10 Good Celebrity Role Models for Girls

By on January 2, 2015

In this day and age celebrities are so much more than just celebrities – they are considered to be role models for young and impressionable men and women all over the world. These celebrities are expected to act in a certain way to encourage the younger generations to behave in the best way possible and although there are some stars that go off the rails, there are some celebrity role models for girls that are considered to be good ones. We here at Herinterest decided to investigate further…

Here are the 10 good celebrity role models for girls that you young women out there should be looking up to!

1 – Lorde

Lorde otherwise known as Ella Marija Yelich O’Connor (what a mouthful!) is a singer and songwriter born in New Zealand on November 7th, 1998. Despite being only 18 years old, she’s fast becoming one of the biggest celebrity role models for young women especially when it comes down to body image. In fact in 2013, she was actually known as one of the most ‘influential teenagers of the year’ in the Time’s list and not only that, she actually made the ’30 Under 30’ list for Forbe’s too.

10 Good Celebrity Role Models for Girls_01

Trying to promote positive body image, she recently posted pictures of herself on social networking sites before and after photoshop has been performed to show that little flaws and imperfections don’t make you any less beautiful!

2 – Pink

Let’s be honest, she’s a little on the crazy side but Pink is actually a great celebrity role model for girls. Not only encouraging young women to think outside the box when it comes to what they do and how they look, she promotes women using their head rather than relying on their looks to make it through life. You remember the song ‘Stupid Girls’ right?

10 Good Celebrity Role Models for Girls_02

3 – Emma Watson

24 year old Brit Emma Watson is better known for her part as Hermione in the hit Harry Potter films but these days, she’s making headlines away from the silver screen, even going as far as to help launch the HeForShe campaign advocating for equality between the sexes. It was something that definitely made headlines on both sides of the Atlantic but doesn’t appear to be slowing her down. Recently travelling to Zambia and Bangladesh, she is actively promoting education for young girls around the world, and just last year (2014) she was made a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador.

10 Good Celebrity Role Models for Girls_03

If that’s not a role model for young women, I don’t know what is!

4 – Michelle Obama

Let’s face it – most girls look up to this stunning wife of the President of the United States of America! This First Lady not only looks great but does a truck load to charity at the same time. From an early point in her political career, she was visiting homeless shelters and soup kitchens to help out the needy, and she even helps out with the military women left behind when the husbands go away for long periods of time, giving them assistance to help balance work, social and family lives when times are their most difficult. Not just that but she is also a great supporter of LGBT rights along with her husband.

10 Good Celebrity Role Models for Girls_04

She’s just an all round nice gal!

5 – Jennifer Lawrence

She makes most ‘top female’ lists for her stunning looks, great wit and amazing down to earth personality and as well as falling over at award ceremonies quite spectacularly, she is well known for always saying the wrong thing at the worst times. She’s a great role model for ‘real girls’ – girls that aren’t perfectly made up and photo-perfect at every moment of every day. She readily admits to overeating on lazy days and not even moving from the couch to have a shower, and her great sense of humour always helps her out of a sticky situation on the red carpet or in interviews.

10 Good Celebrity Role Models for Girls_05

If only more girls were like Jennifer Lawrence, the world would be a much happier (and prettier) place!

6 – Taylor Swift

She might be unlucky in love but that’s one of the reasons eh is a great celebrity role model for girls. 25 year old Pennsylvania born Taylor Alison Swift always has a sense of humor about things and definitely reminds girls that it’s OK to make mistakes and laugh at yourself occasionally. You all saw the hilarious music video for ‘Shake it off”, didn’t you?

10 Good Celebrity Role Models for Girls_06

She’s well known for being polite and having good manners, coming across every inch the perfectly beautiful girl next door that she is, and she has received masses of praise from stars all over the world even from the likes of Neil Young and Dolly Parton. Even Jon Bon Jovi had a little something to say about her! That’s before you even begin to get into her charity work which involves plenty with sick children, trying to get rid of LGBT discrimination, volunteer groups and more.

7 – Kate Middleton

Let’s face it – she’s a princess. You can’t get much more of a picture perfect role model than Kate Middleton. Graceful, polite, good-mannered and loving, she is set to become very much a ‘people’s princess’, much in the same way that her husbands mother, Princess Diana was, and her sense of style is making headlines on an almost daily basis even during the very last months of pregnancy.

10 Good Celebrity Role Models for Girls_07

She doesn’t have a good ride of things with her pregnancies with actor morning sickness troubling her with every one of them but despite this, she does her best to make public appearances and still manages to look stunning and act every inch the classy lady she is known to be.

If only we could all be princesses….

8 – Katy Perry

She’s a little buts but she’s a great role models for young girls because she encourages them to just be themselves. With crazy hair colors, mental on-stage (and off-stage) outfits, and even weird marriages to Russell Brand, she always seems to hold herself with dignity and a kind of young sophistication and that’s before you even begin to get into her charity work.

10 Good Celebrity Role Models for Girls_08

She’s joined UNICEF and become a Goodwill Ambassador to help the welfare of children, helped in Madagascar with nutrition and education for kids, and even went as far as to donate proceeds of her tours to the charities. She’s had casts made of her breasts for breast cancer charities, and has even designed fashion for brand H&M to help fights against HIV and AIDS too!

9 – Ellen DeGeneres

We talk about this man a lot and there’s a reason behind it – she’s lovely! She helped to give a suffering family a better life for their unborn child when they suffered rent hikes and thought they might lose it all. Plus she’s always doing the most adorable things for people on her TV shows and always helps out to various charities. Not just that but one of her selfies (at THAT award ceremony) practically broke the internet becoming the most retweeted tweet EVER! People have nothing but good things to say about her!

10 Good Celebrity Role Models for Girls_09

10 – Angelina Jolie

Let’s face it – there’s nothing this girl won’t do for charity. She’s adopted kids from all over the world to give them a better life and once she married Brad Pitt (and they made the most adorable little babies themselves), she literally became one half of the most beautiful couple in the world.

10 Good Celebrity Role Models for Girls_10

We think the only thing more beautiful than Branglina would be Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie… What do you think? 😉

She’s an ambassador for UNHCR after seeing the war-torn shell of Cambodia and realising the depth of such humanitarian crises, and even went as far as to donate over a million dollars after meeting with Afghan refugees in Pakistan. It was actually the charities largest ever donation and she hasn’t stopped there. She has traveled to the highest ranks of the organisation, to the point where she has even had roles created especially for her, and she even bought a house in her son Maddox’s home country and turned it into a nature reserve to prevent the animals from becoming endangered to help him to get closer to his roots. We bet she would be the best mother in the world and definitely a great celebrity role model for young girls, especially after her rocky background…

We think these are the most beautiful and influential women in the world and they are definitely women that could be seen as role models for young ladies. You don’t see these lot shaving their hair off like 2007 Britney, or wandering around in crotchless chaps like Christina Aguilera, do you? They may have had their fair share of ups and downs but they’ve certainly come out of it looking fabulous! If only more women were like that, the world would be a much brighter place.

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