50 Best Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

By on September 26, 2014

If you’re tired of hair breakage from weaves, wigs, and chemical straightening, or if you’re just looking for a fresh new look, why not consider natural hairstyles? Natural styles can be great for your hair and your personal style – and there are so many options to choose from!

Natural hairstyles are becoming more popular with many celebrities showing off their “real”, weave- and wig-free hair on social media (e.g., Nicki Minaj), and natural is also the healthiest option for your hair, especially if you’re trying to grow it out.

Keep your hair in pristine condition with one of our 50 Best Natural Hairstyles for Black Women featuring gorgeous and stylish  natural hairstyles worn by fabulous black female celebrities like Beyonce, Rihanna, Keri Hilson, Lupita Nyong’o, Kelly Rowland, and many more. Whether you prefer box braids, Senegalese twists, TWAs, heat straightened natural hair, or gorgeous natural curls, you’ll find a fantastic hairstyle here to suit your taste.


1. Beyonce Knowles Natural Hairstyle: Box braid bun 

Natural hairstyle for black women_01

Singing sensation and feminist role-model Beyonce Knowles looks fabulous with her box braids done up in a huge, gravity-defying bun. Box-braid extensions are easy to install, delightfully boho chic, and very versatile. They look fantastic in any style, so don’t be afraid to experiment! They can be expensive to install at a salon, but you can buy the hair yourself and install your own extensions with the help of a YouTube tutorial (and lots of patience!).

2. Teyana Taylor Natural Hairstyle: Big spiral curls

Natural hairstyle for black women_02

American recording artist and actress Teyana Taylor looks gorgeous with her big spiral curls and soft, neutral makeup. You can create spiral curls in natural hair with magnetic rollers, rag curls, or Curlformers – all of which are heat-free and natural hair friendly. For best results, remember to keep hair well moisturized at the scalp before and after styling, and to always sleep with your hair in a silk scarf to prevent your locks from drying out.

3. Lupita Nyong’o Natural Hairstyle: Twisted pompadour

Natural hairstyle for black women_03

Mexican-Kenyan actress and film director Lupita Nyong’o looks stunning with her twisted pompadour hairstyle. We love how her hair is piled up on her head in a stylish and eye-catching pompadour, and the short sides and back make for an extra striking look. She pairs her unique natural hairstyle with gorgeous smoky eye makeup and glossy plum lipstick for a glamorous and feminine final look.

4. Rihanna Fenty Natural Hairstyle: Long, beachy waves

Natural hairstyle for black women_04

Barbadian beauty and songstress Rihanna Fenty looks divine and carefree with her long, natural beachy waves of hair. She’s embraced the natural texture of her hair, wearing it loose and full of volume. It’s definitely possible to grow your own natural hair out to this impressive length – it just takes time, patience, and plenty of TLC for your thirsty locks to keep them growing!

5. Venus Williams Natural Hairstyle: Bright box braids

Natural hairstyle for black women_05

American professional tennis player Venus Williams mixes up her look with bright pink and white box braids and barely-there micro side braids. Natural hair needn’t be boring – try some brightly colored braided hair extensions for a fun and flirty twist on a traditional protective style. The best part about colorful extensions is that you can change up your hair color without altering or damaging your natural hair.

6. Toni Braxton Natural Hairstyle: Pretty bob

Natural hairstyle for black women_06

American R&B singer-songwriter, pianist, musician, record producer, actress, television personality, and philanthropist Toni Braxton looks beautiful with her natural hair in a simple yet classic bob hairstyle. To get Toni’s sophisticated hairstyle, get a stylist you trust to cut your natural hair into a sexy bob. Then, use a flat iron to straighten it out when you want to wear it sleek and smooth. Heat styling can dry out your hair, so use heat protection hair products to prevent damage.

7. Naturi Naughton Natural Hairstyle: Chic braided up’do

Natural hairstyle for black women_07

American singer-songwriter, rapper, and actress Naturi Naughton looks divine with her chic braided up’do. Braided extensions are very versatile and fun to style, so get creative and come up with your own unique style. If you have very long or very heavy braids, try not to wear them up often for extended periods of time as the weight can pull on your hair, damaging your edges.

