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    10 Signs He Wants To Marry You

    By on September 20, 2013

    Men are definitely  hard creatures to read and it can be challenging to figure out when the man in your life is ready to take that next big step. No, we’re not talking about moving in together or getting a cat- we’re talking about marriage. When you have been in a relationship for quite a bit of time, after getting to know your love pretty well, you may be able to pinpoint that something about him is different. But, it is not always that easy! So to help you lovely ladies out there figure out if your boyfriend is feeling pretty comfortable about putting a ring on that finger or if he is actually going to pop that question soon, here are 10 signs he wants to marry you:


    Sign #1.) Finances:

    Wedding rings and money

    A man ready for marriage might start suggesting that you, as a couple, should open up a joint bank account. He might ask you to go in on a car together or even start looking into actual houses to buy with you. Or, he is suddenly concerned with saving a lot of money and won’t explain why (it could be for a ring or a wedding!) These are major signs that your significant other is ready for more. He wouldn’t be taking such big steps of commitment if he didn’t plan on being with you for the rest of his life and sharing finances… And, who most commonly share finances? Married couples!

    Sign #2.) Children:


    Although he may not be ready just yet to actual have those mini-yous running around, he might bring it up often. He may joke about you and him having kids together or what your kids will be like and how you will raise them. If he is discussing and joking about having kids with you, then he really does plan on having that happen someday. Children are a big commitment to even just talk about. He most likely is ready kids, marriage and a  long-life with you when the time for each arises.

    Sign #3.) You Are It:


    You may hear a guy ready to get married start saying, “You are the one” or “You are the only one who….” Why? Your beau has stopped considering any other girl as an option for anything at all. That means he doesn’t plan on looking anywhere else to compare. You are the most important person in his life and he doesn’t plan on that changing. Can you hear the wedding bells? I can!

    Sign #4.) Family:


    Does your boyfriend invite you to all of his family get-together events, weddings, picnics or holidays? If he does, he already considers you a part of the family. He wants you to get to know his family and the people he loves and for them to get to know you. He may even want to tag-a-long to all of your family events and get to know your family, too! That is a definite sign of a marriage-ready lad.

    Sign #5.) Trust:


    Of course, even at the beginning of the relationship it is important to start developing trust. But, what I mean by trust is at a certain point, once a guy knows he wants to be with a girl forever, he will give his trust over to her completely without any hesitation. This means he will confide in you about almost anything, he’ll ask for your advice on important subjects, he’ll keep you informed on pretty much everything that he finds is important to him and he wants those important things to matter to you, too. He trusts your opinion and will take your word on anything over almost anyone else. Since most men are very prideful, they don’t usually completely take anyone’s advice unless based upon their judgement. But, with a girl who is wife-material, he may not even blink at anything you advise him to do.

    Sign #6.) Say Goodbye To Jealousy:

    the one

    Well, all men get jealous if they see something too suspicious going on with their women… but, when it comes to a man who is with the girl he wants to marry, like mentioned above, he will trust her completely. So, therefore, he won’t feel the need to be so jealous over little things. He will be more confident that you love him and would never do anything you shouldn’t, even if it is just flirting a little too much, he trusts you not to make bad decisions. So don’t get worried if your boyfriend doesn’t try to kill every man who looks at you! He may just have confidence in your relationship.

    Sign #7.) He Pushes Through It:


    Does your boyfriend hate sitting at the doctor’s office with you, waiting for your appointment? Does he absolutely dread going over to your sisters for lunch? Maybe he is always complaining about having to go to that pot-luck your neighbors throw? No matter what it is, once he realizes he wants you to be his to marry, he will suck it up and push through anything as long as it makes you happy. He may still complain about it and be a bit irked, but he will put his best foot forward to handle it by your side.

