10 Signs He Misses You

By on February 26, 2015

If you are just temporarily away from your guy, you can tell a lot by how he behaves. You will know if he’s all in or if he’s on the fence by his behavior while you’re away. On the other hand, if you’ve broken up you will know if he misses you. Some guys will just move on without looking back, but some will think about you for a long time, hoping they still have a chance. Here are ten behaviors that will let you know he misses you.

  1. He Texts You To See What You’re Doing

If he’s thinking about you a lot you will get a lot of texts. Everything will remind him of you and he will want to know what you are doing. He may send songs or cute pictures. He may let you know what he is doing so you know he’s behaving and not sniffing out other options. He may text to check in and see if you’re doing ok. If he does, he still hopes there is a chance. Any guy who maintains contact, still has some feelings for you. Unless you’re holding his stuff ransom and he wants it back.

If you have broken up, he may use any reason to text you just to start conversation. He may text you to tell you about something he saw he thought you would like.

  1. He Seems Less Social Than Normal

emo 5

If he is being more emotional than usual (also known as ‘emo’) he probably misses you a lot. People may say they haven’t seen him in a while or he may post on lonely looking pictures on social media. He may be reflecting on your time together or trying to better himself for you. If he’s not out there looking for a new lady, chances are he’s not over you.

If you’re on vacation and he’s busying himself at home while you’re away, he wants you know he’ll be right there waiting for you when you get back.

If he’s pulling away from friends and family, chances are he can’t get you off of his mind. Guys don’t usually blurt out how they are feeling when they miss someone, but you can usually tell by their actions which they don’t really try to hide.

  1. He’s Staying In At Night

If he makes it obvious that he is choosing to stay in at night instead of posting up in the VIP at the club, this guy is smitten for you. He probably wants you to see he’s responsible and doesn’t need to live a crazy party life to have fun.

Guys who don’t talk about their emotions can’t hide them very well. They will usually either drink themselves silly or try to win you back.

If you’re dating the guy and he makes sure you know he didn’t go out, he’s not trying to make you feel guilty, he’s saying he cares about your feelings and doesn’t need any other girls to boost his ego.

  1. He’s Making Art or Music


If you notice he has been playing the guitar and writing songs, chances are he’s got a case of the romance blues. If he’s writing songs while you’re out of town, he was definitely missing you. If he is trying to change his lifestyle to show you he’s more mature by getting up early, reading the paper or showing his intellectual side, he’s got you on his mind.

Guys will find ways to occupy their time by writing or trying their hand at painting when they are missing you. If he’s getting artsy, he may even be trying to impress you.

  1. He’s Trying To Impress You By Getting In Shape

If you see him checking in at the gym or training extra hard and changing to a healthy diet, he may be trying to prove to you he’s worth it. If his laziness was an issue when you dated, he is most likely trying to change because he realizes what he’s missing.

  1. The Tell All Drunk Text

We all know this one. You get a random text that is misspelled at 2am when the bars close because, when it all boils down to it, the only thing that really makes him happy, is not at the bottom of a bottle, it’s still you. The ‘what are you doing’ text is endearing but don’t read too much into it. It’s like a kindergartener who spilled his milk, he’ll cry for a minute and then forget all about it. Drunk texts are exaggerated emotions and if he really misses you enough to show you some respect, he’ll text or call during normal hours of the day.

  1. He Is Nostalgic


If you’re getting texts about things that happened between you or messages like ‘just passed the place we first kissed’, he is missing you for sure. If he is posting photos from vacations you went on onto Facebook just to jog your memory about the good times, he might be testing to water to see if he can get you back.

If you were out of town and he’s talking about things you’ve done together or reminiscing, this boy has you on his mind. If he’s dying to see you as soon as you get back, you can be sure he misses you.

  1. You Just Happen To Run Into Him A LOT

Come here often? If you find yourself saying that cliche question more than usual, he may be intentionally going to places he knows you might show up hoping to run into you. It may even be subconscious. If you hear that your friends are running into him a lot, he may be trying to keep a presence so they will mention him to you and you won’t forget him.

  1. He Revisits Places You Went Together

He may be living in the past and going to the places you both used to love to visit. If he’s trying to relive those memories, he might be having a hard time forgetting you. He also may be trying to get your attention to remind you of the good times.

  10. He Comes Up With Reasons to See You

You’ll be able to tell if he’s making up reasons to see you. If he hand delivers something that could have easily been mailed, you’ll know he was using it as an excuse to see you. If he asks for your help with something, chances are he could have called anyone else but he called you because he misses you and thought you’d fall for it. He probably knows that in person, you may not be able to resist his charm. And perhaps he’s right.


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