10 Benefits of Squats for Women

By on October 13, 2014

Haven’t you heard about the recent squat craze? Well, it’s not just some crazy fad that may die off in time. Women across the globe are handing in their running shoes and turning down laborious gym machines in exchange for one thing: squats. And while yes, squats might be a bit hard at first, they get easier over time. You will absolutely LOVE the results- not just on your backside, but the rest of your body as well.


1. An AMAZING Butt

Let’s start with the obvious: do squats, get a nice butt. And I mean a nice butt. All that pain and tension from performing a perfect squat is well worth the work when you’re walking around with a backside that is firm, toned, and oh-so-luscious.

2. Gorgeous Legs

When you’re performing a squat, you’ll obviously feel a lot of pressure on your legs. It’s a good thing. That means that you’re actually performing the exercise correctly. And in the meantime, you’re building strong, gorgeous legs free of fat and cellulite. The end result? Toned, smooth, and luscious legs that are bikini ready. Why spend hours rotating on different leg-targeting gym machines when you can spend 10 minutes doing squats and hit all the right spots at once? There’s a clear winner here.

3. No More Cellulite

Oh. My. Gosh. Did you just read that correctly? Yep, you sure did. There is an actual way to get rid of cellulite. (I know, calm down. Take a deep breath.) The answer is: you guessed it, squats. When you perform squats, your muscles start stretching which helps the flow of blood throughout your entire body. This not only results in better overall health as an increase in nutrients are being circulated to vital organs/muscles, but also means you can officially say goodbye to stubborn cellulite.


4. Better Digestion

Do you ever deal with bloat? How about irregularity of the bowels? Well, squats can help with that too. The muscle action required to perform a squat actually improves the flow of fluids in your body, thus resulting in less bloat and the releasing of waste at a better and more comfortable pace.

5. More Muscles Overall

This doesn’t mean you can completely skip your arm workout. But performing squats regularly will actually help to build muscle throughout your entire body at a much more rapid pace. The intensity of a squat is so incredibly high that it actually triggers anabolic movement throughout the entire body, thus resulting in the growth of muscle tissue.

6. Fat Loss

I’m just going to put this in very basic terms: squats burn tons of calories. Not only that, but the more you squat, the more muscle you’ll have. And muscle burns fat at a much more rapid pace than fat (of course). So really, the more squats you do, the more of a calorie-burning firehouse you will become. (Are you finally starting to understand while we handed in the gym machines for this incredibly awesome workout?)

7. Builds Back Muscles

If you have a somewhat bad back that tends to ache regularly, you might think squats are out of the question. You might think the strain will be too much on your already hurting back. Now, I’m not a doctor- so if you’re truly someone with a bad back that can’t be overlooked, you should probably ask beforehand. But if you just have an achey back here and there, squats can actually improve your aches and pains. You see, each time you perform a squat, you not only train your legs and booty- but your back as well. And a strong back means a back that can withstand almost anything, ridding itself of any minor aches and pains!

8. Helps Your Posture

Want to walk around like a beauty queen with your back straight and head held high? I have one word for you: squats. Tired of slouching and looking like a slob at the lunch table? I have one word for you: squats. Want overall better posture? One more time: SQUATS!! Squats train your back. You have to be in the proper position to perform a correct squat, which of course in turn helps you maintain a better posture in your day to day life. Ah, we love you squats.

c2f1433981d0947c1ca2cd8346f4b8f29. Better Knees

All that strain on your knees seems like it might do more harm than good, right? WRONG! Squats build the muscles surrounding your knees and also makes sure your joints are flexible and strong.

10. You Can Do Them Anywhere

While it’s GREAT if you can use free weights during your squats, it’s not essential. In fact, you can perform squats literally anywhere and any time of the day. Do some squats during your coffee break. Do some squats at the gym. Do some squats before you head into the shower. It really doesn’t matter, as long as you’re getting them into your daily routine at some point!

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