10 Tips on how to get a guy in 10 days

By on December 15, 2013

There are many different things you need to keep in mind when looking for a guy. Aside from your list of must haves and must not haves, you need to take a careful look at yourself. Many men say that the thing that chased them away from a particular girl was something she did or said, or didn’t say or do that they felt was important and ended up being a deal breaker for them. So take a look through this list and find out what you need to focus on and keep in mind as you look for your Mr. Perfect. See what areas you need to work on and pay a little more attention to so it can be easier to find that guy of your dreams!


Be Yourself

If you really want to find a guy who could be your happily ever after match, then you need to be yourself. You want a man to love you for who you are. Be yourself! You may lose some guys along the way but it I worth it to find your Mr. Right.


Be a Good Listener

Everyone wants to feel important and of worth and one of the best ways you can show your guy he is important is to shut up and listen to him. Many men complain that they cannot find a girl who can stop talking and just listen to them now and then. Don’t always make it about you, make sure you take time for your guy too.


Watch Your Attitude

A bad attitude will scare any guy away and a good attitude will bring them to you. Be happy and upbeat, try not to complain too much, and be friendly. You want your guy to spend time with you but that is not going to happen if you are a bitter, angry, vengeful, arrogant, or grumpy type of gal.


Be Sweet and Caring

Never underestimate the power of the little things. Showing you care about your guy can be as simple as bringing him soup when he is sick, writing him a card when you hear he got some bad news the other day, and any other little things that can show him you are thinking about him and want to help him feel better.


Don’t be a Crowd Follower

Some men are very attracted to a gal who stands out from the crowd. They want someone who will think for herself and not just be a crowd follower. Show your unique style and tastes, even if they are not popular or the ‘in; thing to do. It might just grab your guy’s attention.


Take the Lead at Times

Likewise, some men find it attractive when the woman is the one who takes the initiative in the relationship. So be the first to lean in for the kiss, or be the one to ask for that date Saturday night. Your guy may be shy and need a little help so be the one to step up to the plate.


Give Him His Freedom

No man likes to feel like he is suffocating. There is an important balance between being caring and concerned and being smothering. Make sure your guy still has his freedom. Let him know it is ok if he says no to a date one night because he has other plans or just wants some down time alone. We all need our ‘me time’ so be sure he gets some too!


Don’t Appear Desperate

A major turn off for guys is a girl who comes across as being desperate for attention. No man wants to be the rebound after a break up or the one you settle for because you just have to have a boyfriend. When you come across as being so desperate for a boyfriend, chances are you will end up chasing away every guy you come on to.


Be Trustworthy

A man needs to be able to trust you, just as you want to be able to trust him. It is a two way street and it essential for any relationship to be a success. When a guy feels that he can trust you, he will be more open to you and much more likely to want to pursue a relationship with you.


Be Supportive

Men are strong and tough yes, but they also need support. They need to know that you will stand with them in their endeavors. Do not talk down to them about the dreams and goals. Work with them to develop the best plans for success so you both can have a more enjoyable time together.


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