to share a surname with the most famous wizard ever?
  73. Power – Power: You have it, baby!
  74. Quake – You’re so cool people quake when they see you
  75. Radcliffe – Well, it starts with “rad,” isn’t that enough?
  76. Raven – A dark and mysterious last name
  77. River – A cool last name for a girl who loves nature
  78. Rose – A rose by any other would smell as sweet… but Rose still makes an excellent last name
  79. Savage – This last name is perfect for a girl who is tough and cool
  80. Slade – Sounds a little bit mean and a little bit dangerous
  81. Slayer – A great last name for a girl who is in charge, or a good homage to Buffy!
  82. Star – Because you are a star, no matter who you are
  83. Stratton – A last name that sounds cool and collected
  84. Stryker – This name is perfect for someone who always strikes it lucky
  85. Styles – Just like Harry. Aww!
  86. Tatum – Can also be a first name, but there’s a famous Tatum who a lot of use girls wouldn’t mind marrying!
  87. Tremaine – This is the type of last name that sounds businesslike and sophisticated
  88. Troublefield – Because you always manage to make some trouble
  89. Underwood – A cool and magical sounding last name
  90. Verbeck – This last name sounds classy and a little bit mysterious
  91. Violet – A pretty last name for a pretty girl
  92. Vow – Because you always keep your promises
  93. Waldgrave – This last name is unusual but cool
  94. Walker – A cool last name for someone who loves to hike
  95. Winter – The definition of cool. A bleak but beautiful last name
  96. Wolf – The ideal last name for a girl who is wild, but stunning
  97. York – A short and sweet surname
  98. Young – With this surname, you’ll stay forever young
  99. Zedler – The A to Zed(ler) of life
  100. Zimmerman – This last name is just plain fun to say



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