10 Signs He Wants You Back

By on October 9, 2013

Guys are very hard to read after a break-up. They often hold their feelings in to prevent what could be a rejection from your end. If they play it cool and you turn them down, oh well. They acted like they didn’t care anyway. It’s a game, but one played well by guys to protect their heart. How can a girl tell how her ex feels? There are a lot of small and subtle clues. He will basically be screaming that he wants you back, but in little actions instead of words. If any of these ten signs fit, you can guarantee that he wants you back;


Questions New Relationships

If your ex asks about new relationships or new guys in your life, this is a very good sign if you are interested in getting him back. He is trying to see if you have moved on. If a guy doesn’t have feelings anymore, he couldn’t care less if you are with anyone or not. If he asks, he’s wanting you back.

He Talks to Your Friends

If your friends tell you that your ex has been talking to them more and more (and especially if he asks about you), he probably wants you back. Mutual friends are one thing, but people that were specifically your friends are a very important clue that he wants you back. If he didn’t, he would probably more try to avoid them all so he didn’t have the awkwardness that would ensure.

Accidental Run-Ins

Suddenly you start seeing him everywhere. This isn’t by chance. He is making excuses to run into you in hopes of starting up a conversation without looking desperate by contacting you specifically. He remembers where you used to go and he is making sure to show up there because he wants you back. If you are interested in getting him back, change up your routine to see if he still finds you.


 Gives You the Look

You know the look he used to give you before you broke up. There is no denying the look of a man in love and you spot it immediately when he looks at you. The look is probably a combination of admiration, lust, and happiness. Don’t mistake the look, he wants you back. He would avoid eye contact if he didn’t.

Avoids the Bad

If your ex wants you back, he will avoid all talk of any bad times or the break up itself. He does this to forget and to make you forget. This way, only the happy times are remembered. Consider it selective memory on his part, especially if he was mostly at fault and doesn’t want you associating him with that time.

Brings Up the Good

Instead of mentioning any unhappy memories, he will constantly bring up only good memories to try and reignite the flame. Chances are that the two of you had lots of good memories, at least in the beginning. He is choosing on focusing on those moments only to make you think you are missing out on only good memories.


Drunk Contact

They don’t call alcohol liquid courage for nothing. Drunk texts and calls mean that you are on his mind always but that he only has the confidence to text or call when intoxicated. Drunk contact is good because it allows him an out in the morning if you decline his advances. “I was really drunk!” He can claim that it was nothing more than the alcohol talking.

Mentions Inside Jokes

If he constantly texts, calls, and mentions all your inside jokes, he wants you back. Inside jokes are “your inside thing” and only the two of you would find them funny. A guy who doesn’t care anymore will avoid reminding you of them. This is a good sign. Bring up some inside jokes yourself and see his reaction as well.

Calls For Advice

If he cares still, he might call and ask for your advice. It is a subtle way of saying that he still values your opinion and wants to do what you think he should do. This advice could be about anything, but especially if he asks about whether or not to date other girls. He hopes you will say no. If you truly want him back, tell him to date them. It will drive him crazy.


Compliments You Often

“I like that shirt on you.” “You look really great lately.” “Those pants fit you great!” If your ex compliments you often, he is hoping to make you fall for him all over again. Flattery is never for no reason, especially from an ex. If he didn’t care, he wouldn’t chance making you fall for him. It wouldn’t be worth the nice words.


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