60 French Tip Nail Designs

By on July 2, 2015

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French tip nails are such a cool trend among women of all ages. We all want to have beautiful, long, and gracious hands, which means our best alternative is to opt for French tip nails. The classic design has evolved, and it has been completed transformed from something simple into something incredibly sophisticated and chic. There’s a design choice for every occasion, so whether you’re going to a wedding or you just want to have beautiful nails for a day at the office, these 60 French tip nail designs should serve as inspiration.

1. Naturally Looking Black & Pastel Pink Nail Design

french tip nail design_1

via junejohnson

Natural nails are the best. For this design you don’t need artificial nails. Just your natural nails grow a bit, and give them a round shape. Use black nail polish only for the extra length, and pastel pink for the base. The final result will look refined and chic; perfect for every occasion.

2. Sparkly White

french tip nail design_2

via weddbook

This beautiful manicure is excellent for a wedding. The French design has a classic square shape, and the nails are slightly longer. Perfectly trimmed and colored with white matte nail polish, the final coat of polish is sheer but sparkly. This gives the manicure an original and extremely enticing allure.


3. Metallic Design

french tip nail design_3

via indulgy

French tips nails with metallic designs are the newest trend. Basically, we have a matte gray polish for actual nails, and sparkly silver for the tips. If you’re going to a fancy part or live concert, this metallic French manicure will surely turn some heads around.

4. Deep Matte Red

french tip nail design_4

via stayglam

Matte nails are chic and modern, and they go really well with elegant, extravagant clothes. However, be careful as matte polish can be incredibly sensitive too. Opt for classic square-shaped nails, and consider an extended length if you have bulkier or shorter hands.

5. Black & White Art

french tip nail design_5

via cuded

This French tip nail design will take your breath away. Basically, each nail tells a story and we really like the black & white allure. Artistic nail designs are becoming increasingly more popular, and we must emphasize that it is a great way of conveying a powerful message too.

6. Black & Gold Aztec Design

french tip nail design_6

via buzznet

Aztec designs make the greatest impact. Perfect for women with both short and long nails, this type of manicure is excellent for free-spirited women. Consider colorful patterns and pair the design with a cool, outgoing outfit in order to free chic and elegant.

7. Pastel Hues


via tinydeal

Pastel nuances for the tips are great for a summer-inspired manicure. The French design is neat and simple at the base with an added twist thanks to the light purple, yellow, mint green and pink influences; wear the nails round or square, and let your hands grab attention.

8. Contrasting Pinks

contrasting pinks_8

via essie

Surprisingly smart and playful, this nail art design blends two main contrasting pinks. The wow effect is guaranteed, mostly because each nail is differently designed with the color combo; an excellent idea for women who want add a twist to their daily French manicure.

9. Golden Nail Design


via tumblr

This French tip nail design is exceptional. Aimed at sophisticated women, the manicure is ideal for a lavish party or masquerade. We really love the graphic patterns drawn on the nails – absolutely stunning.

10. Stiletto Nail Design & Black Tips


via londonbeep

This fascinating nail design is both elegant and discreet. We love the stiletto shape of the nail, as well as the geometric contour of the black nail polish.

11. Dark Gray with Pink Tips

Dark Gra_11

via feminiya

This interesting French manicure is both striking and stylish. Gray is a rather unusual nuance for nail polish, although in combination with light pink, it does look quite appealing.

12. Dark Purple & Classic Square Nail Shape

Deep Purple_12

via makeup-holics

Sometimes the simplest design can have the most striking effect. Dark purple can be so attractive when it is topped with a coat of invisible nail polish.

13. Cherry & Light Pink

Cheery & Light Purple_13

via celinaryden

This fabulous combination of sparkling cherry with warm purple is suitable to women who are more sophisticated. The pointed tips add even more glam and opulence to the overall manicure. A French tip nail design you must try at least once!

14. Glittery Gold

french tip nail design_14

via prettydesigns

This is a classic type of French manicure with a twist. We really love the glittery gold nail polish used for the ring finger. The French design is perfect for brides-to-be. Classic, elegant and stylish! What more can you ask for?

15. Matte Gloss

french tip nail design_15

via collegefashion

Let the rock-star in you shine through and opt for this bold French tip nail design. We love the matte and gloss combination; it adds originality to the manicure, and it makes it stand out.

16. Cute French Design with Bows

french tip nail design_16

via cuded

Adorable nails! That’s everything we can say about this design. Those cute black bows placed at the base of the tips really make this French manicure seem original and incredibly enticing.

17. Classic French with a Twist

french tip nail design_17

via flickr

Classic in appearance but quite ingenious at a closer look, this French tip nail design is fresh and alluring. We love the mark design created at the base of the tips. It’s innovative and interesting.

18. Glittery Purple with Square-Shaped Nails

french tip nail design_18

via ink361

Who says glitter has to be tacky? For this manicure, it is actually quite stylish. However, it’s fundamental to keep your nails short for this one. Too much glitter can do more harm than good, and you certainly don’t want to look cheap.

19. Dita von Teese-Inspired Manicure

french tip nail design_19

via indulgy

This French tip nail design is Dita von Teese’s signature. The gorgeous burlesque dancer sure knows how to put on a show, even when she’s not dancing. We adore the manicure; it’s sleek and modern.

20. Pastel Pink Ombre

french tip nail design_20

via jjjggram

French tips nail designs can be beguiling, and the manicure we’re presenting in the picture above is stunning. Classic in form, the color of the nail polish goes from really light pink to white. It’s such a delightful combination.

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