50 Best Blonde Hair Color Ideas

By on January 23, 2014
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Welcome to our 50 Best Blonde Hair Color Ideas! Get inspired by stunning celebrity blonde hair color ideas from blonde bombshells like Amber Heard, Emma Stone, Gisele Bundchen, Taylor Swift, Dianna Agron, Kirsten Dunst, and many more. With tons of shades to choose from – honey, platinum, rose gold, wheat, buttery, and ash blonde are but a few – you’re sure to find a hue of blonde that suits your look perfectly.

1. Amber Heard Blonde Hair Color Idea: Buttery blonde with touches of platinum


Actress Amber Heard looks breathtaking with her buttery blonde locks worn loose in subtle waves. We love the platinum blonde highlights that brighten up her complexion, and the subtle honey undertones at the tips. If you have a fair complexion, this blonde hair color will warm up your skin tone.

2. Dianna Agron Blonde Hair Color Idea: Warm wheat blonde 


Glee actress Dianna Agron keeps her look soft and romantic with a warm wheat blonde hair color. This light blonde hair color is great for spring, and it suits both pale and darker complexions. Keep your hair color fresh and vibrant by touching up your roots every few weeks. You can visit the salon for regular touch-ups or do it at home with a DIY hair bleach kit.

3. Taylor Swift Blonde Hair Colour Idea: Dark ash blonde 



Country singer Taylor Swift rocks dark ash blonde locks with soft choppy bangs. Dark ash blonde is great for winter, as it’s warm, vibrant, and flattering for most complexions. Ask your stylist for a glossing wash with your color to give your locks extra shine.

4. Emma Stone Blonde Hair Color Idea: Honey blonde with platinum highlights


Actress Emma Stone is right on trend with her honey blonde, half-up hairdo. Honey blonde is set to be a hot hair colour for 2014 – and it’s a great color choice for all seasons! Add some soft platinum highlights for a summery look, or some caramel undertones for fall.

5. Kate Hudson Blonde Hair Color Idea: Beachy blonde


Actress Kate Hudson looks casual and carefree with her long, beachy blonde tresses worn in loose waves. She sports strawberry blonde dip-dyed ends and golden blonde roots that bring out her stunning blue eyes. Kate isn’t afraid to show her dark roots, which add to the laid-back look she’s going for.

6. Kirsten Dunst Blonde Hair Color Idea: Waves of platinum and caramel blonde


Actress Kirsten Dunst looks gorgeous with her medium waves of platinum and caramel blonde hair. We love the bold contrast between the dark on the bottom and the light at the top, and the perfect balance between the two hues. Cleverly placed platinum highlights brighten up her face, flattering her pale complexion.

7. Gwyneth Paltrow Blonde Hair Color Idea: Buttery sunshine blonde


Actress and super-mom Gwyneth Paltrow looks chic and sexy with her buttery, sunshine blonde locks. This warm yellowish blonde is summery and cheerful, and it looks phenomenal if you have dark blue eyes. Finish off this beach goddess look with eye-popping red lipstick and you’re ready for sun, sea, and surf!

8. Amy Adams Blonde Hair Color Idea: Coppery blonde 


Actress Amy Adams looks stunning with her coppery blonde tresses swept over one shoulder. This soft, metallic hue brings out her stunning cornflower blue eyes, and it’s also very flattering for her peachy skin tone. Ask your stylist for light ash blonde overtones to keep your color muted and romantic.

9. Amanda Seyfried Blonde Hair Color Idea: Wheat and caramel blonde 


Actress and singer Amanda Seyfried looks gorgeous as always with her long wheat and caramel blonde tresses worn straight and loose. We love the healthy shine of Amanda’s locks, and the quirky, uneven dip-dyed ends. She’s also added a few streaks of caramel to her hair at cheek-level to frame her face and draw attention to her eyes – divine!

10. Jessica Chastain Blonde Hair Color Idea: Strawberry blonde


Actress Jessica Chastain looks radiant with her sexy-but-sweet strawberry blonde curls. This delicious hair color is romantic, vibrant, and feminine, and we absolutely love the way it complements her fair skin tone. Pair your strawberry blonde locks with soft pastel makeup for a whimsical look.

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