10 Foods That Get Rid of Acne

By on January 6, 2015

The power to combat and completely rid yourself of horrible breakouts is as easy as switching up your diet. These 10 foods that get rid of acne are totally delicious and will get the job done. Try it out for yourself!


1. Water

Water is extremely important for a healthy, functioning body, especially when it comes to fending off acne. Water naturally flushes out the gunk and chemicals in our system, and since acne is simply bacterial buildup, water helps to drain the bacteria leaving you with a clearer, less irritated face. Swap out most of your daily beverage intake for water. If that sounds too ‘boring’ for you, you can spice up your water with fruit like watermelon, cucumber, or strawberries.


2. Green Tea 

If you’re dealing with acne AND a red, puffy, irritated face, green tea should be your beverage of choice (alongside plenty of water, of course). Green tea is full of not only handy antioxidants, but anti-inflammatory properties as well. And in case you didn’t find the connection: inflamed face meets anti-inflammatory chemicals, and suddenly you’re left with a calm, cool, and clear face. Perfection! If green tea is too strong for you, try adding a bit of sweetener (I recommend Stevia or honey).


3. Berries

Berries are not only incredibly delicious, but they’re packed full of antioxidants and phytochemicals that will help you achieve the clear face you’ve been dreaming of. Instead of heading for that bag of potato chips or a candy bar for your afternoon snack, grab a handful of berries. It doesn’t matter which berry you choose- strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries will easily get the job done. Yummy!


4. Whole Grains

You’ve probably heard the word ‘whole grains’ a lot lately, but they aren’t just a buzz word- they are actually incredibly good for your body overall, containing plenty of fiber to keep you fully functioning and fending off inflammation. Whole grains like quinoa and brown rice are filled with selenium, which is a very powerful ingredient against acne. So, instead of going for white pasta or bread, choose a whole grain! (And yes, there are plenty of whole grain pasta and bread options on the market, so always look for them!)


5. Yogurt

Did you ever think- even for a second- that acne could start from your gut? It’s true! A lot of people who struggle with acne and other skin related issues simply have very low levels of stomach acid- and that’s a HUGE problem! To get control of your gut and make your skin/body happy, snack on some yogurt. Top your yogurt with berries to really get an acne fighting snack into your system! (There’s also several face masks you can create using yogurt too!)


6. Fish

There’s SO many benefits from adding fish to your diet, but one of the best benefits if you’re struggling with breakouts is their acne fighting properties. If you really want to open up your pores and give your face a break from irritation, salmon is undoubtedly the number one fish you should be consuming. The amount of omega-3 fatty acids is extremely good for you all around, and it’s great for skincare! Try to eat salmon (or any type of fish, really) at least once or twice a week. More if you love it!


7. High Water Content Veggies

We said it earlier and we will say it again: water is a great remedy against acne. So, to add even MORE water into your diet (as well as vital minerals and vitamins), choose veggies with high water content such as cucumbers.


8. Orange Vegetables

Orange vegetables are loaded with Vitamin A, a necessary vitamin to detox the body. And what helps get rid of acne? Detoxing, of course. That being said, up the amount of orange vegetables in your diet, whether it’s a few carrots with your sandwich at lunch or a delicious sweet potato to accompany your dinner.


9. Oysters

Oysters have a powerful vitamin needed to combat breakouts: zinc. And, being jam packed with double the amount of recommended daily intake of zinc, you know this delicious food will get the job done with ease. It also helps the body to absorb Vitamin A, another essential vitamin to get rid of irritated, acne-ridden skin!


10. Dark Chocolate

You know what they say: stay AWAY from sugary foods if you’re trying to get rid of your breakouts. And while this is absolutely true, it doesn’t mean you have to completely destroy your sweet tooth. If you’re craving something tasty and delicious to satisfy the sugar cravings, reach for a chunk of dark chocolate. It’s full of antioxidants that are actually good for your skin! If a chunk of dark chocolate doesn’t sound too good to you, try out dark chocolate covered goodies like peanuts or raisins.

What’s your favorite food to combat acne?

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