10 Movies Like Tangled

By on April 8, 2015



Made in 2010, Tangled is an animated movie made by Walt Disney. In theory, it is based on the German fairy tale, Rapunzel, but it is so much more than that. This movie humorously blends together fantasy and comedy in a flawless manner. Famous stars like Mandy Moore, Donna Murphy and Zachary Levi play the voices of the main characters. The ploy line follows the story of a young princess who accepts the help of a handsome guy to go out and see the world. If you loved watching Tangled, then you will enjoy the following films on this list. Ranging from fantastical to heart warming, these films are some of the finest children movies there are.



A list of movies like Tangled would never be complete without the inclusion of Frozen. Released in 2013, Frozen went on to become an instant hit. This movie takes the Hans Christian Andersen story of the Snow Queen and gives it a more modern twist. In the movie, the fearless princess, a reindeer and a snowman set off on a great odyssey to find the princess’s sister. Unfortunately, the sister has trapped her kingdom in an eternal winter because of her icy powers. This film was extremely popular when it came out and earned #1.3 billion in box offices around the world. It was given Academy Awards for Best Original Song and Best Animated Feature. If you were one of the only people who missed out on seeing Frozen, you should definitely schedule a movie date.



Frozen and Brave are two of the more recent Disney films that seek to change the stereotype of the Disney princess. Like Frozen, this movie has a strong, vibrant female playing the lead. Released in 2012, the computer-animated movie follows the tale of Princess Merida. She breaks with tradition by choosing not to accept her betrothal. When her father hosts an archery competition for her suitors, Merida decides to compete. As the first-born of her kingdom, she claims the right of winning her own hand in marriage. The clans take this news terribly and Merida flees to a witch for help. Unfortunately, her mother inadvertently is turned to a bear and Merida must find a way to turn her back before it is too late.

the pirate fairy

The Pirate Fairy

Created in 2014, the Pirate Fairy is a new take on the traditional story of Peter Pan. It is the sixth movie that Disney has produced in the series that follows the story of Tinker Bell. In the movie, Mae Whitman plays the voice of Tinker Bell while Christina Hendricks and Tom Hiddleston play other voice over parts. The character played by Christina Hendricks, Zarina, is a smart fairy who wants to find out everything that pixie dust is able to do. After an experiment gone wrong, Zarina is forbidden from being the dust keeper anymore. After leaving Pixie Hollow, she decides to steal away the pixie dust and Tinker Bell must stop her. What ensues is an occasionally hilarious and always engaging film that is extremely fun to watch.



Although it was made in 1997, Anastasia remains a favorite Disney film to this day. It follows the story line of young Anastasia. Her father is the last of the great Czars of Russia and young Anastasia is the youngest daughter. Like legend has it, she escapes from the palace on the day that the Czar, Czarina and family are killed. Disney re-imagines how the remainder of her time is spent and the resulting film is wonderful to see.

the princess and the frog

The Princess and the Frog

Released in 2009, the Princess and the Frog is another one of Walt Disney’s best animated films. Designed to be a mixture of romance, fantasy and comedy, the film focuses on the tale of the Frog Prince. Basically, it tells the story of a waitress named Tiana in 1920s New Orleans. Young Tiana works hard and dreams that she will one day become a restaurant owner. After kissing a cursed frog prince, Tiana is turned into a frog. During the remainder of the film, she struggles to find a way to turn back into a human before she is stuck as a frog forever.



With comedic talent like Eddie Murphy and Mike Meyers, Shrek causes side-splitting laughter. Unless you are a complete grouch, this movie will bring you to tears by the hilariousness that ensues. If you have never heard of the world’s favorite green ogre and donkey, then you are in luck. Shrek is a movie that you must see at least once in your life.



Thumbelina is another story that follows the plot line of a traditional fairy tale. Released in 1994, it tells the story of an old woman who wanted a child all her life. After a fairy gives her a seed to plant, the woman is surprised when a girl is born. The girl is only the size of the woman’s thumb, so she is named Thumbelina. From the moment this film starts, it keeps you interested with a story of love, a kidnapping and a happy reunion.

snow white and the huntsman

Snow White and the Huntsman

If you have already seen the old version of Snow White, then you are in for quite a shock. The latest revision of Snow White actually includes the dark fantastical imaginings of the original Brothers Grimm stories. Released in 2012, it stars Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth, Sam Claflin and Kristin Stewart. For a Snow White movie unlike any that you have ever seen, make sure to check out Snow White and the Huntsman.

the swan princess

The Swan Princess

If you are looking for a movie like Tangled, then the Swan Princess will be just the ticket. Produced in 1994, it was released on the ballet called Swan Lake. The story focuses on a widowed king, a widowed queen and two newborn children. To unite the kingdoms, the king and queen betroth their children, but an evil sorcerer decides to fight back. Although the sorcerer stays away during their childhood, he returns with a vengeance when it seems like their wedding will take place after all.



Released in 2007, this partially animated film is filled with action, romance and comedy. The main character is Giselle. In the beginning of the movie, she is a normal Disney princess who lives in Andalasia. She ends up being transferred to New York City and must learn how to get along. She is helped by a divorce lawyer called Robert and his daughter, Morgan. Back in Andalasia, Giselle’s chipmunk friend, Pip, teams up with Edward to figure out a way to rescue Giselle. As the movie draws to a close, the viewer is left wondering: will Giselle want to be rescued after all?


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