10 Hottest Bald Actors in Hollywood

By on January 4, 2015

There’s something about a bald guy, isn’t there? Guys like Jason Statham and Bruce Willis that pair their shaved heads with a kind of badass loveable rogue-ness about them, those are the kind of guys that have women all over the world fallen over themselves with lust for. That’s probably even more so the case if they are rocking a bit of designer stubble at the same time.

Let’s take a look at the 10 hottest bald actors in Hollywood and you might just find that you agree with me!

1 – Bruce Willis

He’s the ultimate action hero baldy but let’s be honest about this, Bruce Willis is seriously hot, especially when you consider that he is only one year away from 60!

Bruce Willis

Despite his age, he’s still going strong and actually had his youngest child just a few months ago. Baby Evelyn Penn Willis was born on May 5th, 2014 to Bruce and wife, model Emma Heming and is the second daughter for the couple who married on March 21st, 2009.

2015 is going to be a good year for this bald actor by all accounts. There are a couple of movies out and one of which we think will be a really good watch. Rock the Kasbah doesn’t just star Bruce Willis but also Zooey Deschanel, Bill Murray, Kate Hudson, and a whole bunch more big names!

2 – Jason Statham

You can’t talk about either bald actors or action heroes without having a special mention for British actor Jason Statham. 47 year old, Derbyshire-born Jason is a well known name in Hollywood with movies such as Snatch, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Revolver, Death Race, The Bank Job, Crank and Expendables under his belt.

jason statham

He’s currently dating the beautiful Victoria’s Secret model Rosie Huntingon-Whiteley and they’ve been together since 2010 but before that, he was in a very high profile relationship with another Brit – model and actress Kelly Brook.

Here’s a little bit of trivia for you – Kelly Brook is actually from the same home town as our British writer!

He’s going to be in a few films for 2015 and perhaps the most eagerly-awaited will be Furious 7 which will see the return of Paul Walker one last time in the series of films after his sad death. Spy is another film you should keep your eyes out for. He’s playing the comedy card in this movie, alongside Rose Byrne, Jude Law and Melissa McCarthy who we personally believe is the funniest actress ever!

3 – Vin Diesel

Speaking of Furious 7, we can’t wait to see Vin Diesel on our screens again! Another great bald actor in Hollywood, 47 year old Vin Diesel (real name Mark Sinclair) is a regular in the same genre of films that the bald guy would normally portray with the Fast & Furious movies, xXx, and Saving Private Ryan behind him.

10 Hottest Bald Actors in Hollywood_03

As well as Furious 7 coming out in 2015, you should probably take a sneaky peek at a movie called The Last Witch Hunter which will see him playing a slightly different action hero, this time in a fantasy-adventure film also starring Elijah Wood and Rose Leslie.

4 – Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

42 year old ‘The Rock’ has played a few different roles in his life. From his professional wrestling days where he played the the part as one of the most greatest all-time professional wrestlers, to his producing and acting of some of the biggest movies of our generation, he’s done it all with a smile on his face that make most women weak at the knees, and when you combine that with the bald head, MASSIVE muscles and great personality, you are on to a definite winner.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

He’s in Furious 7 (of course) but you’ll also want to have a look at San Andreas, a film that will see Dwayne playing the part of Ray in the movie where all hell breaks loose after a massive earthquake hits California. It’s a movie we can’t wait to see!

5 – Billy Zane

Most of us remember this guy from the days when he still had hair – the floppy-haired guy that wasn’t very nice in Titanic but these days, he’s best known for his completely bald head. We don’t care either way – we like him without and without hair, what about you ladies?

10 Hottest Bald Actors in Hollywood_05

He’s been a really busy boy over the last few years and has had a string of movies released. This is not something slowing down soon and in 2015 alone, Billy has five movies coming out. There’s a couple of TV series in there as well. We are quite looking forward to Beyond the Game, an action movie that these baldies are so classical associated with.

6 – Woody Harrelson

Another guy that looks just as good with hair as he does without it, 53 year old Woody isn’t what you might like to call traditionally good-looking, but the bad boy image he so often plays in his movies have given him an edge that a lot of women REALLY like. And let’s face it – all girls love a bad boy, don’t they?

10 Hottest Bald Actors in Hollywood_06

You’ll be happy to know that he’s back with a vengeance in the next step of those great movies – The Hunger Games: Mockingjay- Part One as Haymitch Abernathy again! Woo hoo!

7 – LL Cool J

Who can forget about this hot baldy out of Deep Blue Sea? We couldn’t help but laugh at him in that movie where he played the chef with the bird. If you’ve never seen it, you really should. It’s quite the watch. Plus it’s got Samuel L. Jackson in it. Everything with him in it rules, right?

10 Hottest Bald Actors in Hollywood_07

He’s still in NCIS: Los Angeles and doesn’t seem to have anything in the way of movies coming out for 2015, but he’s still a hot bald actor and we definitely think he belongs on the list. What about you?

8 – Tyrese Gibson

We’re just going to give you a couple of minutes to truly appreciate 36 year old Tyrese Gibson – fashion model, TV producer, author, actor, songwriter, singer, Grammy nominated R&B star… Shall I continue? Let’s just say he’s good at what he does.

10 Hottest Bald Actors in Hollywood_08

He continues to play Roman Pearce in the hit movies with the 2015 Furious 7, and sadly seems to have sunk into a deep depression following the death of his friend. We wish him all the love in the world, right guys and girls?

9 – Samuel L. Jackson

Pulp Fiction star Samuel L. Jackson is another one of those greats that manages to pull off both hair (wigs) and no-hair, but we think he looks great as a bald actor and we love the fact that he can laugh about it in interviews. He once admitted to struggling with his hair loss in an era where everybody seems to be digging the afro but these days, he rocks the baldness.

10 Hottest Bald Actors in Hollywood_09

Believe it or not, this guy is actually 66 years old although you’d never have thought it – he has no fewer than FOUR movies coming out over the next year or so, and the one we are most excited for is Tarzan mostly because the lead role in the movie is played by Alexander Skarsgard.

10 – Sean Connery

He might be 84 years old now but Scottish Sean Connery will always be a beautiful baldy in our eyes and to be honest, even though he’s somewhat over the hill for most, he still carries himself in the handsome manner only James Bond should! 😉

10 Hottest Bald Actors in Hollywood_10

He’s a critically acclaimed actor now – a couple of BAFTA’s, an Academy Award and three Golden Globes is proof of that!

What are your views on bald actors? Are you into them? Do you prefer a little more hair? One thing is for certain – with or without hair, the guys on this list are still guys that we wouldn’t turn down a date with, right?

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