10 Third Date Tips

By on January 2, 2014

Did you know that the third date can really be the deciding factor between ‘just friends’ and ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’? It’s true, many relationships make it or break it in the third date. Check out these 10 third date tips to make sure you have a great night and land your dream man.


1. Don’t Tell Him Too Much

One classic mistake many woman make on date number three is getting comfortable and disclosing too much personal information and baggage. While the woman might think this is enhancing their bond for a closer future, it is actually doing quite the opposite. Knowing your baggage this early in the game is a definite turn off for 99% of men. At this stage, men are still trying to decide whether he wants to pursue a future with you and are forming their opinions of you. Don’t let his opinion go from great to bad by telling him too much to soon. Leave your baggage and personal flaws for later in the game.

2. Don’t Get Insecure

In the beginning, when things were fresh and new, you may have come across as a very secure woman, not worrying about when you’d see him again or if he was involved with anyone else. But by the third date, a lot of woman become interested to the point of clingy and needy. Don’t be this woman. Maintain your security with dignity and keep your cool. If he wants to continue seeing you, he’ll let you know. Don’t beg for another date or continuously ask him if he’s seeing someone else or how much he likes you. This will surely turn him off.


3. Don’t Sleep With Him

So, two dates down and the third one is about to close. The two of you have had an absolutely perfect time and he may even be the ‘one’. But this is surely no reason to hop into bed with him. In fact, doing so this early in the game can completely ruin your chances for a serious relationship. The best advice? Wait! Keep him wanting more every time you leave him, and you won’t have the problem of him thinking your easy or him getting bored of you.

4. Choose a Casual Setting

You’ve probably done something formal and something adventurous on your first two dates. Let your third date be something completely cool and casual, where the two of you can just really have fun and continue learning about each other. Perhaps lunch at the local deli? A walk in the park with ice cream cones?

5. Talk About the Future (Without Looking Needy)

If you’re both having a wonderful time and feel a real connection, you might want to dip into the future a bit. Simply asking him where the two of you are going on your next date and seeing his reaction is a great way to find out whether or not there really IS a future. Remember not to appear needy, though.


6. Don’t Treat Him Like Your Boyfriend- Yet

At this point, woman will oftentimes start treating their potential mate like a boyfriend- holding hands constantly, giving him hugs and kisses, rubbing his arms and chest- you know, the whole boyfriend and girlfriend thing. But it’s important to remember that he’s not your boyfriend just yet, and you should definitely save this type of affection till after the two of you are official.

7. Flirt, Flirt, Flirt!

While you don’t want to be overly affectionate, you still need to keep your flirt on. You may even think about a little dirty talk- as long as it’s done in a fun, flirty sort of way that isn’t taken too seriously.

8. Don’t Hold Back

If you appeared shy or uncomfortable on the first two dates, now is your time to become relaxed and let him into your personal space a bit (of course, remembering not to disclose too much information). Let him know a little bit more about yourself, and try to remain calm at all times. He wants to see you are comfortable with him, so plenty of talking and laughing is a must.

9. Keep Things Interesting

If you bore him by the third date, chances are the two of you won’t have a successful future. Unless there is truly no connection between you and him, there is no reason why the date shouldn’t be fun and engaging. Don’t be overly shy or afraid to speak up. Nobody wants to talk to a brick wall- especially on a date.


10. Show Him a Different Side of You

If you were a shy girly girl on the first date, then why not show him a different side of you- perhaps your tomboy, tough side- on the third date? Without acting like an entirely different person altogether, show him your well rounded and don’t just care about hair and makeup, but also about the football game that evening. (Of course, remember not to be pretend to be something you’re not).


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