10 Best Winter Nail Colors

By on December 15, 2014

Nail polish trends change with the season, and they spread like wildfire. One day only a few girls are rocking the new nail color, and the next thing you know, the entire classroom is sporting the same exact shade. But this winter may come as a surprise to you. While darker nail colors were on-trend last year (and years prior), this years it’s all about the bright, eye-catching colors that will keep you perky and cheery all winter long.

1. Dark Blue

When you think of winter, your mind instantly thinks of cold, dark, and damp nights, huddled next to the fireplace with a cup of cocoa to keep you warm. And what better way to match the season then with darker, warmer colors? This enchanting dark blue color is exactly what Santa Claus prescribed. It’s a rather fascinating shade of blue that suits the winter seasons perfectly.


2. Red

No matter the season, red is always a trendy nail color. And whether it’s a brighter shade of red or a deep, wine color like on the nails you see above, it’s sure to be fashion forward and extremely sexy; so don’t even think about getting rid of your red nail polishes! Paint one or two of your fingernails white to really bring out the winter holiday spirit, and add some glitter to tie the candy cane look together brilliantly!


3. Deep Purple

If you read about the 10 best hair colors for winter 2014, you’d know that deep purple is definitely on the list. But aside from its extreme popularity in the hair world, it’s also incredibly trendy in the nail biz, too. This gorgeous deep and dark shade of purple has a mysterious appearance that is both enticing and alluring simultaneously.


4. Pale Pink

With vintage inspiration undoubtedly being one of the hottest fashion trends of the year 2014, it was only natural that pale pink be on the top 10 list- yes, even for winter. You see, this lovely shade of pink is as flirty and feminine as it gets, and paired up with your favorite vintage outfit it makes for an elegant duo that can’t be ignored.


5. Silver

Like shimmering lights on a holiday tree, this silver nail polish dazzles and stuns for miles- and of course it’s one of the most trendiest nail colors of the season. I mean, who wouldn’t want to sparkle like the stars all winter long? This fascinating, eye-catching nail polish can be worn alone, or pair it up with some other colors to really make the entire style “pop”.


6. Glitter

Okay, so glitter isn’t exactly a color. But come on ladies! Whether it’s one hundred degrees outside and we’re sunbathing in our swimsuits or huddled in our leggings and oversized sweatshirts, what girl doesn’t want to wear glitter? It’s one of those trends that just doesn’t quit. And lucky for us, winter 2014 is ALL about the glitter! Add a few blotches on your nails or completely saturate your nails for a really crazy and eye-popping style.


7. White

Celebrating and embracing the winter season around us is easy when you’ve got this beautiful white nail polish adorning your nails. It’s as bright as the snow-covered mountains around us and brings a little slice of the winter wonderland inside with us every night. Needless to say, white is definitely a go-to nail color this season!


8. Lilac

Have we made it obvious yet that purple is the color of the season? Deep, plum purple, lilac purple, and everything in between. We love it. And we can’t get enough of it. It’s as simple as that! This dazzling lilac tone brings a cheery and feminine side to winter, gracing your nails with a vibrant shade that will keep you bright and sunny even through the grayest nights.


9. Light Blue

Pastels are all the rage right now. We’re seeing them literally everywhere! That being said, light blue makes the top 10 without a second guess. This gorgeous light blue shade has a twinge of summer spirit, yet its rather cold and frosty appearance makes it a wonderful choice for wintery seasons.


10. Gold

Because every lady loves gold, and this gorgeous, dazzling nail polish just so happens to match that stunning holiday dress you plan to wear!

What is your favorite nail polish color for winter 2014?

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