10 Makeup Tips and Tricks for Hazel Eyes

By on January 19, 2015

 Flaunting those gorgeous hazel eyes is easier then you think! Whether you’re going for a sultry, romantic style that brings out the brown or a flirty and fun style that makes green flakes pop, we’ve got the top 10 Makeup Tips and Tricks for hazel eyes you’ll adore.

1. Mix and Match Eye Shadow Colors 

One of the greatest things about having gorgeous hazel eyes is you can be daring when it comes to eye shadow colors. You see, other eye colors are rather limited: for example, green eyes should stick with purples and browns. But hazel eyes aren’t under the same ruling. You can go wild with a parade of colors and still look fabulous, or switch up your eye shadow color every single day and match your favorite outfits with ease.

2. Brown Eye Shadow for Browner Eyes

Hazel eyes have tons of brown coloring in them (most of the time), and if you’re looking to bring out the darker and richer brown coloring in your eyes, there’s only one way to do it: with brown eye shadow. Try to find a palette with as dark of browns as possible, but stay away from black as this can be too overpowering.


3. Gold Eye Shadow for Bold Eyes

Creating a dramatic effect with hazel eyes can be a bit of a struggle, but not when you choose golden eye shadows. Unlike brown eye shadow, golds and creams won’t bring out the dark specs in your eyes. Instead, it will lighten the brown and give you a seriously dramatic and impacting look that kills. It’s the perfect palette for nights on the town when you want to be the center of attention!

4. Pink and Lavender Eye Shadow for Greener Eyes

A lot of hazel eyes have plenty of green flakes hiding inside, but if you’re not wearing the right eye shadow color you might miss them! To bring out the green flakes peeking out from below the hazel surface, we highly recommend using your eyelid as a canvas for a gorgeous combination of light pinks and lavenders. Again, you can go totally wild with colors and it will still produce a wonderful look.


5. Sparkle Eye Shadow!

Okay, so this particular tip can work for any eye color, but it’s especially true for gals with hazel eyes that seem to have a touch of sparkle and shine to them already! I mean, let’s just admit it: hazel eyes are super unique and if you catch them right in the sunlight, they can piece your eyes and make you melt. It’s that certain hazel dazzle that can be recreated by any other eye color. And that’s why I invite you to splash your eyelids with tons and tons of glitter! It doesn’t really matter the color of the glitter, as long as there’s tons of it. Use it alone or pair it with one of the eye shadows listed above for a seriously enchanting look.

 6. Stay Away from Blue

I know I said earlier that you can get away with any color- and I was right about that– but that doesn’t mean that some colors don’t look better (or worse) then others. If there is one color you should try to avoid as much as possible, it’s blue. Sure, it will still look okay. But it won’t be GREAT like (basically any) other colors. Blue just doesn’t flatter hazel. I don’t know why, but let’s leave blues to the other eye colors that don’t have the eye shadow freedom as a hazel-eyed gal!


7. Experiment with Eyeliner

Most people will always run to black eyeliner. It’s a safe color that looks great on everyone, whether you have brown, blue, green, or hazel eyes. So yes, black eyeliner is always a great choice. HOWEVER! If you’re dealing with a set of hazel eyes, I invite you to dive into the realm of colored eyeliners. Try out some lavender eyeliners, purples, browns, even green eyeliners, and see how your eyes react. You will be presently surprised with how amazing your eyes turn out with just a simple switch of eyeliner colors!

8. Don’t Forget Mascara

This is a big tip that EVERY girl needs to remember: when it comes to makeup, don’t skimp on the mascara! Even if you’re not into eyeliner or eye shadow, you should always throw on a little bit of mascara to make your eyes pop. It’s a must! And, much like the eyeliner, hazel eyes are not limited to only black mascara. Although it IS a crowd favorite, you can easily get by with mascaras of all colors. Hey, they even have GLITTER mascara on the market- so yes, if you’re in the mood for a new mascara, try out a glittery one. You will be PLEASANTLY surprised.


9. Use Some Bronzer

There’s something about bronzer that really brings out the beauty of hazel eyes. It must be the enticing brown shade that gravitates towards hazel eyes or something. That being said, if you really want to make your hazel eyes take the show, I highly recommend throwing on a little bit of bronzer. Not only will it make your hazel eyes glow like never before, but it’ll also give your face a bit of color for a seriously sexy finish.

10. Match Your Lips

As always, you should always try to match your lip color. I mean, just because you have the freedom to walk around with whatever eye color you want, does that really mean you should pair up that bold green eye shadow with your darkest red lips? It might be a little overpowering. That being said, always try to mix and match eye shadow colors to match your lips. Keep it simple with some cream or gold eye shadow and finish your lips with something subtle like light pink, or go bold with dark brown eye shadow and wine lips to match. There’s so many options; your only goal is to keep everything in harmony.

Simple enough, right? My hazel eyed girls out there, just consider yourselves lucky. You have makeup (especially eye makeup) freedom that other girls dream about! Now I have to ask you hazel eyed beauties out there, what’s your special tip and trick for hazel eyes?


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