    Sign #8.) The Future Planning:


    A guy ready to pop that question any day now may always include you when he talks about his future plans. Whether it’s buying a new house, moving to a different city, getting a different job… etc. You may hear a marriage ready guy worrying about how any decision he makes in the future will affect you and how you feel about it, where you will be and how/if it will benefit you, too.

    Sign #9.) Sudden Changes:

    last one

    If he suddenly changes (in a good way!) and starts showing a lot more love, is going out of his way to do special things you like and is saying ‘I love you’ a ton more- he may be getting ready to pull out that ring. When a guy is about to propose he may start becoming slightly more clingy (again, in a good way) and showing you more attention than usual.

    Sign #10.) With Words:


    Has he asked you your ring size? Does he ever talk about what your dream wedding would be? Where? Does he bring up any factors of a wedding at all? If so, you can almost be definitely sure he is getting ready to get down on one knee!


    1. Caroline

      August 26, 2016 at 2:41 pm

      Apologies for this lengthy post but I’m confused and would appreciate some perspective. Little background first: I’ve known my guy friend for the last 3 years or so. We’re really close friends. In the last year or so people have asked me whether he’s my husband or if we’re an item. In the last 2 months he’s started carrying my sportsbag without me having 2 ask, recently invited me to 1 of his club’s major annual events due in 2 weeks’ time, we make eye contact during conversation, sometimes coupled with stares, he’ll gently rub my back (again nowadays with a goodbye hug), he would try to make me laugh, we’d share personal info of our lives, whenever I ask hin a favour nothing seems too much effort, we’re protective of each other, he recently send me text starting with “morning beautiful” and before that used the phrases “my dear” & “my girl” in separate conversations over the phone, he told me he wants to come & support me during important sporting events, but have noticed him sounding disappointed when things doesn’t work out that he can attend such events.
      However my confusion emanates from the fact that I’ve told earlier this month that I’ll out of town 4 a few months to get back on my feet & myself sorted. He asked me how long I’ll be gone & whether I’m coming back or not. I told him I’ll be coming back & I don’t want our friendship to end when I’m gone. He said we’ll regular contact via phone. What makes me wonder was him telling me “Maybe I’ll find the man of my dreams” when I’m gone and that he’s got to check his finances but can possibly come to visit of December holidays, which will probably mean him spending time with me & my family. With latter he later asked me how long he’ll need to visit. He also told me that no matter how long it takes 4 me to get myself sorted he just doesn’t want me to come back being worse off than what I’m currently. Even more surprising was my father asking me day be4 yesterday what if he wants to propose (I mean my parents stay 15 hr’s drive away from me & my friend). It’s just funny that I’ve different people independent from one another mentioning either “husband” or “proposing/proposal” within the last week, and another one asking me about settling down when discussing my friend last month. So my question at this stage is what can the “find the man of my dreams” part possibly mean? Can this maybe b his way of subtly referring to or hinting at himself fulfilling the role of “my dream man”? What is your view taking everything into account & some advice please on the out of town situation and how I can assure him there’s no need 4 for him to feel insecure in any way? Thanks.

      • Nikki

        February 5, 2017 at 1:56 pm

        You never mention your feelings about him in this post. It does sound like you have a place in his heart, but in my experience, take it with a grain of salt until he straight up makes something happen. He does seem to like you. If you see potential or a future with this guy (which its hard to find a good match these days) then I would probably look at all the things he has done for you and consider the idea that he has been that man all along, you just have to realize it. Good luck!

        • web admin

          web admin

          February 6, 2017 at 11:26 am

          Thank you for sharing your insights and thoughts. It is great to see that our community is supporting each other with their ideas and words. Please feel free to continue sharing your uplifting contributions in the future. Have a great day, Nikki!

