10 Signs of a Good First Date

By on January 31, 2014


Your finally on your first date with that special someone. Between nerves and awkward moments, it can be impossible to tell how well the date is really going. Are you speaking too much? Is your date bored? Most importantly, will that second date be happening? Keep an eye out for some of these following indicators. If these signs are happening to you, there is an excellent chance that you are having a good first date.

The Date is Ongoing

If a date ends quickly and no one asks for a second date, it is a good sign that that the date was not a positive experience. Likewise, first dates that leave both of you lingering at the door and making excuses to hang around are a good sign. When your date is not searching for escape routes, your date was a good one.


They Focus Entirely on You

Some dates will make excuses to look at their phone or check important emails. If they focus entirely on you, your first date is going well. In addition, they avoid topics like ex girlfriends or former relationships. If your date is talking about their past girlfriends, they are either comparing you unfavorably or are still stuck in the past.

They Make Excuses to Touch You

Your date may graze your hand or touch your shoulder during a date. Research has shown that this is a sign of interest. They want to be close to you and their body language shows it.


Your Date Remembers Things About You

Whether you met online or at college, your date remembers the details you have exchanged. They may ask about a class you are taking or remember that you like to cook gourmet meals. If they are going out of their way to remember details and information about you, it is a sign that they care.

Sex Is Not Offered

Dates that push for sex on the first date are never the guys you want to stay with. The right guys will be willing to wait until the second, third or fourth dates to bring up sex. If your love interest wants sex on the first date, they are not looking for love. Take it as a sign that their interest is only short-term—or they want a late night booty call. Unless you are interested in this as well, you should avoid these guys.


How Are They Sitting?

A date who likes you will learn forward while you speak and show interest in what you are saying. If they lean away from you and avoid to make eye contact, it is a sign that the date is not going well. Watch their body language and learn how to interpret what it means.

Blushing and Laughter

First dates can be nerve wracking. When someone is interested in you romantically, they may feel nervous and blush frequently. Likewise, they will laugh at your jokes. Any compliments you make may be met awkwardly or with blushing cheeks. Other body language like wetting their lips or taking second glances at your body are a sign of physical attraction. When someone is interested, they will start to subconsciously copy your behavior. If you move forward, they will move forward. When your voice drops, their voice will fall as well. This occurs as a subconscious effort to connect on an emotional and mental level during the date.

Making Plans

The first date is not the time to get married or move in together, but a good date will result in some plans for the future. You may mention a hike that you wanted to go on and your date will offer to take you. They may also mention favorite restaurants or outings in the hopes that you want to go with them. If your love interest is already making plans for a second date, your first date is a success.


Similarities Matter

You can have the best first date in the world, but your relationship will fail if you do not have things in common. During your conversation, your date may become excited by all of the things that you guys have in common. You may share the same favorite movies, hobbies or concerts. When you have things in common, it makes it easier for you to connect and a second date is more likely. In the future, commonalities will help ensure that you have a successful relationship.

Comfort Zones

When two people are interested in each other, they will sit close together or walk next to each other. Although some people have a large comfort zone, a close proximity is normally a sign of interest. Your date may also tell you that they are having a good time or mention how much fun they are having. If they bring this up without being asked, it is a sign that they are truly enjoying the date.


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