10 Things To Do on Valentine’s Day

By on February 2, 2015

Valentine’s Day is all about spending time with the one you truly love. But if you’re stuck on ideas on how to spend it, it may seem like a Valentine’s Day headed for a romantic disaster. Have no fear! We’ve come up with 10 awesome ideas on fun and totally sweet things to do with your partner on Valentine’s Day.


1. Go Out to a Fancy Restaurant

If there is one date idea that never fails, it’s of course going out to a fancy restaurant. Everyone loves to get all dressed up in their finest apparel and go hand in hand into one of the finest establishments in town, only to be greeted with impeccable service and delightful dishes that quench your taste buds and keeps you full for hours. Just make sure you call ahead of time for reservations; the fanciest of restaurants are bound to be full to the brink on Valentine’s Day, and you want to make sure you get your spot.

2. Go on a Vacation

A romantic get away for two? Don’t mind if I two! Whether it’s a getaway to a cozy cabin up the woods or a thrilling vacation along the shores, you’re sure to have a remarkable weekend spending some on-on-one time with your lover. Go out and explore the town, check out the local hot spots, and of course save some time to just sit back, relax, and enjoy yourselves in the hotel room.

3. Do Something Outdoors

Some couples are more on the extreme side and love to spend their days outside. (Or maybe the two of your are just pure nature lovers who love the fresh air!) So, calling all my outdoor thriving couples: why stay in this Valentine’s Day? Just because it’s the most romantic day of the year doesn’t mean you have to be stuck indoors. Head out for a romantic picnic on the lake or go for a round of fun and exciting ice skating on the local rink. Take an even bigger risk and do something totally out of the norm, like sky diving or snowboarding. There’s virtually a limitless number of ideas you can do with your lover outdoors, so have at it!

4. Snuggle at Home

So maybe option number 3 doesn’t tickle your fancy. Maybe you and your significant other are the types of people who love to just relax at home and snuggle up with your favorite movie popped into the television and a big bowl of popcorn sitting between the two of you. And if that sounds like you, that’s totally okay. But try to do something with a little bit of Valentine’s Day flare this time, like renting a romantic DVD or baking some heart cookies together before you settle down in front of the fireplace. Whip up some hot cocoa or create a full-blown four course dinner for the two of you to share in the comfort of your home. (Who doesn’t love a home cooked meal by their partner!?)

5. Plan a Treasure Hunt

A good old fashioned treasure hunt is a wonderful idea for Valentine’s Day. It’s unique, thrilling, and all the time you spend planning the entire treasure hunt shows your partner just how much they mean to you. Plus they’ll have a BLAST following all of your clues to the big prize.


6. Get a Hotel Room

Sometimes it’s nice to get away without actually leaving the area, right? If you want to whip up something really romantic but are strapped for time, always consider heading to a local fancy hotel and renting a room for the two of you to share. If the hotel has room service, that’s a huge bonus. The two of you can simply relax and snuggle under the covers while delicious drinks and foods are delivered right to your day. It will be like going on vacation, without the three hour drive!

7. Bake Tasty Treats

I don’t know about you, but one thing I love about Valentine’s Day is the adorable treats! And no- I’m not talking about the heart shaped candy boxes filled with chocolates. I’m talking about the delicious handmade treats that are made by your one true love. I’m talking about those yummy cookies baked into adorable hearts, the brownies topped with pink, white, and red frosting, or the huge heart cakes with bright pink frosting and “I love you” written on top. Instead of just buying the treats for your lover, try baking them something or baking WITH them; because cooking with your significant other is ALWAYS a blast!

8. Go Dancing

Is there anything more romantic than dancing? (And no, I’m not talking about towering at the club). If you want to go the old school route this Valentine’s Day, consider taking your partner out for a night of slow dancing. Find a local spot that will be playing some super lovey-dovey slow music and spend the night arm in arm, staring into each others eyes while you sway back and forth to the music.

9. Reenact Your First Date

Super romantic idea, especially if you’ve been dating for quite some time. Seriously, if you decide to reenact your first date this Valentine’s Day, we guarantee tears of happiness streaming down your lovers face. I mean, that’s seriously. That’s just beyond romantic and is bound to melt anyone’s heart instantly. Just knowing that you actually remembered every detail of the first date is enough to send your partner into a romantic coma!

10. Pop the Big Question

There is virtually no better day than the most romantic day on earth to pop the big question. Yes you’ll be joined by thousands of other men and women who are proposing, but that’s only because it’s the absolute perfect day to do it. So, if you and your lover are ready to take a big leap in your relationship, we highly recommend planning this next Valentine’s Day to be the day you get down on one knee. Oh, and congratulations in advance 😉

What’s your favorite thing to do on Valentine’s Day?

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