10 Ways To Get Out Of The Friend-Zone

By on October 11, 2013

Media likes to portray to us that only men are the ones getting stuck in the dread ‘friend-zone’, but contrary to prior belief, women are caught there just as often! Either way, wiggling your way out of the in-between spot can be extremely difficult- Especially if you don’t know what you are doing. To help you drop that ‘just friends’ stereotype, here are 10 ways that you, as a girl, can get out of the friend-zone:

1.) Whatever you do, don’t come on too strong! Being clingy, needy or just too much altogether can be a huge turnoff- Especially for guys. So, if you really want to escape that friend-zone and move forward (or, at least move away from it), take a step back and cool it down for a bit. Desperation is not sexy.



2.) When you are in the awful place of being classified as ‘just a friend’ and you want to be more, try asking your crush to go out. If you guys do go out, but it is only with other friends or to do something like go shopping, then no wonder your in the zone! You have to see if he will go out with you on a date-like event. To the movies with just each others or out to a cute restaurant that doesn’t scream casual or only a friend-type place. Ask him and see if he goes for a more-than-friend-type date!



3.) Break out of the habit of just having only completely down to Earth conversations. Spice-up the way you talk and make the convos between you and your man of interest a bit more adventurous. Be flirtatious, bring playfulness and cute, fun banter into the equation. Doing this will express that you don’t want to be just friends with him.



4.) Sometimes, you just need to connect on a physical level to catch someone’s attention. And, that does not mean you need to get too physical. Ahem. No, it means you need to stop only shaking hands or giving an occasional hug- You need to get your hands on him. Touch his arm in a soft, intimate manner- You can do the same with his legs or thighs. Touch the back of his neck, play with his hair or put your hand on his knee. Just do the things that friends don’t. Try to keep it modest, though!



5.) Don’t act like his guy friends. Don’t always be around for football games, don’t participate in those belching contests that he has with his friends and don’t go to his house only to play video games, drink Mt. Dew and work on his car. That doesn’t mean you can’t do those things with him, but you need to keep the line between guy stuff and girl stuff drawn. Most guys think of girls as more than friends if they aren’t in every aspect of what they do with their guy friends. They like a girl who is off doing her stuff, while he has his time to do stuff with his friends, too.



6.) Make him jealous. Okay, as childish as this sounds, it really does work most of the time. Go out with another guy, make him well aware of it and see what his reaction is. Flirt with a different dude in front of him and watch how it affects him. If he is absolutely nonchalant about it, then maybe you need to realize there is no getting out of the friend-zone. However, if he gets jealous, then make a move!



7.) As shallow as this is: Change your look. This isn’t saying that you should shave your head or change your style completely. But, maybe a guy is looking for a girl who works-out more often, has shorter hair or wears the color blue a couple times a week- Whatever floats his boat! Do something that will catch his attention and draw him into you. You don’t need to change who you are completely, but everybody has their own tastes- To get out out of the friend-zone, maybe you need to fit into his mold a bit more.



8.)  Be confident. Yes, it can be that simple. Just acting with more confidence can make a guy more attracted to you. If you display low self-confidence, a guy might only want to keep you in his friend group because it may turn him off completely.



9.) Tell him that you want to be more than just friends. Be straightforward with what you want, let him know you like him and maybe you’ll get a good reply. It doesn’t always have to be the guy who should make the first move. Take that next step and tell him exactly how you feel. He may appreciate your boldness and he might even like you the same.



10.) Okay, if none of that works, you might just need to accept all of the facts. This means that you should realize that your friendship between you and your crush will never be anything more than a friendship. You can’t make someone fall for you and if your crush isn’t falling by now- He probably never will. You can either accept your friendship for what it is or just move on altogether. The decision is yours.



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