    2. CiCi

      August 22, 2016 at 11:57 pm

      I have met this guy for 3,5 years and since then we become best friend. actually, I like him since that first day until now but I never told him, after years that we’ve passed through this Long Distance Friendship, in 2015 he starts asking me the idea of our marriage and building a family, and we discussed about it. 2 weeks ago both of us confessed to each other that we actually like each other since the beginning and we decided to make our relationship official. After all is official, he starts making more jokes about marriage, like when we’re getting married,if he asked me later when he’s 30ish, would I want to marry him, how many child that we are agreeing on, discussing how the children may growing up like. He said he was teasing but also serious. What does it mean? Im 21 and he is 22. We are a LDR couple.

      • web admin

        web admin

        August 23, 2016 at 5:03 pm

        If you are curious about the meaning of your conversation, then you should understand that he wants to marry you in the future and have children. Since you are in a long distance relationship, it would be wise of you to continue communication as much as possible. If you want to enhance your relationship, then determine a way for the two of you to live in the same city or area. Speak with him directly and honestly about your feelings and goals. If he shares your feelings, then you know that you can take the proper course of action for your relationship.

    3. Marley

      March 19, 2016 at 1:58 pm

      Im 23 and currently dating a guy of 26, we’ve been together for 1year 5months now..I see that hes been dropping a lot of hints lately, from wanting me to move in with him, asking me to have his kids, calling me “madam” (lady of the house) if not ‘my wife’. Scott once told me lastyear that he can’t go beyond 26years without marrying and talks about us moving together to his new house when he buys it… I don’t know what to think or how to react towards him when he says things like these,his brother practically calls me ‘my brothers bride’ and friends asking when we’ll actually get married or future mrs…should I ask him what his intentions are with me or just wait till everything’s in the clear?

      • web admin

        web admin

        March 23, 2016 at 10:59 pm

        It sounds like he is trying to urge you toward having a more serious relationship together. From the sound of it, he is trying to test the waters and see if you want to commit to him. Right now, I would decide what you want before you make a move. If you have a conversation with him about his intentions, you will want to know in advance what you will say whatever his response is. I would start thinking about what you want right away because it sounds like he is going to make a move soon–good luck and congrats! 🙂

    4. josey

      March 4, 2016 at 9:27 pm

      ive been with my man for 3 months mow and he brings up marraige now and then I told him im not getting rushed into getting married and he sometimes gets upset about it what should I do ive already told him how I feel about the whole situation

      • web admin

        web admin

        March 6, 2016 at 10:31 am

        It sounds like you already expressing your feelings to him, and he should respect that. Tell him that you like the idea of getting married some day, but you want to date him a year before you decide for sure. You want your marriage to last for a lifetime, and you don’t want either of you to regret the decision. Let him know this as gently and nicely as possible. If he continues to get upset, that is his problem–wanting a marriage commitment is pretty intense. I have heard of people talking about marriage this early, but it is rare to hear someone who is so upset about a lack of a marriage commitment after just three months.

    5. Phindi

      August 21, 2015 at 10:12 am

      I recently met a guy, widower with one child. He declared his love for me but I am not there yet. I tend to take my time before I declare such to a man but its different with him. I am scared to be heart and yet I feel the urge to tell him how I feel. He calls me every 2 hours literally to check up on me and often tells me he loves me.

      Please advise!

      • web admin

        web admin

        August 21, 2015 at 4:38 pm

        If you are in love with him, then tell him how you feel! If you are not in love with him yet, then just let him know that you want to take things slow and need to wait to be completely in love before you say those words. Even when it is the same relationship, both partners may fall in love at a different time and there is nothing wrong with this fact.

    6. love kusi

      August 11, 2015 at 3:46 pm

      my man has ask me if i will marry him n i said Yes.we love each other.but the church does not give us the chance to tell someone u will marry without telling the marriage committe first. the man has tell me n i love him too.what do we do now.

      • web admin

        web admin

        August 12, 2015 at 8:26 pm

        If you have to go to the marriage committee to officially be engaged, then perhaps you guys should do that. I am not sure how things work in your culture, but it sounds like the first step is going to the marriage committee and planning things through your church.

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