10 Clues That He’s using you

By on October 4, 2013

A real man has no ulterior motive for being with you. You could be broke with not a thing to offer and he would still love the real you. Another kind of man uses women. Whether he is using you for sex or money, here are the top clues that he might not be into you for just you;


1. You Always Pay


If he forgets his wallet every once in a while, no big deal. If he seems to ALWAYS forget his wallet, it’s not a coincidence. He’s using you for money. Forget your wallet once in a while and see what happens. If he gets angry, he is not only a hypocrite but he’s practically shouting that he’s into you for something besides your wonderful self.


2. You Never Go On Dates


He claims to just want to stay in, but all that translates to is sex. Staying in from time to time is fine, but when it’s every single night and all you do is have sex, he’s using you for just that. Don’t fall for the lack of money excuse. There are lots of free date ideas. He should want to do more with you if he likes you for you.


3. He’s VERY Interested in Who You Know

If he spends a lot of time hinting that your dad should get him a job, your sister should introduce him to her celebrity friend, or that your boss should see his invention, etc., he might be using you for your connections. Sure, it’s great when one’s significant other knows the right people, but if he won’t stop pushing you for your connections, he is probably interested in who you know more than who you are.


4. What’s His is His and What’s Yours is His

After things gets serious in a normal relationship, what’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine. If in your relationship, you aren’t free to use his things but he uses yours freely, he is probably using you for your things. He should be willing to share if he’s willing to use your things. If not, he’s not into you for you.


5. You’ve Never Met Anyone

If you have been together for months and haven’t even been introduced to as much as his mailman as “my girlfriend”, he is using you. Maybe he’s using you for money or sex or whatever, but he is definitely with you for the wrong reasons. Anytime a certain amount of time has gone by without any introductions at all, there is always something wrong. He isn’t with you for you.


6. He Constantly Uses Your Place

If he has his own place but throws massive parties and get-togethers at your house as if it’s his own, he might be using you for your pad. This is especially true if he barely even gets your permission, invites only his friends, and then bails as soon as the party is over. If he wasn’t using you, he’d throw the parties at his own place. You’re his girlfriend, not his event rental location.


7. He’s Hard to Reach Until Late

You text and call and email that you want to spend the day together, but he never responds. Then, like magic, late in the evening he finally is available to spend time with you….but only for sex. If you can’t reach him during the day, you are basically a booty call even if you do not intend to be one. He isn’t into you for you, he’s into you for your booty. Find someone who wants you at all hours of the day, not just at midnight.


8. You’re Never His Date For Any Event

He goes to his friend’s wedding…without you. He goes to his Grandma’s birthday party…without you. He goes to work functions…without you. If you are new in this relationship, it might be excusable, but after a few months there is no excuse worthy anymore. He’s using you for something. If he was into you, you would be invited to anything.


9. He Drives Your Car More Than You Do

If it’s unclear whether your car is yours or his, he might be using you for it. Sure, you might not have that exciting of a ride, but if it’s better than his or he doesn’t have one at all, he probably likes it a lot. He might even like it more than he likes you. If it seems like every time he comes over, it’s to ask to borrow your car, he is probably not into you as much as he’s into your car.


10. He ALWAYS Needs Something

He calls to say hello, “Oh and can I borrow $20?” He stops by to spend time, “Oh and can I use your Internet?” He drops by your work to see you, “Oh and can you watch my dog this weekend?” If he ALWAYS has an, “Oh and…” he is using you. A respectable man rarely asks for favors and spend more days without that little, “Oh and…” This user is into you for what you can do for him. That’s all.

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