10 Awesome Double Date Ideas

By on August 14, 2014

Whether you and your best buddy just so happen to be in a relationship or you’re nervous and looking to take the edge off on one of your first few meetings with that hottie that just asked you out, double dates are an awesome choice. They’re relaxed, casual, and totally fun- taking the pressure off so you can sit back, chill, and chat with your date. These double date rendezvous ideas are totally fun and exciting and will turn your traditional double date ideas upside down into something other than “another group movie date”.


1. Go Out to Dinner

Ok, so this particular option is one of the traditional double date settings. But that’s only because it’s ALWAYS a great choice. I mean, think about it: you can’t go wrong with food. Food just has that casual feel in a social setting that we all love (and need) on a date. But don’t think your double date dinner night has to be anything ultra fancy. While that’s great here and there, nothing’s better than switching it up. Check out the hot new downtown diner or grab a drink with dinner at the sports bar across town. Maybe travel to a really cool pizza place in another city (you know, the one with “adult” games like Dave and Busters?) or just get some ice cream.

2. See a Game

Going one on one to a sports game is fun, but I think we can all agree that when it comes to sports fans, the more the better! Get crazy with your pals and have a blast at a game. (And don’t forget it’s perfect OK to paint yourself in the team colors and stuff yourself to the brink on peanuts and hot dogs!) FLYNET - Celebrities Attending The V Festival 20123. Live Music

Some cities will hold special music events or festivals, and these are super awesome because you get to enjoy the great outdoors while also hearing some local bands. But if that’s not your thing or there’s nothing happening nearby, pile up in the car and take off to a concert featuring your guys’ favorite bands or singers.

4. Take a Class

I don’t mean sign up for the most difficult math class at your local college (unless of course you’re into that thing- more power to you and your awesome brain!). I’m thinking more on the lines of a fun class where you can get a little wild and have plenty of fun, like a cooking class at the rec center or an art class at the art museum downtown. Just what classes are happening in your area and have some awesome fun while learning a new skill with your mate! djgft5. Wine Tasting

Obviously this is a suggestion for the couples over 21- but wine tasting is seriously such a great idea for double dates. Wine tasting had a certain refined elegance that is great for couples while being just the right amount of casual to not make you nervous. Not to mention the collection of divine wines you get to sample (which is of course a major plus to this activity). And if your friend just happens to actually drink all the wine and gets a little loopy, you’ll be there to back her up and help her out so she doesn’t make a fool out of herself in front of that special someone.

6. Amusement Park

Do I really need to explain this one? Amusement parks = fun. End of story. And I don’t care WHAT age you are. High school couples and older couples that have been together over 20 years can have equal amounts of good times and laughter being hand in hand with their lover as they scream their way through the scariest coaster in town! large7. Go to the Beach

There’s something about the beach setting that is calm, relaxing, and absolutely romantic. Plus there’s tons of super cool and free things to do there. Splash and splash in the ocean with your pals, go exploring in the nearby coves if you’re feeling adventurous, or pack a picnic to take down to the shores. Make it an extra special night with a few romantic candles to deal the deal.

8. Go on an Adventure

There are WAY too many ideas to list them all- I’ll be here all day! So I’ll just throw out a few awesome ideas. If you’re the extra daring type, you might consider sky diving or skiing on a super steep slope. If you’re just looking to have a good time, try roller blading or mini golfing. And who wouldn’t love to bring out their inner child and hit the zoo or aquarium? There’s lots of ideas out there!!

large9. Party!

The downtown scene might not be somewhere you want to go with your date when it’s just one on one, but as a double date it can be a real hit. You know that new club that just opened up downtown? Now might be the perfect time to go take a look at what it has to offer. Or maybe just hit the local bar scene and get a little tipsy with good friends. Who know how the night will end?

10. Plan a Getaway

Every couple needs an escape, and if you’re not at that level to go one on one or simply want to switch it up, planning a group getaway is a sure fire way to go. There’s plenty of options depending on your budget. Go stay at the beach overnight for a quick trip, or travel to an exotic island or cool country if you really want to go all out. Go out for dinners, explore the area, enjoy the new experiences and find awesome things to do like snorkeling or learning a custom of the area. The options are literally limitless and getaways are almost guaranteed to be an astounding adventure you won’t soon forget. Get separate rooms or get separate ones depending on your relationship levels (insert winking smiley face here).

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