8. Yaya DaCosta Natural Hairstyle: Beautiful curly up’do

Natural hairstyle for black women_08

American actress and fashion model Yaya DaCosta looks stunning with her beautiful curly up’do. We love how her hair has been pulled back at the sides to draw more attention to the romantic curls piled up on her head. Pair your flirty, curly hairstyle with shimmery eye-shadow and nude lips for extra sex appeal. Take care not to style hair too tightly, as tight styles can weaken hair at the hairline and cause breakage (and eventual hair loss).

9. Kelly Rowland Natural Hairstyle: Half-up hairdo with natural curls

Natural hairstyle for black women_09

American singer, songwriter, actress, and television personality Kelly Rowland looks fabulous with her half-up hairdo and lots of natural curls. Natural spiral curls are feminine and romantic, and they look great worn loose and down, tied up, or in a glamorous up’do. Keep your curls well moisturized by oiling your scalp regularly with jojoba oil or another natural oil, and sleeping with your hair in a silk scarf to prevent moisture loss during the night. even better, invest in a silk pillowcase too!

10. Simone Tetteh Natural Hairstyle: Cute curly bouffant

Natural hairstyle for black women_10

Vogue’s Bookings Associate and style inspiration Simone Tetteh looks divine with her cute curly bouffant hairstyle. We adore her head scarf, and the interesting texture of the puffy bouffant atop her head. We also love her healthy edges – keep yours intact by avoiding tight braids and never wearing weaves and wigs for too long, as these practices can damage hair and stunt hair growth. You can accessorize your natural hairstyle with a scarf or bandanna for a casual and funky everyday look.

11. Eva Marcille Natural Hairstyle: Box braid topknot

Natural hairstyle for black women_11

American actress, TV host and fashion model Eva Marcille looks absolutely phenomenal with her gravity-defying box braid topknot hairstyle. Her small box braids are glamorous and feminine, and they look amazing in a huge twirled topknot. Braids are a great protective hairstyle as they are stylish and allow your hair to grow by protecting them from damage and breakage. As a general rule you should remove your extensions after 6 weeks (maximum!) to prevent your hair from meshing with the braids – this can cause hair to break off when you remove the braids after a long time.

12. Raven-Symoné Natural Hairstyle: Fluffy afro

Natural hairstyle for black women_12

American actress, singer, comedian, dancer, television producer and model Raven-Symoné looks adorable with her flirty and fluffy afro. She sports a mid length afro with soft curls, and she embellishes her hairstyle with a pretty headband with a bow. For best results, comb your hair out with a very wide toothed comb or pick, and only when it is oiled or damp. Combing it out dry increases the risk of breakage.

13. Solange Knowles Natural Hairstyle: Jumbo Havana twists

Natural hairstyle for black women_13

American singer, songwriter, and model Solange Knowles has been a natural hair inspiration since her “big chop” in 2009. Here she rocks waist-length, jumbo Havana twists that cascade over her shoulders, framing her face. Havana hair twists are lighter than Marley hair, making them ideal for pool parties and island holidays as they won’t weigh you down when wet! Also, lighter twists are kinder on your edges, so opt for Havana hair twists if you have fragile edges.

14. Willow Smith Natural Hairstyle: Blonde TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro)

Natural hairstyle for black women_14

American child actress, singer, rapper, and dancer Willow Smith looks fabulous with her blonde teeny weeny afro (TWA). The TWA is a cute and stylish natural hairstyle that is very easy to manage. The most important care tip for this natural hairstyle is to moisturize your hair and scalp daily, as TWAs are more prone to drying out than longer styles. As your hair grows out, you can experiment with many new and different styles.

15. Nicki Minaj Natural Hairstyle: Long, straight, and natural

Natural hairstyle for black women_15

American rapper, songwriter and actress Nicki Minaj shocked and delighted fans when she stepped out looking all natural with natural (albeit straightened) hair and toned-down makeup. She recently shared images on Instagram of her long natural hair, inspiring many of her fans to ditch their wigs and weaves in favor of their natural locks. Take good care of your hair to encourage hair growth, and only straighten it out every now and again to prevent excessive hair damage. It IS possible to grow long natural hair, but it takes time and patience.

16. Keri Hilson Natural Hairstyle: Super long, half-up box braids

Natural hairstyle for black women_16

American singer, songwriter and actress Keri Hilson looks strikingly beautiful with her super long box braids in a glamorous half-up hairstyle. Box braids are classic and  gorgeous, and they suit everyone. Get big box braid extensions for a sexy and modern look, or smaller ones for a more romantic and delicate look. Wear them loose, in a ponytail, in a half-up hairdo, in a bun, or any other way you can think of!

