10 best weight loss smoothies

By on August 3, 2013

Smoothies and weight loss is a topic that can be discussed the whole day. Mothers and daughters are trying out all possible weight loss exercises including detoxification to get back to their celebrity like figures.
Since no one likes to be called fat, or to be told they are adding weight, the continuous exploration of weight loss alternatives has increased and smoothies, which are blended fresh fruit drinks make it part in the recipe category. The following list describes the 10 best weight loss smoothies and recipes that you can try out and lose excess belly and body fat.

mango smoothies
Mango this smoothie is a complete blend of mango cubes, mashed ripe avocado and mango juice all added at the rates of quarters.

Blueberry smoothies

Blueberry this blend of skimmed milk, frozen and unsweetened berries and a table spoon of flaxseed oil is perfect for flat belly diet that could also act as a jumpstart for the day.

Peanut butter and bananas smoothies

Peanut butter and bananas this blend is usually taken for breakfast and includes a cup of fat free milk, plain yogurt and table spoon of creamy natural unsalted peanut butter.
Vanilla yogurt and blueberry as the phrase denotes, this is a blend smoothie of vanilla and blueberry hence all you need is a cup skim milk, or soy milk if accessible. Vanilla yogurt as well as fresh blueberries can also be added to complete the recipe.
Chocolate raspberry for this smoothie, a cup of soy or skim milk blended with vanilla yogurt and some chocolate tips toppings would make a perfect weight loss smoothie to be taken for breakfast, or lunch or even as a snack.

Peach a favored option for a flat belly diet jumpstart, this is a delicious snack made by blending skim milk, unsweetened peaches and organic flaxseed oil.
Lemon-orange citrus for a tropical flat belly, this smoothie make an amazing weight loss experience. You will be required to mix in equal portions skim milk, lemon yogurt and peeled orange sliced into small sections. This is also taken chilled.

apple smoothie
Apple if you consider losing weight fast with a cup of skim milk, some vanilla yogurt and a piece of apple pie added to spice it up. To make it the apple smoothie, a peeled chopped apple and cashew butter completes the recipe.
Pineapple makes it in the category of weight loss smoothies since it’s categorized as a flat belly diet jumpstart snack and skim milk and canned pineapples are all you need.
Strawberry a cup of skimmed milk, unsweetened strawberries and cold pressed organic flaxseed oil will make amazing jumpstart treat for flat bellies.