10 Hottest German Actors

By on January 15, 2015

Did you know that American actor Bruce Willis was actually born in Germany? Apparently it’s not just bratwurst, Cinderella-style castles, food, and beer that the country is known for; it has produced some of the cutest actors that we see on our silver screens today! The funny thing is most of you don’t even realise it….

 Bruce Willis was born in Rhineland-Palatinate, West Germany. Then there’s filmmaker, actor and comedian Martin Lawrence; he was born in Frankfurt am Main, Hesse, Germany. How about Ian Harding… Did you know the Pretty Little Liars star was actually born in Baden-Württemberg, Germany? Plus there’s the Lost and Lord of the Rings star Dominic Monaghan – he was born in Berlin, West Germany too! It would appear that this beautiful country has provided us with more stars (and eye candy) than we first may have realised.

 If you’re now more than a little intrigued, you should see what else this stunning country has had to offer us. Take a peek at the 10 hottest German actors:

1 – Matthias Schweighöfer

10 Hottest German Actors_01

Born: March 11, 1981 (age 33)

Where: Anklam, East Germany

Best Known For: It was probably the 2008 movie Valkyrie that this youngster, born into a family of famous actors, is better known for. He’s stars mostly in Germany films these days but there have been a few English-speaking wonders you should check out. We particularly like the 2010 movie Friendship!

See Him Soon: Sadly, you’ll be needing subtitles if you want to watch the 2015 movie coming out starring this little hottie. Der Nanny is a comedy due out in the next few months in German.

You should probably know that Matthias has been considered to be one of the most promising talents to come from Europe so definitely keep your eyes peeled out for him in the future!

2 – Til Schweiger

10 Hottest German Actors_02

Born: 19 December 1963 (age 51)

Where: Freiburg, West Germany

Best Known For: Well, aside from being one of the most successful filmmakers to come out of Germany, Til Schweiger has 86 titles as an actor, 19 produced films, 10 that he has written or co-wrote, 11 that he has directed and 3 that he has edited. That’s a lot of movies!  For his acting, prowess, you should definitely check out a couple of his biggest films such as the 2009 hit Inglourious Basterds, and also the 2012 comedy This is War (which we personally loved!)

See Him Soon: Til Schweiger has one movie coming out in 2015 called Punk’s End. It’s a comedy with a bit of an edge and we can’t wait to give it a watch.

3 – Florian David Fitz

10 Hottest German Actors_03

Born: 20 November 1974 (age 40)

Where: Munich, Germany

Best Known For: This cutie is not just an actor but also a director and producer and can proudly confess to appearing in over thirty different films just in the last 14 years! Perhaps better known for his German movies, there have been a few you may have caught for yourself such as the 2010-released Vincent Wants to Sea.

See Him Soon: He doesn’t appear to be doing very much over the course of the next few years but he’s super cute so we feel he belongs here anyway… Girlie giggle!

4 – Thore Schölermann

10 Hottest German Actors_04Born: September 26, 1984 (age 30)

Where: Iserlohn, Germany

Best Known For: He’s not just a German actor, he’s a TV presenter too so you may have seen him on a few things over the years. The biggest ones you’ll probably have spotted include the 2006 movie Butterfly Child or the 2004 movie The Typewriter. Generally rocking the casual look, it’s that super cute smile with the perfect white teeth that bags him a space on this list!

See Him Soon: There is one German movie coming out in 2015 called Transfer at Aachen and there isn’t a lot of information about it as it’s still in development, but we do know that it is a drama film.

5 – Max Riemelt

10 Hottest German Actors_05

Born: 7 January 1984 (Age 31)

Where: East-Berlin, Germany

Best Known For: It is probably the 2008 movie The Wave that you’ll best know Max Riemelt from although he does have a whopping 59 credits under his name considering he’s only just in his thirties!

See Him Soon: There are a couple of German movies coming out that you can catch him in, most of which is in German so you may need to whack out those subtitles again. Check out the 2015 film Amnesia – this one looks pretty good!

6 – Ken Duken

10 Hottest German Actors_06

Born: 17 April 1979 (Age 35)

Where: Heidelberg, West Germany

Best Known For: He’s been in a few films over the years but one of the most popular has got to be the 2009 hit Inglorious Basterds. Although he’s most known for his German filming, there are a few English-speaking ones in his past too.

See Him Soon: It looks like he’s sticking with his German roots for the timbering with three movies and a TV film coming out over the next twelve or so months. We’ll just need to keep watching Inglorious Basterds back!

7 – Alexander Fehling

10 Hottest German Actors_07

Born: 20 March 1981 (Age 33)

Where: Berlin, Germany

Best Known For: Just like Ken Duken, Alexander Fehling is best known for his part in the 2009 colt hit Inglorious Basterds. More a stage actor and Germany actor, he has won a string of awards for his past work.

See Him Soon: There are a few German films due out for this hottie but there is also an English speaking one you will need to keep your eyes out for – Atomic Falafel is a drama following a girl that loses her virginity and almost causes war of the nuclear kind!

8 – Kostja Ullmann

10 Hottest German Actors_09

Born: 20 May 1984 (Age 30)

Where: Hamburg, Germany

Best Known For: He’s a German actor but he has starred in one of the countries biggest hits – Sommersturm or Summer Storm in English, which gained critical acclaim all throughout Europe.

See Him Soon: Two German films coming out in 2015. Sadly it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing much of him on our side of Europe! Boo!

9 – David Kross

10 Hottest German Actors_08

Born: 1 July 1990 (Age 24)

Best known For: It was in 2008 that he shot to fame int he movie The Reader, and was not only nominated but also won a whole string of awards for his part in it. Not just that, there have bene a few other English-speaking hits you may have heard of including the brilliant and breathtaking War Horse.

See Him Soon: One German movie and one English movie and the latter is called Freedom Flight, an action film about hacking.

10 – Marco Girnth

10 Hottest German Actors_10

Born: 10 February 1970 (Age 43)

Where: Dusseldorf, Germany

Best Known For: There aren’t many English speaking films behind this hot fella but he as super beautiful eyes so we feel he belongs on the list anyway!

What do you think? Any hot Germans you think we many have left out? Why not let us know!


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