10 Ways to Be More Feminine

By on January 20, 2015

I think most men are convinced that every woman on earth is born with utmost femininity and that being feminine and dainty doesn’t have to be achieved or earned, it’s just given. And while they may be true for some women out there, it’s not true for all of us. Sound like you? Well, if you’re ready to tap into your inner lady and bring out the more feminine side of your style, then you need to check out these 10 (really easy) ways to be more feminine.

2d3e6d1283c5b69a3222e4ab17ddaad41. Wear Clothes that Contours to Your Figure

Every woman is given a gorgeous body, whether you’re on the skinny side with narrow hips and a round bottom or on the larger side with a full figure that could kill. There’s literally no two bodies that are exactly the same, and that’s why it’s YOUR job to go out there and find clothing that works with your figure. Remember: keep it classy and feminine. Don’t show too much skin, but make sure your clothes are hugging in all the right areas. Make sure your clothing actually fits you right and isn’t too loose or too baggy. You want to show off those curves!

2. Wear Some Makeup

No, you absolutely do not need to wear makeup to be beautiful. In fact, there is nothing more feminine then showcasing your natural beauty and the natural look is one of the hottest makeup trends right now. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t add a little dash of makeup to enhance your best spots. For instance, if you have killer cheek bones, think about adding a little bit of blush to really show off that lovely bone structure. On the other hand, if you have big beautiful eyes, consider applying a little bit of eyeliner and mascara to really give those eyes an alluring boost.

9884564ceafc0554edc73a2bad675d6a3. Add a Few Accessories

There’s something so cute and feminine about accessories. I mean, you don’t see men walking around with frilly pink scarves or dangling silver earrings, right? If you want to dig deep into your feminine side, consider adding a few accessories to your outfit. Don’t go crazy, though! A little headband to complete your hairstyle or a few bracelets and rings to glitter and glam will do the trick

4. Take Care of Yourself 

Being feminine doesn’t mean you have to be perfect, but a feminine lady will always take time to make sure she takes cares of herself. This means taking a few extra minutes in the shower to apply conditioner or make sure your legs are shaved. It means spending some time to paint your nails and apply some lotion for silky smooth skin. Last but not least, always squirt a few splashes of your favorite perfume before hitting the town.

9aaa8b21bd1626774dfb3754ac99a4ea5. Fix Your Hair

I’m not saying you have to spend an hour in front of the mirror to get your hair to be perfect, and I’m definitely not saying you have to pull off that super crazy (yet totally awesome) braided hairstyle you saw on Pinterest last week. All I’m saying is, keep your hair looking nice. Make sure it’s brushed and you get it cut often. If you’re a gal who colors her hair, make sure you get that done as often as possible as well. (If you want extra feminine points, feel free to add some graceful curls!)

6. Be Graceful and Charming

A feminine woman has a way with words. She is graceful and delicate, and always seems to have a beautiful smile on her face. In fact, that soft smile is exactly what sweeps gentlemen off their feet. To achieve a graceful and charming attitude, try to smile as often as possible and work on having a more dainty and delicate strut- and yes, I said strut; because a feminine woman doesn’t just walk clumsily by. She takes great care in the way she is perceived and will ensure she looks flirty and cute even when she struts past. Last but not least, try to keep the sailor mouth at home. Cussing and yelling is the opposite of femininity.

b3c455a1d2336af1b88833fa1f137e787. Have a Playful Side

Don’t get femininity confused with conceitedness (you’d be surprised how many people get the two of these confused!). A conceited woman would be ‘too cool’ or ‘too hot’ to be playful and silly; she’d think it’s absolutely preposterous. But a feminine lady knows that it’s a-okay to have a good time and be silly once in awhile. After all, she’s smiling all the time already, right? Might as well have some fun!

8. Work on Manners

Feminine ladies are just that- ladies– and they know how to act like one. They have manners and will always use them, even when people don’t deserve it. A feminine woman can conserve her anger and always be polite, even in the worst situations.

983059266872292e6f5b4c331c69f1799. Innocently Flirt

A feminine woman has this certain way of flirting with a man that makes his cheeks rosy and halts his breath. Maybe it’s the way she uses her breathy, dainty voice to tell the compliment, or maybe it’s the utter smoothness of the compliment that drives him wild. Whatever it is, girls, if you want to achieve that femininity, you need to learn the art of INNOCENTLY flirting. That means sending him a compliment along with a cute little smile. Nothing raunchy or overboard, just a, “That shirt looks wonderful on you, John”, or something along those lines.


There is no other way to put it. A feminine woman has confidence. FIND that confidence, and hold onto it dearly. It’s a crucial element to achieving femininity. After all, without confidence, you will have a rather hard time wearing form fitting clothes outside in public and having a flirty and playful conversation with those around you, right? Even if you start out slow, take some time every day to find something that you LOVE about yourself. And stop putting yourself down!

Good luck, ladies! What’s your tip to being more feminine?


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