17. Kerry Washington Natural Hairstyle: Textured up’do

Natural hairstyle for black women_17

Scandal star Kerry Washington looks divine with her natural, textured up’do and sultry, glowing makeup. We love her fabulous, healthy edges , and the subtle volume of her natural locks. Keep your edges in pristine condition by treating them with lots of protein and moisture – raw Shea butter is a great scalp treatment. Avoid tight braids and twists, and try not to wear wigs and weaves for longer than 6 weeks at a time as they starve the scalp of oxygen, stunting hair growth. Finally, only brush your edges with a very soft brush. Follow these tips and you will prevent unsightly hair loss at your hairline.

18. Keke Palmer Natural Hairstyle: Soft, fabulous ‘fro

Natural hairstyle for black women_18

Multi-talented American actress, television presenter, singer-songwriter, musician, dancer, fashion designer and activist Keke Palmer looks fabulous with her big, soft ‘fro. Big afros are remarkably versatile when it comes to styling – wear yours big and combed out, coiled, braided, twisted, or in any other way you fancy! Get Keke’s look by gently brushing out your ‘fro until is resembles a gorgeous halo surrounding your head.

19. Kandi Burruss Natural Hairstyle:  Half-up braids

Natural hairstyle for black women_19

American singer-songwriter, actress, record producer, and television personality Kandi Burruss looks gorgeous with her thin box braids in a half-up hairdo. You can also wear your box braids in a thick ponytail, either high up on your head for a glamorous look, or a low ponytail for a more subtly sexy look. Just be sure to choose a thick hair band that will hold your locks without damaging them.

20. Jill Scott Natural Hairstyle: Micro cornrows & side-swept curls

Natural hairstyle for black women_20

American singer and actress Jill Scott looks fantastic with her micro cornrows and side swept curls. If you’re looking for an edgy and eye-catching natural hairstyle, take inspiration from Jill and try out an asymmetrical hairstyle. Combine different textures and styles for a cool and contemporary look – feel free to get creative! Asymmetrical hairstyles are modern and fun, and perfect for updating your personal style.

21. Teyana Taylor Natural Hairstyle: Side braids with curly mohawk

Natural hairstyle for black women_21

American recording artist and actress Teyana Taylor looks amazing with her side cornrow braids and a curly mohawk. This natural hairstyle is youthful and fun, and it’s bound to turn heads. Start by creating cornrow braids on the sides, and then twist the top section of hair bit by bit using your fingers (or use a curling iron) to great big, bouncy curls. Pair your edgy hairstyle with big, statement earrings and striking makeup for maximum impact.

22. Solange Knowles Natural Hairstyle: Post-big chop TWA

Natural hairstyle for black women_22

American singer, songwriter, and model Solange Knowles looks delightful with her TWA just after her big chop in 2009. If your hair is badly damaged and you’re at your wits’ end, cutting your hair can be a refreshing change. Once the dead bits have been chopped off, you can start anew with healthy roots and a new style. As your hair grows, you’ll be able to try out many new styles along the way.

23. Jasika Nicole Natural Hairstyle: Tight mid-length corkscrew curls

Natural hairstyle for black women_23

American actress and illustrator Jasika Nicole looks gorgeous with her mid-length, tight corkscrew curls. Curls are carefree and flirty, and natural curly styles are very popular. When styling curly hair, take care to avoid silicone based hair care products. They are often marketed as being suited to curly hair, but silicone isn’t absorbed into your curls – it sits on top of the hair, making it look greasy and limp. Rather look for water or oil based products that are absorbed into the hair fibers.

24. Kenya Moore Natural Hairstyle: Long and straight

Natural hairstyle for black women_24

American actress, model, author, television personality, producer and former Miss USA Kenya Moore looks stunning with her super straight and long natural locks. Once you’ve grown your hair out very long, it’s even more important to protect it from styling damage. Update your look with some color – the shade is up to you! Choose between natural blacks and browns and more vibrant blondes and reds.

25. Ciara Natural Hairstyle: Big, bold curls

Natural hairstyle for black women_25

American singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, actress, and fashion model Ciara looks divine with her big, bold curls. We love her new style – it makes a refreshing change from her usual poker-straight wigs and weaves. Update your natural curly hairstyle with a touch of color (either with permanent hair dye or non-permanent hair chalk), or interesting accessories like head bands and scarves.

