10 Ways to Impress a Guy

By on January 7, 2015

There are various different ways to impress a guy that usually happen naturally if you are happy in yourself and know how to communicate effectively. Sadly, not all of us were born with the perfect self-image and communication skills needed. So here are some tips for impressing a guy whilst, simultaneously, ensuring you only hang out with guys who respect and adore you.

impress a guy

Make Him Work for You

There’s a reason why every prince in the fairy tales had to fight a dragon, or climb up a tower. It gave the man a way of proving his love by showing his strength, determination and dedication. If he isn’t willing to overcome a few obstacles just to be with you, is he truly worth it?

If you let a man have you without showing he really wants it first, chances are he won’t respect you. You have to let him work for it. Whilst you don’t want to play hard to get, don’t throw yourself all over him, even if you like him. The truth is you don’t know him at first, even if you are attracted to him. Let him take his time to prove to you who he really is. If you allow yourself to fall head over heels you will get blinded and he will think you are willing to hand yourself over to anyone asking.

Take it slow. Reply to texts, but not always the minute they are sent. Go on dates, but not every day of the week – make sure you take time out to be with yourself and friends as well. Basically: don’t always be available, but rather show you have your own life and if he wants to be part of it, then he has to work for it. And when he does well, like putting in a lot of effort to come up with a date he knows you will like, dress nicely to impress you, hold the door for you – let him know you appreciate it. The best way of making a man work for you is showing you appreciate the work he does.


Don’t Let Him Walk All Over You

If you always go out of your way to make him comfortable – go on date nights you know he’ll like (but he doesn’t care to come up with ones he knows you’d like), take time out to see him because it fits his schedule (but not really yours), go out of your way to dress up (but he shows up in an old t-shirt) – he won’t respect you. That’s not to say you shouldn’t do things to try to make him happy, or show you care. Of course you should. That will impress him, but you have to make sure it’s an equal exchange. If he continues to show up late to every date and doesn’t put in an effort to please you, put a stop to it. Next time he shows up half an hour late, cancel the date. If he doesn’t reply to a text, ignore him next time he texts you. Make him work for it, as said in the previous example. Show that you aren’t happy if he doesn’t. Don’t throw a tantrum, just calmly explain that he needs to put in an effort.


Look After Yourself

A man will naturally be impressed by you if you show you take care of yourself. If you look after your health by eating well and exercising and you care enough about yourself to have a nice wardrobe, that’s impressive. Men like women who are happy in who they are and that includes looking after themselves.

Lead a Life You Love and Go for What You Want

If you want to attract a great man who adores you for who you are, you have to be who you truly are. You have to live the life you dream of. That’s not about achieving big grand things, but rather every day creating a life you love. If you love painting for example, don’t put it off till tomorrow to paint. Even if you can’t find a job as an artist straight away, you can start painting straight away. It’s not about becoming rich and famous as a painter, it’s about living your passion each and every day. Happy people are attractive people.


Let the Conversation Flow

Men are attracted to great conversationalists. Rather than babbling because you are scared of running out of things to say, or being quiet as you are scared of having nothing to say, slow down. Take a deep breath. Stay with the discomfort if you are feeling any, as opposed to try to cover it up or fight it. Then talk. Talk about the same things you’d talk to friends about. Try to find some common ground – things you both enjoy. Give compliments without gushing. And listen. Really listen to what he has to say before you reply.

Stand Tall and Be Open

Your body language will talk for you even if you are quiet. If you are slouching, or tensing up, a guy will sense you aren’t comfortable and in return feel uncomfortable around you. The more comfortable you feel in yourself and the more you relax and open up, the easier it will be for guys to approach you and be around you. Next time you go out just take a few moments here and there throughout the night to observe how you feel in your own body. Just as with conversation topics, you don’t have to “fix” any unease you feel, just relax into it and it will slowly melt away.

Also, remember, if you are on a second or third date, most men like some physical contact. Don’t be afraid to put your hand on his arm to emphasis a point, or sit close to him on the couch. Don’t attach yourself like a leech, but rather flirtatiously touch him ever so often.

No Drama

There are various situations that can lead to drama, but they don’t have to. From jealousy, to someone not showing up when they said they would, you can either deal with it from your heart space, sharing what you feel in a simple manner, or you can get tangled up in your own emotions and throw a tantrum. One thing that helps keeping drama away is to always remember that everything you experience comes from your own perception – it isn’t necessarily the truth. So always ask about it before making things up about a situation, or something that has been said. If you need a little help with this, read The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz – he’s a master at making people see how much their own perception flavors reality.

Another strategy is to take a step back from your own anger to feel what you are truly feeling – the anger is only keeping the real feelings of hurt away. Share your real feelings and by all means put your foot down, or disagree with something, but don’t start screaming and shouting about it, nor dishing out long monologues, or attacking someone, trying to put them down. Just simply stay in your heart space and share.



Almost any man has a hard time resisting a flirtatious woman. Make eye contact. Smile. Play with innuendo from time to time. Use body contact when speaking. And always keep the intention behind it in the back of your mind.

Raise Him Up

No man appreciates you putting him down, or making fun of him, especially not in front of his friends or colleagues. Rather than putting him down for what he doesn’t have, encourage him to achieve what he wants and praise him for what he is already great at. Make him feel good about himself. Especially in front of others.

Need Him Without Being Needy

A man wants to be needed in the masculine sense of the word. Ask him to carry a heavy bag for you, or open a jar in the kitchen. Show him you like to hold onto him during a scary movie, or that you would very much value his advice when it comes to something you are working on. Let him give you his sweater when you are cold. Don’t constantly tell him you could do it on your own, or that you are fine without his help – instead make him feel that you truly value his presence as a man. Don’t, on the other hand, become needy – making him think you couldn’t live without him. You can live your life perfectly fine on your own, but you want him there as it makes it even greater and you have to be able to show him that.


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