10 Tips To Get Rid Of Under Eye Puffiness

By on August 10, 2013

At one point or another all woman look in the mirror to find a puffiness under their eyes, these are under-eye bags that most would really rather not have. The puffiness is caused by fluid retention and is easily seen most under eyes due to the fact that the skin around our eyes is some of the thinnest skin on our bodies. These ‘bags’ are caused by allergies, smoking, consuming alcohol, genetics, a cold, sinus infections, excessive crying, sleeping on your stomach or side and even eating salty foods can be strong factors. So how do you get rid of these bags once they’ve appeared? Here are 10 fantastic tips to try out:

1. Drink! No, not a mimosa at brunch or cosmopolitans with your girls at the club, drink water and LOTS of it. Stay away from alcohol for a while and drink a ton of water to flush out the fluid that’s hanging out under your eyes. Usually, puffiness can be a sign that your kidneys are overworking themselves. Your kidneys are what gets rid of the toxins in your body and  they may not be getting enough water passing through them if you have puffy under-eyes. Drinking water can certainly get things moving correctly again.


2. Cosmetic creams specially made for puffy eyes. There are plenty out there from the drugstore to your most elegant beauty store in town. They’re everywhere! Don’t hesitate to try this out because, you never know, it might work. Just make sure you don’t cause more problems for your eyes by using something that may cause irritation. Check the label, ingredients and even look up some online reviews of a product before you purchase it to make sure it works.

A woman applying cream under her eye

3. If your puffiness also has irritation on the skin, try cucumbers. Cucumbers are one of the most popular and well heard of ways to get rid of those annoying under-eye bags. This is easy enough, just take chilled cucumber slices and place them over your eyes. This can reduce swelling caused by irritation. This vegetable has a calming effect on irritated skin. Apply them anywhere from 5-20 minutes.


4. Sleep with your head elevated. This will keep fluid from building up under your eyes. If you sleep on your stomach or side and find yourself waking up with super puffy eyes, then you may want to at least try sleeping with en extra pillow to prop your head up. This may be hard, because most of us flop like little fishes when we sleep, but give it a try anyways!


5.  All in all, if your bags are genetic there’s not much to do about them. However, you can buy under-eye concealers that will hide those bags by blending them more into your skin. Make sure you use a concealer that completely matches your skin tone, because using a darker shade may make them more noticeable.


6. Surgery or a non-surgical procedure can reduce swelling and puffiness under eyes. Getting an eye-lift is expensive and takes a few weeks of painful recovery, but it can have a good outcome at times and last a long time. Or you can opt to have a dermatologist quickly inject a filler into the bags and the puffiness will fade. Doing option two doesn’t last as long, though.


7.  Take an antihistamine. That’s a medicine that you can get over the counter for allergies. Allergies can cause under-eye puffiness and irritation. Also, make sure you check out what you are applying on your face and make sure that nothing you are using is causing an allergic reaction. These things may include moisturizer, eyeliner, face-wash, etc.


8. Reduce or quit smoking.  Smoking is well-known to cause poor circulation and that can include under the eyes. There are vessels under your eyes that may be affected by smoking. Generally, quitting smoking or even reducing will help circulation not only there, but all over your body and improve many aspects of your health.


9.  Anything cold will help! Cold compresses, masks, spoons, cold water, really, just anything cold will help circulate fluid under your eyes better and also reduce swelling. To have these things be effective, make sure you are applying them everyday and maybe even multiple times a day for 5-20 minutes.


  10. Get yourself checked out by a doc. Why? Well, if you haven’t had any of the problems mentioned above and you still have long-lasting puffiness under your eyes, you may have some sort of underlying condition. Kidney problems or thyroid issues can cause extreme fluid retention in under-eye area. This is rare, but if you try everything you can to rid of these bags and they still stick around, get checked out for peace of mind.


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