10 Signs of an Emotionally Unavailable Man

By on October 3, 2013

You think you can change him because you’re cute, because you’re nice, or because you are good in bed right? You can’t. He might change but only when he’s ready, not when you are. Personally, I’d say to just avoid this type of guy altogether, but stay and play the waiting game if you want. Here are some signs that he might be emotionally unavailable;


1. “I’m Not Ready For Commitment”

Guy say this all the time and instead of taking it at face value, the woman involved assumed that he doesn’t want commitment RIGHT NOW, but that he will soon. “I know if I just stick around long enough, he’ll come around!” No he won’t. He is emotionally unavailable and he probably won’t ever be…at least not for you. Cut your losses. Stop wasting your time with this one when you can give your energy to someone worthy.


2. You Haven’t Met Friends/Family

While this is okay in the beginning, if it’s been a reasonable amount of time and you still haven’t met anyone close to him, he is emotionally unavailable. Men in love and attached are excited to introduce you to their friends and family. They want your approval and also the approval of their loved ones. Unless there is a solid reason why you haven’t met anyone such as you both live across the country from them, move along. This is a major red flag.


3. Everything is in Your Name

You’ve moved in together and share everything but for whatever reason, everything is in your name alone. Now, if he has bad credit, it’s understandable to put things into your name AND his…not just yours. When he has nothing in his name, it gives him an easy out when he needs one. A man without emotional hang-ups has no problem putting things into his name as well.


4. He Never Buys Anything With You

Along with the previous sign, an emotionally unavailable man will never make any joint purchases. He will insist that everything be in one name or the other. Things will be divided into your things or his. Things such as televisions and other semi-big purchases will never be “ours” but instead one or the other. This too allows for an easy out when he needs one.


5. He Doesn’t Know You

If he never asks questions about you or attempts to get to know you on more than a superficial level, he is probably not emotionally available. A man like this will try to keep you distant to prevent both of you from falling in love. If you don’t go beyond likes and dislikes, it’s hard to REALLY be in love. If it seems like you aren’t going past the first date talk, he is probably doing that on purpose.


6. He Doesn’t Make Future Plans

Sure, years from now is hard to plan but a month or two in advanced isn’t too much to ask unless you’re a brand new relationship. An emotionally unavailable man will have problems making plans a week in advanced even. At first that spontaneous, spur of the moment dating will be exciting, but eventually life will kick in and you will want a relationship in which you can plan a date a month in advanced. Find that guy and lose the unavailable one.


7. He Doesn’t “Do” Labels

We’ve all met this guy. “I don’t like to put labels on us. Let’s just enjoy each other and the moment.” In reality, this guy doesn’t want to put labels on the two of you because he doesn’t want the responsibility of the relationship. You know, where he has to be respectful and thoughtful. He’s emotionally unavailable to you. Find a more mature man that will happily call you his girlfriend and eventually wife.


8. He Avoids Emotion

A man in love will have no problem discussing any emotion whether it be sad, mad, or disappointed. An emotionally unavailable man won’t discuss any kind of emotion. Thus; emotionally unavailable. Some men are better at talking about their feelings than others, but all men can talk a little. The man you want to avoid is the one who leaves without discussing anything.


9. He’s Unreliable

He breaks promises, he doesn’t call when he says, he forgets to do things, he forgets dates, etc. He is unreliable. This is a major sign of being emotionally unavailable. They might not seem related, but they are. An emotionally invested man doesn’t want to disappoint the love of his life. He doesn’t want to risk losing her trust. An emotionally unavailable man couldn’t care less. Find a man who is emotionally invested instead.


10. He Never Spends the Night

He might stay until 4 am, but he leaves before morning every single time. Never once has he spent the night has he? That’s because he can’t risk getting attached. If he treats you like a booty call, you’ll feel more like a booty call and less like a relationship. Any man who cares will spend the night. He will WANT to spend the night. Find that man. Lose the emotionally unavailable one.

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