10 Ways to be Attractive to Men

By on December 12, 2013

Girls, you can attract a lot of men if you ignore these tips, but they will be the wrong type of men. If you want good decent men who will love you, respect you, and treat you well, heed this advice.

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Be yourself. Men want to know that the person they are dating now will be the same person they marry and live with five years down the road. Do not put on an act and try to be someone you are not. No matter how good you are at it, over time you will grow tired of the mask and it will come off- and the shock to you and your partner may be more than they can stand. So be yourself from the start and if they are the one for you they will love you as you are.

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Talk even if you’re shy. It is important to communicate with your partner, whether you are dating or already married. As long as there are open lines of communication you can work through your problems. The more you share and get to know each other the better you can gauge if you are right for each other.

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Don’t play games. Believe it or not men do not like it when you play hard to get. They do not like cryptic messages and mind games. Men are straightforward and direct and they want the same thing in the women they date. Be honest and never use deception on your man.

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No cheating, ever. Cheaters have a reputation and it follows them. If you are known as a cheater you may get guys to date you but chances are, they are not the decent guys you really want for a partner. If you are serious about getting into a relationship with someone have enough respect for them to stay committed to them. If you want to end the relationship then tell them so- do not cheat on them!

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Be modest in dress. Guys like to look at boobs and enjoy a woman’s looks, but that does not mean you should show it all off all the time. If you show up to the first date in an outfit so revealing that it might as well be lingerie, you can scare a guy off. Dressing in an overly revealing way will get you all the wrong sorts of attention- so be modest and have some respect for yourself.

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Be positive not negative. No one wants to spend a date, let alone years in a relationship, with someone who does nothing but complain. Even if you are more of a pessimist than an optimist, try to avoid complaining too much. If you do have something bad to say or something to complain about, try to do it in a better fashion and also find some good things to say too. Men want someone who makes them feel good, not someone who will bring them down.

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Let him make some decisions. Men like to be leaders but they may also try to be gentlemen and let you take control and make the choices. Show that they matter to you and that you care about their opinions and feelings and thoughts. Ask their opinion on where to go for dinner, find out how they feel about the movie you want to go see, and see what they think about your weekend plans. Keeping the guy involved will keep the two of you together and will also keep you both much happier.


Don’t be too clingy. No one likes to feel suffocated, so do not be clingy with your man- especially early on in the relationship. You both need space, and even many married couples will tell you that they still need some alone time now and then. Do not take it personally if your guy says no to one date now and then because he had plans with the guys. He deserves some time to himself now and then, and so do you.


Don’t rush things. Few things will scare a guy away quicker than a girl who moves too fast. The first date, or even the 5th for that matter, is not the place to talk about the family you want to have, the house you will buy, what you want to name your kids, and things like that. Take it slow and take it one step at a time. You both need to get to know each other better before you commit and conversations like these need to be saved for later in the relationship.


Be nice. Everyone wants someone who is nice to them and to others and who is nice to be around. Do all that you can to be that sort of person and you will find the right kind of guys attracted to you. A sweet and kind personality can go a long way in helping you find Mr. Right.


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