10 Signs Your Boyfriend is Cheating

By on October 4, 2013

10 Signs Your Boyfriend is Cheating

You have that uneasy feeling in your stomach. You think your boyfriend might be cheating. Are you just being paranoid or is he truly being unfaithful? If any or all of these signs fit, don’t question your intuition, just go.


1. He Accuses You

If you have never given him any reason to doubt your fidelity and all of a sudden you find yourself defending your faithfulness to him, he might be cheating. This is the number one sign of unfaithfulness. The guilty party blames and accuses to take the heat off of him. Then, when you call him out on his cheating, he can claim that you are trying to turn the tables on him. I cannot emphasize this enough, if he starts accusing for no reason, he is cheating.


2. He Locks His Phone

If he has a lock on his phone and never lets it leave his sight, he might be hiding something. Chances are that thing he is hiding is another woman. Men who have nothing to hide will not lock down their phone tighter than Fort Knox. If he has always had a lock on his phone since before he met you, that might not be a reliable sign, but if it is a sudden thing, this is a red flag.


3. His Excuses are Detailed

He comes home late and his excuse is extremely detailed. “First there was a red car driven by an older lady blocking all lanes for 45 minutes because of a flat tire that took 4 guys to change. When they finally got the new tire on, the old one rolled out into traffic and it took 32 minutes to get it into her trunk.” People who are telling the truth omit unnecessary details. People who are lying throwing in every detail possible to make it seem like they are telling the truth. They overcompensate. If he says traffic was blocked, he might be telling the truth.


4. His Looks Changed Overnight

He decides to go for the clean-shaven look after years of saying he hated that, he grows his hair out but you’ve only ever seen it super-short, he starts wearing cologne or after-shave overnight, etc. People change their looks sometimes, but if it seems to be something he would never do or you think it’s more like he’s trying to impress someone, he might be cheating.


5. His Sex Drive Drastically Changed

Whether he starts having way more sex with you or way less sex with you for no apparent other reason, you should be suspicious. Cheaters who start having way more sex with their partner are doing it out of guilt and to overcompensate. Cheaters who starts having way less sex are doing it because they are getting it somewhere else. Ask yourself if there is any other reason his sex drive changed so much (such as due to medication or illness). If not, there is a reason; he’s cheating.


6. His Interests Changed

Did the man who used to make fun of pop music suddenly become the biggest Justin Bieber fan? Did his music taste change overnight by coincidence or because he is trying to impress someone else? Most likely it’s to impress someone else. In new relationships, people will branch out and try new things to impress their new love. If you aren’t his new love, he’s trying new things to impress someone else.


7. He Walks Away on Phone

If he walks away whenever he gets a phone call or text message, you should be very concerned. There is never an excuse for this behavior and it ALWAYS means he is hiding something. A man never has a good enough reason to hide his conversations. End of story. If he is just walking around on the phone, that’s one thing. If it is obvious that he doesn’t want you to hear, something is wrong….he’s probably cheating.


8. He Has a New Credit Card

If he has been discussing getting a new card for whatever reason and then lets you know that he decided to sign up, no big deal. If you stumble across a credit card that you knew nothing about, big problem. A cheating man will get a new credit card to have the ability to make purchases without your knowledge. He can easily hide a few bucks to pay the minimum payment. Hiding the purchases of dinners, presents, hotel rooms, etc gets harder to hide. If you find a mystery credit card, he’s more than likely cheating.


9. He Starts Going Over Cell Limits

Is he going over his minutes or message limits on his cell? Is this normal? If not, be worried. A man who suddenly starts talking on the phone more than ever or sending more texts than he ever has, is possibly cheating. If he is working on some business deal or has another valid excuse for his sudden phone usage, then you might want to do a little extra investigating. Check out the numbers on his bill. If they all correspond to his story, then you’re good. If not, you have some walking to do.


10. He Starts Working Late

The last one is such a cliché reason to be suspicious, but it’s the #1 lie that cheaters tell, so it’s a cliché for a reason. Thankfully this excuse is easy to check out. Call his work or drop by for a surprise. Bring him a meal to help out with his late night work. Doing this will either ease your mind or prove your suspicions and you won’t come across looking like a crazy girlfriend. Problem solved.

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