10 Ways to Treat a Sensitive Guy

By on January 27, 2014

Dating a sensitive guy is a completely different experience than being with a rugged outdoor man. Unlike the macho man, sensitive guys do not naturally assume that they are attractive and appealing to all. They may second guess what you say or read into the situation more than necessary. Due to their different personality type, you cannot play games like you do with others. You do not have to bust out the kid gloves, but a different approach is required.


Avoid Playing Hard to Get

In reality, this ploy seldom works. When it comes to sensitive guys, playing hard to get is the worst thing that you could do. Sensitive guys want someone who is open and vulnerable. They want to know that the girl is into them. If you appear interested in someone else, they will respect your decision and stop bothering you. For ladies, playing hard to get is the last thing you should do to catch a gentleman.

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Connect in Bed

Although connecting passionately and sexually is great, connecting bed is about more than that. Cuddles or staying in contact show your guy that he is more than just a one night stand. They need to be reassured that you are comfortable with them and like to spend the extra time. Sometimes, intimacy can make people feel awkward. When you are with a sensitive guy, you need to work through your concerns. Better yet, sharing your worries can help your guy to feel connected and understand where you are coming from. Sharing feelings in a relationship is never a problem—keeping your walls up is.


Security is Everything

Sensitive guys can be some of the most insecure men you may meet. At times, this can be an endearing quality. It means that they are more likely to spend time with you and listen to what you say. For ladies, you will have to watch how you present yourself. You need to let him know how you feel and ensure that he feels secure. If you can do this, you will be well-rewarded.

No Escape Plans

Many ladies who approach a guy will ask questions that protect their self-esteem. Instead of asking for a date, they may say, “If you are not too tired, do you want to go out later?”. By asking this, ladies are giving guys an escape route. Although this is good for your self-esteem, guys with low self-esteem will not understand that you really do want to go out with them. Be clear about what you want and be obvious in your intentions.

Jealousy Will Not Work

Sensitive guys tend to have insecurity problems. If you try to flirt with another guy and make them jealous, it will make them feel worse. Instead of becoming interested in you, they will take the hint and stay away. He needs some encouragement and should know that you find him intriguing.

Simplicity Matters

The best thing you can do is keep everything simple. Clarity is the best way to prevent confusion. Any game playing will only make them feel poorly about themselves and leads to more insecurity issues. If you want to go on a date or hang out, let him know that. When your motives are clear, he can figure out his response without reading too much into your actions. Just make sure that you are not too demanding when you tell him what you want.

You Can Make the Moves

This is not the 1950s. Girls can make the first move and ask the guy out. With sensitive guys, you can make a move and show that you are interested. If he is interested, he will let you kiss him or go out on a date. The fact that you asked him will only make him feel more secure in his feelings.

Be Patient

Sensitive guys may need a bit of time before they can really open up. Although they may be willing to express all of their feelings at once, there is also a chance that it will take them a while to come out of their shell. Give them space when they need it and do not push too hard for answers. Your patience will be rewarded in the end.


You Are Partners—Act Like It

Some men are just interested in a trophy wife or a date for the evening. A sensitive guy is truly interested in your feelings. He wants someone to share a life with and a partner. Treat him like an equal and your actions will be rewarded.

Avoid Arguments

Disputes and bickering are almost never good in a relationship. With sensitive guys, arguments can end up causing a wedge in your relationship. They may hold some of their views close to heart and be unwilling to part with them. If you do argue too strongly, they may take it personally and feel hurt. For the strongest relationships, avoid arguments or argue in a respective and calm manner.


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