10 Makeup Tips for Dark Skin Tones

By on December 27, 2014

1 Skin type

Skin Type

The first step to any makeup regimen is determining your skin type. Skin color isn’t a skin type, so no matter what shade of color you are, you can have the same skin type as any other women. Is it normal, oily, dry or combination? Normal skin is neither too dry, nor too oily and is fairly rare. Oily skin will over-produce oil and will tend to leave a shine on the skin. Dry skin is just like it sounds, and will typically result in tight feeling skin and dry patches or flakes. Combination skin occurs when the face has oily regions as well as dry sections. Once you realize your skin type, you can pick the best makeup to enhance your natural beauty.

2 Blush

Rich Blush Shades

In terms of blush, deep raisin hues or brick shades look fantastic. Women with dark skin tones should use highly pigmented shades so that they show up, but don’t look ruddy. Another key to picking the right color is to stick with warm colors – cool colors can look ashy. Feel free to go bold! Dark skin tones can pull off bright shades like a fiery orange better than anyone.

3 Shadow

Highly Pigmented Shadows

High pigmentation is the key to mastering eye shadow with a dark skin tone. Opt for shadows that are straight pigments. These are loose powders that are basically pure color. They’re brighter and bolder because they don’t include the binder that holds regular eye shadow in a pan. Binders tend to dull the shadow, so you lose a ton of the color impact.

4 Foundation

Foundation Shades

Women with dark skin tones are at a greater risk for hyperpigmentation, which is darker spots or patches on the skin with an excess of pigment. Because of this, it’s important to use a foundation that can even out your skin tone. Many women with dark skin tones find that using 2-3 slightly varying foundation shades will add depth to the face, and appear more natural.

5 Lips

Deep Lip Shades

The first rule of choosing the best lip color to compliment dark skin is avoiding frosty colors. These will do nothing for your skin tone and end up looking tacky. Rich berries, deep plums and true reds accent dark skin tones the best. As a general rule, darker shades will look more natural. Anything too pale or light will look unnatural and potentially make you look sickly.

6 Brows


Well-manicured eyebrows are universally flattering and can seriously enhance your natural beauty. Avoid over plucking, threading or waxing though. Too-thin eyebrows leave you looking permanently surprised. The best way to shape your brows is to follow the natural shape and clean up any strays. This gives you a neat and natural look with or without makeup. However, if you have thin or sparse eyebrows or you just want extra definition, use a brow pencil or powder to fill them in.

7 Powder

Powder & Concealer

Concealer and powder can be the key to achieving that flawless finish to your complexion. Cover up any spots with your concealer as a precursor to foundation. Then to set both, finish with a dusting of powder. This can also help ward off shine if you have an oily complexion.

8 Eyelashes


If you have a dark skin tone, most likely you’ve also been blessed with dark lashes. Even still, mascara is the icing on the cake when it comes to making your eyes pop. It can create dramatic volume and length. Use an eyelash curler as the base of your lashes and then halfway through to fan them out. There are many different mascaras out there that promise a benefit to your lashes such as lengthening, volumizing or curling.

9 Skin Care

Skin Care

Having healthy skin and a flawless complexion are the best ways to enhance your beauty. It’s important to take care of your skin when you’re exposing it to makeup every day. Makeup has a tendency to clog pores and smother the skin, so a gentle moisturizing cleanser is best. Also take into account your own person skin type when it comes to your skin care. Choose appropriate products that will work with your skin and not against it. Consider using products that have antiaging or skin repairing benefits in addition to cleansing. Products with an SPF rating are a great way to protect your skin in the long-term and keep it looking young and healthy.

10 Brands

Best Cosmetics Brands

There are some fantastic makeup lines that focus their products towards women with dark skin tones. Iman is a makeup line that was developed by an international supermodel specifically for women of color. For highly pigmented shadows MAC is one of the best options with their Paint Pot collection. The Covergirl Queen Collection is a beautiful line available in your local drugstore.

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