10 Signs of a Good Relationship

By on January 26, 2014


The definition of a good relationship is seldom exact. Each couple is different and how they interact varies. In general, most long-lasting and caring relationships have some of the same things in common. If you and your partner have some of the following traits, you most likely have a strong relationship.

No Drama or Abuse

In a good relationship, drama and abuse almost never occurs. If both of you bring a stream of drama and fighting to the relationship, it will be impossible for you to truly relate to one another. In good relationships, partners support each other and provide assistance during difficult times. When you need an uplifting thought, your partner is always there to help.

Excitement and Chemistry Characterize Your Relationship

Even when you are occupied by other matters, your thoughts always stray to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Although you may have to spend time apart, both partners are constantly excited for the time you get to spend together. Your relationship possess a type of spark that is uncommon with other dates. Sex is not the defining part of a relationship, but a spark is a sign that your significant other could be a long-term partner.


You and Your Partner Respect Each Other

When you truly love and honor your partner, you also respect them. This attitude goes both ways. In a good relationship, each partner respects the other. If they are not respectful, it is a sign that the relationship is not a healthy one. When respect is not present at the onset of the relationship, it is unlikely to develop later on either.

Honesty Matters

A relationship has to be built on honesty. If a partner is caught in a small lie, they most likely have told other, larger lies and not been caught. You are trying to share your life with another person. For the relationship to be a good one, you have to be honest about everything in your life.

You Watch Out For One Another

If you are in love with your partner, you will do everything that you can to show it. Both partners will try to give each other a sense of security to show how much they care. This helps to improve the overall status of the relationship by making sure that partners feel safe. Once you feel safe in your relationship, you are able to communicate with each other and trust that your partner has your best interests in mind. By watching out for each other, you are able to develop a heightened sense of trust that is vital for long-term relationship success.

The Power Level is Equal

A common misconception is that one partner always loves more. This is far from the truth. In positive relationships, individuals have an equal balance of power. Neither person dominates the relationship or forces their opinion on a partner. When one partner does hold all of the power, it only leads to unpleasant discussions and negative emotions.

Compromise Is the Name of the Game

Arguments and bickering will occur in even the best of relationships. What matters is not the argument, but how you resolve it. Partners have to be able to compromise in a dispute and listen openly to their partner. Instead of attacking the other person, they have to calmly state their position and reasoning. When feelings heat up, the ability to compromise is the most important way to defuse a potential disaster.


Healthy relationships are characterized by stability. The individuals involved in the relationship are not afraid of the future and have reasonable expectations from the present. Unlike other parts of life, the romantic relationship is stable and seldom has any negative surprises.

You Have Fun and Truly Enjoy Your Time Together

Even partners who have been together for years should still have fun. You enjoy the time you spend with your significant other and feel that they are your best friend. In the time you have spent together, you possess some of your happiest memories. When relationships are stagnant, you should try to find fun activities or events to do together. Although having fun is a characteristic of a good relationship, this is one of the signs that you can personally change. If you are not having fun at the moment, you can change this.


The Relationship Does Not Create Happiness, It Adds to It

Individuals who are not happy with their life will not be able to attain happiness from a relationship. If you try to force your partner to be the entire source of happiness in your life, it will only add to your stress. For the relationship to work out, both partners have to be happy in their lives before they can achieve true happiness together. Although your relationship is stable and you can rely on your partner, you still have to be independent. Your relationship is an aspect of your life, but you should not rely entirely on your partner to be happy. Spend time with your friends and cultivating outside interests. If both partners have positive developments in other parts of their life, it allows them to be happy together without adding too much stress to the relationship.



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