10 Tips to make your boyfriend happy everyday

By on December 16, 2013


1. Ask for his help and take it when offered

A man wants and needs to feel needed. It is in a man’s hard wiring to take care of the woman he loves. He wants to feel like you need him so let him help you. Ask for his help and gladly and thankfully accept it. You can do things yourself but letting your man help you too is a big boost for him.


2. Give him compliments that are real

Compliments are great but they need to be real for them to be effective. Saying his hair looks great when he just got out of bed is an obvious lie. Telling him the shirt looks fine when it I wrinkled and too big for him will not work. Be honest with compliments, even if that means they are very simple. Tell him his eyes look brighter, remind him how much you love his smile, and things like that. Compliments need be real and heartfelt for them to be effective and bring a smile to your man’s face.


3. Hug and kiss him for no reason

Nothing says thank you and I care like walking up behind your guy, throwing your arms around his neck and saying I love you and kissing his cheek. You probably would like it if he did that to you right? So return eh favor and watch him smile, knowing you are making him happy.


4. Keep him first when other guys are around

Everyone looks at other people, it is when we stare, and drool, ogle, and start thinking about them that it becomes a problem. Some guys are very jealous or very insecure. So if other guys are around, make sure your guy know they are nothing compared to him. Let him know that even if young look at a guy walking by, he has nothing on him and that you still love him first and foremost. Your guy will appreciate that.

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5. Make an honest attempt to like his friends

Guys at times feel forced to like their girl’s group of friends and often times their guy friends get ignored. To make your guy happy make an honest attempt top like them and get along with them. Have them over for game night and try watching the game with them. Play card one night together. Even if they annoy you remember they make your guy happy and if you can get along with them he will be even happier.


6. Little things can make him smile

Don’t forget that even the smallest things in life can bring a smile to someone’s face. Making his favorite meal as a surprise one night, letting him watch the game instead of that romantic movie you wanted to see, washing his favorite shirt so it is ready for that job meeting tomorrow, even snuggling on the couch- all these things can make your man smile and chances are it will bring a smile to your face too.


7. Be the one to resolve disagreements

This does not mean take the blame for everything. What it does mean is make an effort to be the one to make the first move. If neither of you are talking because of an argument be the first to break that silence and start talking it out and working it out. Even if he was at fault, forgive him and be the one to start tearing down the wall that came up between the two of you. The longer the fight goes on the more damage gets done, so make that move. You can even motivate him to the one to move first next time.


8. Don’t forget to say I love you

The longer you have been together the easier it is to forget those three little words that first brought you together. Saying I love you is a quick way to make you both smile. Whether it is whispered in his ear as he hugs you before heading to work, or said out loud in bed, those three words can do so much to keep the happiness and the romance going in your relationship.


9. Leave love notes now and then

Love notes are a great way to make your man smile. Post It notes are great for little I love you messages. You can put one on the mirror in the morning so he will see it when he shaves. A popular place to his a love note is in his lunch so he sees it in the middle of the day when things might be getting tough for him. Get creative with your notes and where you leave them, your man will appreciate it, and who knows-maybe he will start doing the same for you!

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10. Let him make decisions for you at times

This does not mean let him push you around and rule over you, but it does mean to sometimes surrender control and let him be in charge. Let him make plans for the date one time. Let him decide what to do for dinner. Whatever he chooses go along with it- even if it is not your favorite thing. How many times has he smiled and gone along with your plans when they weren’t his cup of tea? Do the same for him and you will show you really do love him and that will being a smile to his face!

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