10 Ways To Get Over Him

By on October 5, 2013

Getting over a break-up is a lot tougher than most think. When the break-up takes place, well, it’s like a slap in the face. Are you not sure what to do right now? Do you want to stop thinking about him and just move on? It may be an easier process if you follow these 10 following ways to get over your ex:

Way # 1.) Take A Vacation.


Surprisingly, getting away from your normal everyday life can really help you also escape thoughts of your dreaded ex-boyfriend. Vacations are stress relievers and when getting over him, a stress-relief is just what you need! Your vacation doesn’t have to be somewhere spectacular like Paris or Rome (though that would be nice, wouldn’t it?) it can be virtually anywhere, whether your going to the cabin on the lake outside of town or even just to the state right next door. If you do get yourself to somewhere like Cancun, you may even meet a cute cabana boy!

Way #2.) Take 24 Hours.


Take 24 hours just to yourself. Mope around in your pajamas, rent your favorite movie, grab a box of tissues and buy yourself a box of chocolates! Let it all out and reminisce for a night. Keeping your sad and angry emotions pent-up will only make things worse. Let yourself breathe! It is best that you only do this for one day, though, you don’t want to mope for too long. You gotta get back up on that horse!

Way #3.) Make A List.


Sit down and make a list of all the reasons why you don’t need him! Write (or type) as much as you possibly can. Include all the cons about him and why you can do better. Doing this exercise will actually help you feel better by helping you realize that you are much, much better off without him in your life and it can give you the motivation to move on.

Way #4.) Start Cleaning.


Gather up everything that reminds you of your relationship with him and throw it in the trash right away! Immediately getting rid of all that clutter will truly help you move on. That way you don’t have to look at all the memories and have an emotional relapse on a day-to-day basis. While you are de-cluttering your life of him, you can also organize and clean whatever else- cleaning is a stress-reliever and can give you the feeling of being ready to start fresh.

Way #5.) Have A Girls Night.


Get all your besties ready for a night out. Being around your closest friends and mixing in some fun, social activity can take your mind off of everything that has been going on. Going out with the people you care about most will give you confidence, reassure you that more people than him care for you and also make you realize that there is more to life than him.

Way #6.) Go Out And Mingle.


When you are out on the town with the girls, interact with some boys, too. Don’t dive into something serious right away and don’t try to take anyone home (unless you want to!) Mingling will help boost your self-esteem and give you hope that there are plenty of other fish in the sea! And, hopefully, flirting with new faces will keep the ex out of your head and help you get over him.

Way #7.) Delete Him.


Yes, delete him right from your life. First with the stuff that reminds you of him and you both together, delete his number from your phone (un-memerize it!!) and delete him from any social networking sites that you have him on. This may be hard, but remember that doing this will help you from relapsing and calling/texting him. It will also keep your eyes from seeing what he is up to when he posts on social networks. Do you really want to see if he is hanging out with another girl and moving on? Probably not. Get rid of him ASAP!

Way #8.) Keep Yourself Occupied.


Keep yourself busy and keep your mind off of him! Pick up shifts at work, volunteer at the soup kitchen or pick up a hobby. Try out crocheting, sign up for a Zumba class… Whatever floats your boat!

Way  #9.) Get A Puppy.. Or Cat… Or Whatever Your Heart Desires.


Getting a new pet can help you focus your mind and energy elsewhere… Meaning not on him! Baby pets especially can keep you busy and give you unconditional love- making you feel like you don’t even need a boy in your life.

Way #10.) Remember.


Remember who you were before him and without him. Remember that you don’t need a guy in your life to live. Remind yourself you are strong and you can be your own person! Keep in mind that you do not need him. Just smile and move on! It may take sometime and feel impossible, but you will forget him and you will find someone better someday. Don’t rush, though, everything comes at its own time. Enjoy all the possibilities and opportunities that come along with the life of a single girl!

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