10 Ways To Make Your Crush Like You

By on August 23, 2013

Ah, love is in the air! But only you can smell it… Unrequited love is one of the most frustrating and hurtful things a girl can go through. So how do you get your crush to start feeling the love, too? That’s a good question! We have put together 10 ways to get things going between you and the one you like.

1. Talk, Talk, Talk.


Humans communicate best with their words. If you don’t talk to your crush, will he ever get the vibe that you like him? Probably not. Start small talk between the two of you. Get to know him by asking him personal questions. Don’t get too personal, though! Keep it simple. Ask him about what he likes to do in his spare time, his favorite music, etc. Letting him know that you’re interested in things he likes lets him know that you’re interested in him altogether. So, get talking girl!

2. Take An Interest


Well, hopefully you’ve got that small talk out of the way and you’ve find out what hobbies he likes… Now that you know, you can join him! Does he workout every other day? You can go to the same gym and start small talk there. Does he like to read? Share interesting books with him or ask him for some good book-worm advice. Does he like playing video games? (If he’s a guy, he probably does.) If you don’t already play video games, maybe you can try it out and ask him to come over and play. Or, if you do play, start chit-chatting about all of the games you love. When it comes down to it, a guy will like a girl who likes what he does. Just don’t be creepy and follow him around. Make sure you talk to him and get involved.

3. Don’t Come On Too Strong.

Like I mentioned before: Keep it simple. Don’t come off as needy or overeager. Take an interest, but don’t take too much of one. Keep your cool. Don’t continue to pursuit the relationship if you find out you don’t have anything in common with each other. Coming on little by little will help him like you more and he won’t think you’re a stalker.

4. Let Him Know… A Little.


Besides getting to know him and keeping your cool, let him subtly know you like him. Flirt with him, tease him lightly and keep it up. Don’t stop expressing your interest a little bit at a time until you figure out whether he likes you back or not. Guys like a girl who stands out and comes on to them first. Text him (don’t over do it, though!), talk to him at school when you get the chance, say things to imply you like him, walk him to classes, offer to help him with homework or something along those lines.

5. Don’t Make It Too Easy, Though.


Although guys like girls who show interest first, they also like a girl who plays hard to get at first. For some reason they love a good chase. They love trying to get someone they can’t have. Try talking to other guys while he’s around and even flirt with them. See if that makes him jealous! Keep your distance at times and flirt at times, give off some mixed signals for a tiny bit just to get him curious.

6. Become Friends


You don’t want to get on that love boat immediately! Take your time and don’t rush things. Get to know him and hang out. A guy is more inclined to like you if you build a bond up first. Get involved with each others friends, activities and get on a friend basis. The best kind of boyfriends are the ones that are your best friends.

7. Use Your Language


No, I’m not saying you should talk some more. I’m saying use your smile, your eyes, your body language! Your body language tells a person a lot of what you’re thinking. Look into his eyes when you talk to him and mirror some of his body language to let him know you’re listening. Nod your head when he says something, put your hand on his shoulder when making a point or pat him on the back when he has an accomplishment. It works!

8. Don’t Be Fake.


Guys like girls who act real. Don’t lie to impress him and don’t act interested in things he likes when you’re not really interested in them. Don’t lie to him about things in general. That just causes more problems in the long run if he catches you!

9. Keep Him Guessing

Don’t give yourself away too soon! Don’t let him know everything about you right away. I know it may be tempting to gush out all of your likes, dislikes, funny and sad stories… You get the picture. You are going to want things to talk about to keep conversation fresh. Stay reserved and keep him guessing. If he asks you something about you, “I’ll let you know next time” or “What do you think?” Keep it simple and let him get curious enough to keep asking about you.

10. Be Yourself


As corny as that may sound… it’s true! Don’t let a guy change who you really are. Let him know that you won’t change. He may just like that you are so strong and don’t get pressured easily. Don’t try to act like someone you’re not because that may cause problems in later on when he finds out you’ve been acting. This kind of fits into the ‘Don’t Be Fake’ category, too. Don’t laugh when you don’t think somethings funny, don’t hide your emotions about things that matter and don’t rush into anything you aren’t ready for. Your crush will like you for it.



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