10 most beautiful places in America

By on July 29, 2013

America, also known as the land of the free, the United States of America as well as the land of opportunity can also feature among the anticipated tourist attraction sites. This article provides some insights about the 10 most beautiful places in America and perhaps why they are taken as such.

The red rock country

Sedona is an attraction zone that has been used in Hollywood cinema to portray the old west. Its unique appearance is what makes it an alternative in the film industry to represent the red rock country. There are canyons and amazing sandstone towers that are naturally presented for your own viewing. Backpacking here is better than bag-packing Europe!

Mt. Washington
When on Mt Washington at night, take a view to Pittsburgh
There are different buildings in the US, all of which are designed with the capacity holder in mind. At night, these buildings present beautiful scenery that every onlooker would want to witness. Such as the nighttime view from Mount Washington gazing on Pittsburgh

Upper Mississippi river
Upper Mississippi river

It might not be as celebrated as others, but it really does send the necessary message. Construed as the ancient burial site for the red Indians, this is amazing scenery that you cannot afford to miss when vacationing in America.

Na Pali Coast aerial - Kauai, Hawaii
The Na Pali coast of Hawaii
There is a short hike like inland that takes foot from Na Pali coast in the island of Hawaii. Though challenged by those making the trip via air, this is a captivating American site that you cannot afford to miss.

The golden gate bridge that joins San Francisco with the rest of America
It is noticeable from major films and is categorized as an American land mark. Although when focused sends the viewer back to San Francisco, this is what you can’t miss.

Grafton in Vermont
You may not have toured America if you did not get the chance to visit Grafton in Vermont pioneered by a French explorer back in 1609.

Jenny Lake at Wyoming

Jenny Lake at Wyoming in Grand Teton national park
While there are older mountains that the Tetons in America, the formation of Tetons make them win the score six million years ago.
From Key Largo to Key West
When you head to Florida, you are greeted with amazing sceneries and at this area, you also invite colorful sunsets.

Clingmans Dome in Great Smoky Mountains as well as the squares of savannah in Ga are the last two areas to visit from this list while in the US.

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