10 Signs He Is Having An Emotional Affair

By on October 11, 2013

It is definitely hard to get a grasp on whether your boo is cheating on you or not. It is not the easiest thing to distinguish if he is cheating on you emotionally, physically or if he is not having an affair at all. But, assuming you would rather know what is going on instead of just being oblivious to the entire thing, here are 10 signs that will tell you he is more than likely having what you were afraid of: An emotional affair.

Sign #1.) How Distant Is He?

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 A man having an emotional affair will suddenly become more and more distant. He will continuously try to put space between you two because he is focusing on another woman. It is tough enough for a guy to be emotionally involved with one woman, let alone two and he may not realize he is doing it, but he will grow less intimate with you and more intimate with the other lady in his life.

Sign #2.) Is He Different?


 He’ll start acting different, besides the distance, he will start acting off. He may become more easily frustrated with you, treat you differently and try to hide things from you that he would’ve been more open about before the affair started. If he’s cheating, he will be more secretive about phone calls, messages, where he has been or is going. He’ll be reluctant to tell you a majority of things.

Sign #3.) Does He Want To… You Know?


Surprisingly, a good sign that he is having an affair is if he doesn’t want sex as much or at all. He may stop initiating physical relationships with you. He will do this because he is already having relations with another woman.

Sign #4.) Is He More Worried About His Appearance?


 If your man starts taking more of an interest in the way he looks, how he dresses or starts working out with no reason- He may be having a secret relationship behind your back. When a guy enters a relationship, he starts caring about his appearance. If you have been with your partner for a while and you start noticing he’s wearing cologne (which he hasn’t done since you met) or starts fussing over his outfits (which he never did before) he might be cheating on you.

Sign #5.) Does He Get Defensive?


A good sign that you are sharing your boyfriend with another girl is that he suddenly gets more defensive about a lot of things. He may start getting defensive when you ask where he has been, what he’s been doing, who he is talking to, etc.

Sign #6.) Is He More Critical?


If your boyfriend starts picking fights out of the blue, acting more hostile towards you or starts being extremely critical of you, he might be having an affair. To have an affair with another woman, he has to clear his guilty conscience by justifying his acts. To justify what he is doing he will pick out reasons why he doesn’t want to be with you.

Sign #7.) Is He Gone A Lot?


Does he say he’s staying late at work more often? Or is he out with his ‘buddies’ more than usual? You might rarely see your partner at home if he is cheating on you. He may be gone a lot of the time and then get defensive about his whereabouts.

Sign #8.) Does He Avoid Solving Problems?


To a guy who is cheating, there is no point in trying to find solutions to any relationship problems you two are having. He won’t even try to sort things out and better your relationship. Instead, he’ll feed into the arguments or the problems just to make them worse on purpose.

Sign #9.) Are You Two Communicating?

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The number one thing that holds a relationship together is communication. If he stops telling you about his day, what makes him happy, what is bothering him or really just stops talking to you about a majority of things you should be talking about, he may be having an emotional affair. He might not bother to ask you about your day or talk to you about your problems at all either. He’ll do this because, just like #8 above, he won’t find the reasoning to keep things going smoothly because he doesn’t see a point to your relationship.

Sign #10.) Is He Hanging Out With A Girl More Often?


Sometimes, guys will go out with girls right in front of their partners eyes to try and make it seem less obvious that they are together. He may suddenly start hanging out with a woman that is ‘just a co-worker’ or the ‘best girl friend’, but he’ll spend an unusual amount of time with her and never invite you out with them.

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