10 Free Spells That Work Instantly

By on October 31, 2018

If you are just getting started on your magical journey, finding the right spells to do can be hard at first. The following 10 free spells that work instantly are great for beginners. They require very little practice and mostly require you to just set your intention to do them.

To do these spells, you need to find the right location and gather together the right tools. These spells are also more effective if you do them at the right time of the month or day. If the spell is done before bedtime, it can start to work instantly overnight so that you can start seeing results as soon as you wake up. In general, these spells will have more power if you do them during the full moon because of the moon’s energy. If you want to give your spells a magical boost of power and energy, perform them during the full moon.

1. Simple Love Spell Chant for Beginners

This is a wonderful love spell if you are struggling to find your true love in life. It consists of a simple, quick chant that can be done anywhere that you are. You should only use this spell with positive, strong intentions and energy.

Keep in mind that people still have free will. If you are trying to force someone to love you and they are in love with someone else, this spell will not work. There has to already be a kernel of possible love in that person’s soul for the spell to be effective. In addition, this spell will be more effective if you put more energy into doing it.

The Steps for the Love Spell Chant

The best time of day for this is around 7AM or whenever you get up in the morning. Start by chanting out “Yaa maadat yaa mujhe mile vo abhi.” As you chant, focus on all of the love that you would like to receive from your crush. Remain focusing on that love and send out positive intentions. After you do this spell in the morning, keep doing it throughout the day. By repeating the spell and setting your intentions over and over again, you give the spell added strength to start working quickly.

2. A Spell for Attracting Your Soulmate

This type of spell to attract your soulmate is extremely powerful. If even a small kernel of their spirit already likes you, this spell will help that small seed of love blossom and grow. You have to focus on sending out positive energy to get this spell to work. You can also perform this spell if you have no one in particular in mind, but you would like your soulmate to appear soon. With the right attitude and energy, these loves spells can really work wonders.

The Steps for Doing the Soulmate Attraction Spell

This is one of the more enjoyable spells to do. It starts by taking a nice, warm bath before you go to bed at night. Spend some time in meditation so that you can focus your mind. You want to develop strong, positive energy. Spend as long as you need to get into that focused, positive mental state. If you struggle to focus your mind, there are guided meditation tapes online that can help you out.

Now, communicate with the universe. Send your intentions out into the world that you want to find your soulmate. Visualize strong, positive energy leaving your body and going out into the universe. Now, you need to repeat the following chant 60 times while retaining this positive mental state,” Kainaat sune ishq maujood ho.”

Once you have finished chanting, close your eyes and relax. Visualize what it will be like to get in contact with your soulmate. Imagine meeting them like it has already happened and think about how you will feel. Make your mind believe that you have met your soulmate. You can repeat this spell each night until your soulmate begins communicating with you.

3. An Instant Job Spell

It seems like looking for a new job is completely impossible. Every time you apply for a job, you waste countless days hoping that the employer calls you back. If you are trying to get your foot in the door, this beginner magic spell can help you out. It can work if you feel stuck in your current job or are currently out of work. Like the other spells on this list, the energy and intentions you put into the spell make a difference. You need to be positive and know that this spell will work for it to actually work. You will also need an oval-shaped rose quartz stone in order to do the magic spell.

The Steps for Doing the Instant Job Spell

To do this spell properly, you need to do it in the morning. Start by saying what you want to have happen and then focus on it. Visualize exactly what you want to occur actually coming true in your life. Imagine how you will feel when you get that job of your dreams.

Now, hold the rose quartz in your right hand. Then, say the following chant, “Taaneer milne mujhko pasandeedaah hoye.” These words will help you activate the stone and get the spell going. After the spell is complete, place the stone in your pocket. Make sure that it is in your pocket whenever you go apply for a new job, promotion or raise. When you carry the stone with you, it will naturally draw energy toward you. For it to work though, you have to leave the stone in your pocket.

4. Magic Healing Spell

Sometimes, you need an extra boost to overcome an illness. Whether the illness is suffered by you or a loved one, this magic healing spell can help. To do this spell, you need to gather a green ribbon, green or silver glitter, powdered cinnamon and objects that are green silver or white. These objects could be things like paper, leaves, beads or glass. You will also need a container with a lid like a glass jar.

The Steps for Doing the Healing Spell

Start by casting a circle. Point down with your finger and imagine protective energy emerging to where the circle is being cast. You only need to make a circle that is large enough for you to do your work. Once you have made the circle, stay inside of it to protect yourself from negative energy as you do the spell. Visualize protective energy forming a barrier around you.

