10 Tips For Approaching A Guy (And Making A Success Of It!)

By on December 12, 2013

Approaching guys is never easy. You’re stomach is tying itself in knots, you can’t stop fidgeting and you’re feeling insanely nervous to say the least. And then you have all the scenarios of how it could go wrong running in your heard too, just to confuse things even more.

Never fear though for I’ve created a foolproof list of a mix of tips and tricks to help you get from that first hello to the first date.


Approach Him As A Friend

This will give you a chance to get to know him better if you don’t already. If you hit it off an he immediately asks you out then great but, if you can, take things slow. There’s no sense in rushing into a relationship with a guy you hardly know as chances are it could turn out badly and he might not be the person you thought he was.


Confidence, Confidence, Confidence!

Whether you’re feeling it or not, confidence is key. Guys love a girl who is sure of herself and can hold her own. Stride up to them with a smile on your face, even if your heart is beating wildly inside of you, and watch them fall head over heels for you.


Use A Ruse

If you truly are lost for words and finding your confidence seems impossible, try approaching him for reasons other than flirting with him. Perhaps you could ask him to lift something for you or ask him for directions. Once you’ve started talking it will be much easier to direct the conversation where you really want it to go without having to jump in at the deep end.


‘Shy Bairns Get Nowt’

This is a common expression that I grew up with which, if you need it translated, essentially means you won’t get anything if you don’t ask for it. Chances are, if you haven’t really spoken to whoever you have your eye on yet, your crush might not even have considered you as a possible girlfriend. I’m not trying to be mean, it’s just the truth. Relationships, a bit like life, are about going after what you want, not sitting around and hoping for the best. Make the first move!


Remember To Smile

This is perhaps the most important thing on the list. If you let yourself be too nervous or shy to even smile then you’ll get nowhere. Would you be attracted to a guy who never smiled and showed his fun side? No, you wouldn’t, which means the same goes for him too. Just relax a little, he wont bite.


Have Something Ready To Say

Whether you plan on jumping in at the deep end and asking him on a date or are planning on starting small with a ‘hi, how are you?’, just be sure you know what you’re going to say ahead of time. It’s a horrible feeling when you finally get the courage to approach the guy you like and then find yourself standing before him like a fish because you’re lost for words.


Take An Interest

Following on from the last tip, it’s great if you know what things he likes and can take an interest. It’s especially great if you find out that the pair of you share a common interest like movies or sports too. He’ll be ever more attracted to you knowing that he has something in common with you and that you care about what he likes. One tip however, don’t be creepy. Internet stalking and hounding his friends is not advised. If you can’t find out what he likes easily before you approach him, just be sure to ask as soon as you do.


Compliment Him

Even the shyest of people love to be complimented and I’m betting your crush is no different. I’m not suggesting that you give him a monologue of what’s great about him, just say something simple like complimenting his hair or clothes. It’s easy for you to do and it will make him feel good while cluing him into the fact that you like him.


Make Eye Contact

Again, we’re going back to confidence. Making eye contact is absolutely essential if you want him to notice you. Smile while you do it and give him ‘the look’. This is another key way to let him in on the fact you like him. This way you’ve still made the first move by approaching him but, if you’re a little shy, it leaves the ball in his court to make the next one.


Approach Him Alone (And When He’s Alone)

If it’s just the two of you, this should minimise any nerves you have. It will be just you and him, there will be none of your friends to giggle and say something embarrassing and none of his to distract him.


I hope these tips help whether you’ve met the guy you’re planning on using them on or are still looking. Just remember to be confident and show off that fabulous smile of yours and you’re set!


(All images courtesy of Pinterest.com)