10 Best butt exercise to lift, tone and shape

By on July 27, 2013

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Butt workouts are conducted to tone and shape up the rear to a model featured rear. The hips and the entire streamlined body of a model can easily be achieved by focusing on exercises that will work to bring out the desiring look. Young women discover new entities to acquire model like bodies hence why we are going to focus on the 10 best butt exercises to lift, tone and shape the rear!

The most common exercises include the hip-lift progression, toe taps, single-leg front raises, and squats with kick-backs, single-leg squat with towel, dumbbell squats, plie, explosive lunges, sun salutations and clam dig with rotation. These are among the killer best butt exercises for sensitive women that want to fit in the category of those with not only lift but also tone and classically shaped butts!
The hip-lift progression¬ this is a classic workout that is aimed to relieve tension from the lower back, however, other than relieving tension to restore the relaxing moment, the exercise is also renowned for working butts at the same time.

Toe taps this is where you maximize on your toes to and likewise use them to tap the floor as you lie flat on your back with the arms aside.
Single-leg front raises also known as the exercise of balance and involves a solid stretch to the thigh while it’s tightened, since it’s an exercise that does not invite a lot of moves, it is easily achieved as there is less coordination and hence its objective to tone the rear as needed.
Squat with kick-back when you are strong, your quads and butt will be toned. Also referred to as a powerhouse move, standing on one leg and shoulders spread wide apart as though making a dive and further alternating that with squats is all about the kick-back with squat!
Single leg squat with towel become a fitness queen by maximizing on a folded towel. More like a goalkeeper preparing for a dive on a ball, the single leg squat is easy but requires determination.
Dumbbell squats turn a normal butt workout to a gym like experience


Plie simple but requires a lot of practice to do correctly. It’s associated with the Brazilian butt and lift workout.
Explosive lounges just as the term denotes, this is the best stretch you can get that also incorporates balance.
Sun salutations this is yoga that actually works every part of the body including the butt
Clam dig with rotation this comprises of an outward hip rotation with some little weight on the arm.

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