10 Ways to Deal With a Broken Heart

By on January 25, 2014

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Your chances of dealing with a broken heart are far more likely than winning the lottery or getting into a car crash. At some point, almost everyone has dealt with a harsh breakup. Some people are lucky enough to avoid a breakup, but everyone else needs to learn the different tips to keep their sanity while their heart heals.

No Contact with the Ex

If you have broken up with someone, nothing will change the fact that the relationship is over. Instead of drunk texting or leaving sobs over a voice mail message, you have to cut off all contact with them. Your ex is starting to move on with their life and you have to as well. If you can avoid seeing them, you should do so. Individuals who are taking a class or working with their ex do not have to strenuously avoid them, but you do not have to go out of your way to talk to them.

Don’t Ask Friends About an Ex’s Movements

Friends and family members may try to provide constant updates about your ex’s movements. Your friends may naturally want to tell you about how terribly an ex is doing or where they saw them at, but this will not help you to heal. The best thing that you can do is to avoid thinking about your ex. Try having a girls day instead and make it a rule that your ex is not discussed.

Try Out New Activities

After a breakup, you may find it impossible to pick up your life again. New academic programs or fitness classes can help change your mentality. In addition to providing a source of brightness in your day, these new classes can distract you from the past. You will be able to meet new people who have no connection with your ex.

Moving On

Your ex has moved on and it is time for you to do so as well. It may be difficult, but it is up to you to move past the pain of a breakup. There are other men and women out there who are the right one. When you are ready, start playing the field and move on. In some cases, your breakup may be questionable. Your partner may have said that they just want a break or tried to keep their options open for the future. To truly move on, you have to get your ex to say that the relationship is completely over.

Avoid Sappy Love Songs

For the first day or week after a breakup, it is totally normal to crank up the love songs and spend the night alone with a carton of ice cream. If this goes on for more than a week, you need to turn off the music and get outside. Turn off the radio when sad songs come on and switch to upbeat tunes.

Let Go of Negative Thoughts

Following a breakup, you may see everything in a negative light. It may feel like nothing is worth the effort, and you no longer want to leave the house. From meditation to yoga, you can start to get rid of negative energy. There are people close to you who love you and want to help. Try focusing on the positive and distract yourself from negative thoughts.

Feeling Sad is Normal

Although you want to focus on positive thoughts, it is perfectly normal to feel sad. You may go through a range of emotions after a breakup like sadness or fury. Accept that sadness is a part of life and let it out. Avoid letting a breakup and your feelings dictate your entire life.

Talk it Out

During a breakup, it is easy to feel like you are entirely alone in the world. In reality, almost everyone else has gone through the same feelings. You can try discussing your feelings with a close friend or family member. If you are not comfortable talking with a friend, there are always therapists available who can help. Through talking with someone else, you can release the stress that you have been feelings and possibly receive some excellent advice.


Get Rid of the Drinks

It is far too easy to spend your night alone with a bottle of wine after a breakup. Although a glass is fine, any more alcohol will only lead to problems. You may feel temporarily better during the night, but will have a splitting headache by the morning. Alcohol also has a tendency to depress the mood following a night out, so a few glasses of wine will only end up making depression worse.

Help Another Personal

When volunteering at a food bank or helping a grandparent, it is far harder for you to focus on your own problems. Other people have dealt with far worse than you have. With the end of your relationship, you finally have a chance to give back and help others.


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