Now, your next step is to consecrate the item that you will use for the spell. You can do this by saying a quick prayer over the objects that you have dedicated to this purpose. Then, place the items on your altar or a tray.

Now, sprinkle cinnamon over the objects. You should chant, “herb for healing, herb for hope, herb for strength, herb help me cope. I call on thee, spirits of water, earth, fire and air to aid me in this healing.”

Next, tie the green ribbon around the glass jar so that it wraps the jar three times. As you do so, chant the words, “Thrice I bind thee, and so with nine calls, you will heal.” Place the small objects and your glitter into the glass jar. Tighten the lid on it and shake it nine times. Now, chant, “power of healing, I command you, heal (name) from all sickness.”

Give thanks to whatever higher power or elements that you believe in. Now, take down your circle using the opposite process as when you originally cast the circle. Put the jar somewhere safe. Whenever you want to give the sick person a boost, pick up the jar and shake it nine times. As you shake it, say, “(Name) be well, (Name) be free of sickness.” You have to do this spell separately for each person that you wish to heal.

5. The Money Spell for Beginners

Bringing in fortune and wealth is always a top goal for spells. This money spell is easy to perform. You have to send out positive energy into the universe for money so that money and positive energy are returned to you. You also have to feel confident that this spell will work because any doubts will prevent it from working properly. Often, money will arrive in unexpected ways, so keep your eyes peeled for opportunities.

To do this spell properly, you need to do it in the early morning. Wear all white clothes because white is a positive color that brings in positive energy from the universe. You will also need to use white candles. You need to be somewhere that has mud like a garden, but you can also just grab one of your flower pots for the mud aspect of the spell.

The Steps for Doing the Money Spell for Beginners

Before you start the spell, spend some time in meditation. You want to clear your mind of any negative energy. Remove any thoughts that are not related to the spell and try to focus your mind.

Make sure you are wearing your white clothes. When you are ready, light one of the white candles. Right after you have lit the candle, chant the following words, “Thou nokou money paan bolo.” As the candle burns, repeat this chant at least 150 times.

Continue to focus on positive energy as you visualize the way that you would like money to arrive. Visualize how it will feel when it arrives. Once the candle has burned down completely, bury the remaining wax in the mud of your garden or flower pot. You can repeat this spell as often as you wish.

6. A Spell for Healing Physical Pain Right Away

At some point in their lives, most people will suffer from some type of physical pain. This could be due to a chronic illness or a severe injury. Whatever the case, this spell for healing physical pain is designed to start working instantly. It is not a difficult spell to do, but you have to focus and concentrate to achieve the results.

If this spell does not work for you, then try meditating more often. You may need to develop your powers of concentration before you can cast this spell. In order to do this spell, you will need a fluorite stone or a very clear amethyst.

The Steps for Doing the Physical Pain Healing Spell

Start by finding a quiet place to clear your mind. Spend some time meditating until your mind is completely relaxed and focused. Now, pick up whichever stone you ended up choosing for the spell. Hold that stone in the hand that is closest to where you pain is. If the pain hurts in the middle of your body, use the hand that you use for writing.

Now, visualizes a vivid, white light entering your body at your feet. Imagine it slowly traveling up to your head as it moves through every part of your body. As the white light travels through your body, chant the following words, “Bright light, shining light, heal my hurts with all thy might. Continue to repeat the chant as you slowly allow the white light to travel around your body.

When the light finally reaches your head, visualize it expanding to encompass your head and filling about an extra foot on all sides of your head. Now, return the light to the spot in your body that hurts the most. Focus all of the white light on this specific spot. If you still feel pain, repeat the entire process. Make sure to keep your mind clear and focused, or it will not work. Once you are done with the spell, end it by saying the words, “So mote it be.”

7. A Free Spell for Getting Someone to Call You

This magic spell is a wonderful way to direct energy toward someone that you would like to call you. It will also make them feel inclined to pick up the phone if you call. If you have a relative, long-lost friend or prospective employer that you would like to call you, this spell will do the trick. To do the spin, you need something to write with as well as a good-quality piece of paper. You will also need a pin or needle.

The Steps for Doing the Spell to Get Someone to Call You

Start by pulling out the piece of paper. Write down the name of the person you would like to call you inside of a circle. As you write the name, mentally focus on the person’s face. Now, put your pin or needle through the very center of the circle. Next, you will place this paper next to the phone that you plan on having them call you on. Depending on your energy intensity when you do the spell, your intentions and the time of day when you do it, the person will call within minutes, hours or several days.