26. Jessica White Natural Hairstyle: Short and sexy

Natural hairstyle for black women_26

American model and occasional actress Jessica White sports a short and sexy natural hairstyle before the days of her wig and weave addiction. We love her carefree, twisted tendrils and the soft, springy texture of her hair. This hairstyle is perfect for the beach, as it’s casual and playful, and full of personality. To create tendrils in your hair, wind sections of hair around your fingers as you would when making coils. This is a great wash-and-go style, and it’s perfect for that awkward in-between phase of hair growth.

27. Serena Williams Natural Hairstyle: Soft, springy curls

Natural hairstyle for black women_27

American professional tennis player Serena Williams, who is currently ranked No. 1 in women’s singles tennis, looks fabulous with her soft, springy curls and sultry makeup. We suspect that she may be wearing a weave, but we love this natural curly hairstyle nonetheless. Take inspiration from Serena and part your hair in the middle for a classic and polished look. If it’s hot out, try wearing a headband to keep your hair off of your face and neck. As with all natural hairstyles, keep your curls well-moisturized for best results.

28. Janet Jackson Natural Hairstyle: Curly up’do

Natural hairstyle for black women_28

American singer, songwriter, and actress Janet Jackson wears her thick curly locks in a simple-yet-chic up’do. If you’re having a wild-hair day and you need to get your locks under control, simply slick them back and tie them securely in a classic up’do. As long as the hair is a bit smoother and neater at your hairline, you can get away with fuzz and unruly locks at the back.

29. Angela Simmons Natural Hairstyle: Plaited braids

Natural hairstyle for black women_29

Shoe designer Angela Simmons looks divine with her thick box braids styled in a sexy side plait. She sports very healthy edges, chunky box braids, and the odd blonde braid to mix up her look. Plaited braids are stylish and eye-catching, and we love the play on textures with small braids done in a bigger plait. Experiment with several different plaiting styles before choosing one that’s both easy to create and suits your face shape and your personal style.

30. Lupita Nyong’o Natural Hairstyle: Close cropped ‘do

Natural hairstyle for black women_30

Mexican-Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong’o looks absolutely breathtaking with her glamorous close-cropped hairdo. We love the extra volume at the back, and the smooth edges of her hair. Hair this length (a particularly short TWA) can be surprisingly versatile, as you can style hair flat or comb it up and out for extra volume and glamour. With a simple hairstyle like Lupita’s, you can be brave and opt for very bright and daring makeup like her electric blue eyeliner and cherry-red lips.

31. Brandy Norwood Natural Hairstyle: Sexy Senegalese twists

Natural hairstyle for black women_31

American recording artist and entertainer Brandy Norwood looks divine with her sexy Senegalese twists in a quirky asymmetrical up’do. Senegalese twists are also known as “rope” twists due to their braided appearance, and they are similar to kinky (or Marley) twists and Havana twists in the way they are installed. If you want to wear your braided or twisted hair in an up’do, you may be concerned about the “kitchen”, or the small section of hair at the nape of your neck that is highly resistant to styling. You can trim or shave it, create tiny curls in it, or just leave it – the choice is yours.

32. Beyonce Knowles Natural Hairstyle: Pretty dark blonde braids

Natural hairstyle for black women_32

Singing sensation Beyonce Knowles looks gorgeous with her pretty dark-blonde braids and her daughter Blue Ivy in her arms. Since your natural hair is safe inside your braided extensions, you can choose fun colors and different styles that would otherwise damage your natural hair. For a very natural look choose a shade that suits your skin tone, or go wild and choose bold and bright colors that will get you noticed in a crowd.

33. Lauryn Hill Natural Hairstyle: Mid length locs

Natural hairstyle for black women_33

American singer–songwriter, rapper, producer, and actress Lauryn Hill looks fabulous with her mid-length locs and soft, sultry makeup. This length of locs can take around 18 months to grow and style with daily twisting and rolling, but the finished product is pretty striking. You can also install dreadlock extensions if you can’t wait for your hair to grow! Finally, you can embellish your locs with beads or a scarf when you feel like a change.

34. Tyra Banks Natural Hairstyle: Slicked back

Natural hairstyle for black women_34

American television personality, producer, author, actress, and former model Tyra Banks looks fierce and sexy with her natural hair worn completely slicked back. Tyra is well known for her love of wigs and weaves – a style addiction that started when she was 17 and entering the modelling scene – but recently she’s been embracing her natural hair a lot more. The wet-look hairstyle is chic and sexy, and easily achieved with hair gel that dries with a wet looking finish. For an extra sexy final look, wear big statement earrings and make sure that your makeup is flawless.

