10 Ways to Look Skinny in Pictures

By on December 26, 2014

Every woman wants to look her best in her photos. It’s a common knowledge that a camera can add a few pounds to the photograph. That is why, even if we are happy with our bodies, we are already at a disadvantage in front of the camera, and a bad looking photo can not only ruin our day, it can lower our self-image and confidence. In order to avoid that, these simple 10 tricks will help you look skinny and beautiful in your pictures.




  1. Wear right clothes.

The first step to looking skinny in photos is to wear right clothes that will visually make you look thinner. If you know that you will have to pose for a photo, make sure to choose darker colors for your outfit and to go monochromatic. It will visually extend your body and create a nice flattering image. The key to always looking good in any photo is to know your body type and dress accordingly.

  1. Avoid the low angle (camera should be at least at your eye level).

Position the camera slightly above your eye level for a better result. Even if you are a supermodel, being photographed from below will not compliment you at all. It will make your legs shorter, and your torso bulkier. Low angle is the worst possible angle so avoid it by all means.

  1. Turn your body slightly sideways.

When you see a photographer getting ready to shoot you, quickly turn your body sideways for a more flattering angle. Turning sideways makes you by default look skinnier, while standing at a straight angle widens your body, which you definitely do not want to happen.

  1. Stand straight.

Kate Upton

Kate Upton

Stand up straight and suck in your stomach. Pull yourself together and do not twist, bend or stand in odd positions. Pull your shoulders back and make sure your body is straight and elongated for a better skinny image.

  1. Never say cheese.

Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks

Never, ever say cheese in the photos, well, unless, you want to look like a chipmunk with its big round cheeks. It might be fun, but definitely not flattering for your image and the way people will see you in your photos ever after. A natural soft smile will do the trick and make you look spectacular.

  1. Arrange your hair, let it hang down softly and avoid tight buns.

Some hairstyles are made to visually elongate your neck, but most of the casual ones will make your face harsher and your body bigger. That is why, ditch the usual bun, braid, or ponytail and let some hair hang loose around your face for a softer image.

  1. Keep your chin up.

This simple trick will make your neck appear longer and will create a nice frame for your look. Keeping the chin down creates a double chin even with the skinniest girls, and “I want to have a double chin in my photos” said no one ever.

  1. Do not stand on the side (in case it’s a group photo) or in front of everyone else.


A common rule with the camera is that distance counts, and the closer you are to the camera, the larger you appear. That is why, when in a group photo, avoid standing in front of everyone else or on the side (which has the same enlarging effect). You can see that, for instance, in this photo, Blake Lively look much bigger that she is in real life. She can still pull it off by just being her, but we are no Blake Lively, so let’s not repeat her mistake!

  1. Put your hand on your hip.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson

Do not keep your arms close to your body; otherwise they might look bigger than they are, giving you a boxy appearance. To keep your torso and your arms skinny, repeat the all-times red carpet pose and place one arm on your hip, while, of course, being twisted slightly sideways.

  1. Know your best angles.

Every person is unique and beautiful in their own way, and to emphasize your best assets, find your best angles, and stick to them. Practice makes perfect, so practice in front of the mirror your most flattering looks, or have your girlfriends over for a fun photo shoot where you can learn together how to look skinny in the photos. Remember: in order to look skinny without seeming as if you are making an effort, you need to practice, and there is no shame in it. The result will be definitely worth it!

These simple tips will help you look skinny in all your photos and will raise your self-esteem and confidence. From now on, you will look fabulous in all the pictures!

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