8. A Free Wishing Spell That Works Instantly

Wishing spells are an amazing way to make your wishes and dreams come true. These could be used to land an interview for your dream job or to find your perfect apartment. This wishing spell is easy to do and extremely powerful. As long as you put in the right energy and work, it can make your dreams come true.

To do this spell, you need to gather together six candles of any color. For the best results, you should do this during a full moon or a new moon. One section of the spell is done before you go to bed so that you can sleep while the spell starts to take effect.

The Steps for Doing the Wishing Spell

Gather six candles before the new or full moon. Before you try doing the spell, relax and spend 30 minutes in meditation. Try to clear away your thoughts so that you can really focus your mind. Now, you will light five of the candles. The sixth is a special candle that you will use for the spell itself, so leave it unlit for now.

Next, begin praying to the moon with the following chant, “Dear moon that beautifully glows at night, I pray to you with all my might. I ask you for a good night and always stay in my sight.” Chanting this spell is a way to ask the moon to give you a good night’s rest.

Repeat this spell before bedtime every night for three nights. This repetition helps you to build up the energy in the spell. Each morning when you wake up, spend 30 minutes meditating and clearing your mind. Then, turn on your favorite music or an audio meditation. Visualize all of your wishes coming true. Visualize your wish so strongly that you feel like it has already come true. Let a sense of gratitude and happiness wash over you.

On the third morning, spend an entire hour visualizing all of your dreams coming true. Then, spend an hour in meditation. Now that the spell is totally complete, your wishes can start coming true.

9. An Instant Lottery Spell

This is another money-style spell. While it can work for winning the lottery, it is also good for getting a sudden windfall or having good luck when you start gambling. It is an ideal spell for beginners to use because it is simple and effective. For this spell to work, you have to have a lot of positive energy and set strong intentions.

With the right energy, you can turn your luck around and start winning. You are basically sending your positive energy out into the universe, and the universe will return this energy. Make sure to listen to your intuition after doing this spell because your wish may come true in an unexpected way. Listen to the universe and let it guide you to wherever you need to go or whatever you need to do. Listen to your intuition, and it will tell you the right steps to take in order to win.

For this to work, you have to be positive You cannot let any negativity or self-doubt crowd your mind. For this spell to be effective, you have to be positive and confident. To get started on this spell, get a bowl of rosewater and a lot of coins. The spell will begin to work while you are sleeping.

The Steps for the Lottery Spell

This spell should be done before you go to sleep at night. You can keep doing the spell as often as you need to. To begin, pull out your bowl of rosewater and put all of the coins in it. Then, touch the coins in your bowl as you chant the following words, “Mora ponita paisie joye.” Now, you need to repeat the chant 200 times.

When you are done, take your hand out of the bowl and touch it to your forehead with the water from the bowl. Once you have done this, you can go to sleep. While you sleep, you will dream about the steps that you need to take to win at gambling or playing the lottery. If you find it hard to remember your dreams, try keeping a dream journal next to your bed. Write down your dream before you even get out of bed so that you do not forget about it. Pay careful attention to your dreams because this is where the spell will guide you toward your lottery goal.

10. A Warmth Spell

Sometimes, you feel constantly chilly. Even when you are in a warm room, you feel chilled to the bone. If you are one of those people who always feels cold, then this spell is for you. This is a good spell that you can do anywhere and anytime. It is a great spell if you are just constantly cold or if you plan on going on an adventure in the snow.

This spell is designed to help you warm up so that you can enjoy whatever social event or wintry hike that you are headed on. To make this spell work, you have to believe that it well. Your thoughts create energy, so you have to focus your thoughts to build up energy and heat in your body. By focusing on the spell, you can direct the heat to the places it needs to go in your body. Other than mental focus, you do not need any other tool to do this spell.

Steps for Doing the Warmth Spell

To do this spell, start by thinking about a source of warmth. This could be a fire, the sun, a candle or a portable heater. If you are one of the fire elements such as Leo, Aries or Sagittarius, then chant, “I am warm, I am fire, all this warmth is my desire.” Continue to repeat the chant for 15 times.

If you are not a fire element, you will do a different chant. Say the following words, “I am warm, warm as fire, all this warmth, is my desire.” Repeat this chant 15 times. Now, you should feel instantly warmer. If you do not feel warm yet, try repeating the spell again.