35. Solange Knowles Natural Hairstyle: Big, beautiful afro

Natural hairstyle for black women_35

 American singer, songwriter, and model Solange Knowles looks fabulous with her big, beautiful afro hairstyle. We love the soft, fluffy texture of her natural hair, and her kooky side parting. The side parting creates a more interesting horizontal hairstyle, instead of the classic “halo” shaped afro. To get Solange’s beautiful natural hairstyle, comb out your afro when damp/oiled with a very wide toothed comb or a pick. Brushing or combing out dry hair can cause excessive breakage, so try to avoid doing so.

36. Venus Williams Natural Hairstyle: Micro braids and blonde extensions

Natural hairstyle for black women_36

American professional tennis player Venus Williams looks gorgeous with her micro braids and thin, dainty blonde extensions. We love her side-swept hairstyle, and the contemporary asymmetrical aspect of her ‘do. When getting braided extensions, remember that you should only keep them in for about 6 weeks. If you keep them in any longer than that, you will run the risk of your hair locking into the braids, which means that your hair will break off when you remove the braids! So to be safe (and not unintentionally bald), make sure your braids are taken out after about 6 weeks.

37. Jada Pinkett Smith Natural Hairstyle: Braids in a bun

Natural hairstyle for black women_37

American actress, singer-songwriter, and businesswoman Jada Pinkett Smith looks chic and poised with her braided extensions in a simple low bun hairstyle. The bun is a great hairstyle for keeping hair out of your face, and it looks professional and stylish too. Since braids can be quite bulky (even if they are relatively thin), you’ll need to find hair ties that are strong and flexible enough to hold your hair in place.

38. Keri Hilson Natural Hairstyle: Adorable pigtail plaits

Natural hairstyle for black women_38

American singer, songwriter and actress Keri Hilson rocks a quirky braided hairstyle featuring cornrows and adorable pigtail plaits. We love her fresh and unique personal style, with her purple dip-dyed braids and her massive hoop earrings. Natural hairstyles don’t always have to look 100% natural – if your natural hair is safely braided in a protective style, get creative and add some color to the extensions, or try out a new style that expresses your personality.

39. Kelly Rowland Natural Hairstyle: Springy curls

Natural hairstyle for black women_39

American singer, songwriter, actress and television personality Kelly Rowland looks gorgeous with her natural, springy curls and soft, sensual looking makeup. Springy spiral curls or coils are flirty and romantic, and we love how they surround Kelly’s face like a beautiful misty halo. For best results when styling your hair, keep your naturally curly locks well-moisturized with silicone free hair care products, and prevent moisture from leaving your hair at night by wearing a silk scarf and investing in a silk pillow slip.

40. Keke Palmer Natural Hairstyle: Thick side plait

Natural hairstyle for black women_40

American actress, television presenter, singer-songwriter, musician, dancer, fashion designer and activist Keke Palmer looks divine with her thick and textured side plait. Get Keke’s style by first straightening your hair a bit with a hot comb or flat iron, and then creating a thick and chunky side plait. Don’t worry too much about frizz and the natural texture of your hair – it adds to the romantic and carefree look you’re aiming for. If your hair isn’t quite this long, you can create mini plaits or braids.

41. Gelila Bekele Natural Hairstyle: Spiral curls

Natural hairstyle for black women_41

Ethiopian model, humanitarian and social activist Gelila Bekele looks radiantly beautiful with her long spiral curls. We love the rich chocolate brown color of her locks, and the healthy shine of her curls. She wears her hair in a slightly off-centre parting that allows hair to cascade over her shoulders whilst still keeping her face unobscured. Pair your natural curls with equally natural, glowy makeup – fresh, youthful skin, nude lips, and minimal eye makeup.

42. Lupita Nyong’o Natural Hairstyle: Short with headband

Natural hairstyle for black women_42

Award winning actress Lupita Nyong’o looks phenomenal with her close-cropped hairstyle and a mini bouffant with a delicate headband. She shows us that short natural hair can be amazingly versatile, and stylish too. We love the contrasting textures of this hairstyle (smooth versus wavy), and her use of a simple headband as a sexy hair accessory. Hair accessories can update any hairstyle – look out for headbands, hair slides, scarves, clips, and even flowers that could give your hairstyle extra glamour.

