10 Surprising Facts about Kissing

By on December 30, 2012

Kissing may seem like just a gentle act between two people but it is so much more than that. Back through the ages, kissing has been a form of expressing emotion to another person – would you know where this tradition came from? If you want to impress someone the next time you are making out with them, why not learn the 10 surprising facts about kissing?

  1. When you kiss someone, you can burn 26 calories for every minute, making it a great way to lose a few extra calories! That certainly does give you a reason to lock lips with your partner more often. This brings me nicely to my next fact…
  2. The average person spends around fifteen days of their entire life kissing. When you think about it that is like going on vacation for two weeks, once in your lifetime, and spending the entire time “snogging”
  3. In Ancient Roman times, people used to kiss to mark the signing of a contract between parties. This is actually where the kiss at the end of a wedding ceremony came from – the art of signing a contract through kissing, of love. That’s something to think about when you get married!
  4. Studies have taken place in their plentiful numbers over the years on the subject of kissing. In one experiment in particular, men were shown to be more fussy about who they kissed than who they had sex with, meaning that kissing really does mean more than sex!
  5. When you “pucker up” to kiss someone, you are using just two facial muscles. When you make out or “French Kiss” with someone, you are actually using 34. This is all of the muscles contained within your face. So, if you want to tone up that neck or help combat wrinkles, why not try making out with your loved one?
  6. The “French Kiss” term itself actually stems from the early 1920’s where the English believed the French to be a particularly amorous group of people. The kiss between true loved ones in France literally means the bringing together of two lover’s souls, which is why the tongue is used in this style of kiss.
  7. A special fun fact for the women out there – it IS possible to come to climax through kissing alone. There hasn’t really been a lot of investigation into this, but many women have claimed to be able to climax through a particularly hardcore session of making out – again, just another reason to kiss some more!
  8. You may think that your genital areas are the most sensitive part of the body, but in reality it is the lips. The skin covering your lips is up to a hundred times more sensitive than the skin found on your fingers, genitals and anywhere else on the body.
  9. When you kiss, you are cleaning your teeth at the same time. When you lock lips with someone, you increase the amount of saliva within your mouth, and this saliva helps to give the teeth a good deep clean.
  10. Final tips, and possibly one that you don’t really want to know – you can exchange between ten million and one billion bacteria when you kiss someone! Let’s just hope it’s the good bacteria!

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