43. Janet Jackson Natural Hairstyle: Poetic Justice braids

Natural hairstyle for black women_43

American singer, songwriter, and actress Janet Jackson sports her famous Poetic Justice box braids worn up in a classy high ponytail. We love the glossy, metallic sheen of her braided extensions, and her healthy, lush edges. When wearing braids or twists in an up’do, take care not to tie your hair too tightly – pulling on your natural hair too much can cause breakage. Similarly, if you want very long or very thick braids, try not to wear them up for long periods of time. A gravity defying braid bun may look fabulous, but over time it can weaken your hair, so be careful.

44. Solange Knowles Natural Hairstyle: Piled up Havana twists

Natural hairstyle for black women_44

Musician and model Solange Knowles sports thick Havana twists piled up in a stylish and eye-catching up’do. If you use Havana hair extensions for your twists (i.e., instead of Marley hair extensions), you’ll have much lighter twists that won’t weigh your head down. Havana hair extensions are quite a bit more expensive than Marley hair extensions, so it’s a tough choice to make if you’re on a budget. However, there’s not much difference between the two types of hair, unless you have very sensitive edges and you’d prefer a lighter and less dense kind (i.e., Havana hair extensions).

45. Raven Simone Natural Hairstyle: Gorgeous TWA

Natural hairstyle for black women_45

American actress, singer, comedienne, dancer, television producer and model Raven-Symoné looks fabulous with her gorgeous TWA and very little makeup. She sports a feathery hair accessory and a thin necklace, and a clear, glowing complexion. We love how healthy her hair is – attesting to the benefit of wearing your hair natural every now and again. Natural hairstyles allow your hair to grow and breathe, without adding extra damage every time you style your hair. Perfect for a well-deserved break during your time off or on holiday!

46. Solange Knowles Natural Hairstyle: Super-long box braids

Natural hairstyle for black women_46

Songstress and model Solange Knowles looks strikingly beautiful with her super-long box braids in a simple up’do. Box braids are classic and chic, and they suit all styles and face shapes. They’re also mid-range in price if you get them installed at a salon, although you can purchase the hair and install them yourself at home. Installation of braided extensions can be time consuming whether you have them done at a salon or you do them yourself, but the finished product is well worth it. Just remember to take them out after about 6 weeks to maintain the health of your natural hair.

47. Ciara Natural Hairstyle: Jumbo cornrows

Natural hairstyle for black women_47

American singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, actress, and fashion model Ciara looks amazing with her jumbo cornrows and bold pink lips. She makes this common style glamorous with super shiny hair and long braids that reach the middle of her back. Keep your exposed scalp in peak condition by oiling it daily with jojoba oil or argan oil. If your edges are taking the strain from frequent styling, try massaging raw shea butter into your hairline every now and again to moisturize and nourish those soft, delicate hairs. Finally, keep your makeup flawless as this hairstyle leaves your face completely exposed and on display!

48. Eva Marcille Natural Hairstyle: Loose micro braids

Natural hairstyle for black women_48

American actress, TV host and fashion model Eva Marcille looks fabulous with her full head of delicate micro braids. Micro braids are great as they can stay in your hair for 3 months or longer, making them both convenient and affordable. They also allow you to style your hair differently due to their smaller size and different texture.

49. Jada Pinkett-Smith Natural Hairstyle: Quirky half-up braided hairdo

Natural hairstyle for black women_49

American actress, singer-songwriter, and businesswoman Jada Pinkett Smith looks striking with her quirky half-up braided hairdo. We love her creative take on the classic up’do, and the contrast between her loose braids and the intricate up’do section of her hairstyle. If you have braided extensions and you’re getting bored of them, why not take inspiration from Jada and try out a new and interesting hairstyle?

50. Solange Knowles Natural Hairstyle: Sky-high afro with side parting

Natural hairstyle for black women_50

Singer and model Solange Knowles looks utterly gorgeous with her side-parted, sky-high afro. After her “big chop”, she debuted several gorgeous hairstyles that documented her natural hair journey. Here she sports a full-blown afro in all its natural glory – soft, fluffy, big, and fabulous!


So, what are you waiting for? Time to make an appointment at your local salon! Be sure to take along a picture of your favorite style to ensure that you get exactly the look that you want.


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